Octopath Traveler (Switch)

  • I couldn't find a topic for this game so here we go!

    I played the demo - only the Primrose one for now - and I was blown away!

    First of all, the most obviously striking aspect: the art style. It's gorgeous and manages to be highly detailed while still retaining that old-school sprite vibe. And what sprites! They're so evocative and beautifully animated, up there with the very best of the SNES era.

    The soundtrack deserves an enthusiastic nod too, sweeping tracks that only Japanese games know how to offer.

    The combat is serviceable, mostly classic stuff from what I've seen. The Boost and Break mechanics feel less innovative than the Brave/Default system of Bravely Default at first glance, but we'll have to see how it goes.

    The one part I did not see coming is the quality of the writing. Dang, this game gets dark! I often complain - my most recent offender being Final Fantasy XII - that the writing in JRPGs tends to be too saccharine and light-hearted even when the fate of the world is at stake and that characters rarely feel realistically invested in what's going on. But the personal tale of Primrose and the events of the demo had me hooked from the very first minute. The language used is also quite bold especially in association with the innocent-looking graphics.

    I have no idea if the rest of the story will be as ambitious or if it will revert to the usual "save the world from an ancient evil" trope, but so far this is as close to "Game of Thrones - The JRPG" as it gets.

    If the entire game is of the same quality as this demo, we've got a new modern classic on our hands that will stand proudly next to Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana.

    For those without a Switch who want to see what I'm talking about, check EZA's playthrough.

    Youtube Video

  • I have this downloaded but still have to play it. Destiny 2 got in the way if that. I was disappointed with I Am Setsuna because of the art style and very mediocre game. I'm looking forward to trying this since I miss classic style RPG's with deep stories. This also looks far more interesting than tokyo RPG's next game. I will update with my thoughts when I try the demo soon.

  • I played 30 min of the demo and stopped because I don't want to spoil more for me I just need the add to chart button and a collectors edition of something and I will be happy

  • Lazy Demo Impressions: Bad lighting that I guess is supposed to mimic a stage show. Looks especially horrible in bright areas where it blows out sprites so you can't admire them. Combat system is very bland until you get a party, then it works, but it still isn't as fun as Bravely Default. The demo pretty much confirms this game will have tons of backtracking through areas you've been to before as other characters since you can recruit them as party members, but there will be new sidequests in those areas unlocked by your main character's path action. By Challenging people as the knight, you can get equipment better than what you can get in stores, but all those fights are strictly 1v1. Game could really benefit from full voiceacting, because the writing throughout the game is great but Primrose's route has way more voiceacting than the knight's route. Could use some quality of life improvements like larger menu text or text scaling options and option to equip gear you just bought without going into a menu. The full version of the game better have more than three save slots. Load times are also crazy slow.

  • Primrose's lines at the end of the demo + that music that kicks in = chills.

  • @Mbun Considering that they haven't finalized the name yet, there are plenty of things that they're working on with this. So many of the things may likely get some reworking. Although if they hold on to their 2018 release date, it might not yield many major changes.

  • I'm curious if there will be full voice acting. They reused lines during the demo and it didn't seem...polished.

    As well, there were lines voiced but the lines before and after were all not voiced. And VO is one of the last things done (No lip syncing or anything needed here) so there is some hope.

    I reluctantly agree that the post processing effects need to be toned down. I didn't like how you could see the actual line used in Depth of Field effects. If they blurred that a bit it would be better.

  • One thing I'm a little worried about based on the demo is that each story will be told independent of each other. Has there been any further information on that?

  • I've played a bit. Probably not what im looking for. I'm going to hop back in to try it a bit more. I really wish they would do away with voice acting in these games, or at least get rid of the voice sound effects that ppl make. I find it annoying.

  • Loved the demo, definitely interested in the full game but I wish it would get a retail release.

  • @Torigasa-Reta I haven't seen confirmation either way but it feels like it will get a retail release, they're presenting it as a bigger deal than I Am Setsuna or Lost Sphear and even Lost Sphear is getting a retail release.

  • @Axel I am Setsuna got one too, just not in the west, but the japanese Switch version even contains english language.

  • @Torigasa-Reta its expensive as all hell though

  • I'm very excited for this game. I think the only rpg's I've played with pixel art are Pokémon and the Mother series. I feel like I've really missed out on that aesthetic.

  • Reviews are in: https://opencritic.com/game/6231/octopath-traveler

    84 on average, that's very good but having read a few reviews it seems like it stops short of being a modern classic.

    I'm slightly disappointed because I had high hopes for this one, and the main complaint is that the 8 stories are totally independent from each other and never overlap, meaning you'll have other party members tag along reasons never explained or justified.

    You're basically playing 8 games in parallel, with the same party.

    There are rumours about an endgame which ties things together which was even mentioned by Nintendo themselves when they sent review copies, but none of the reviewers have unlocked that post-game content yet or seen any signs of it existing.

    So either this is a Symphony of the Night inverted castle situation that will be discovered in the coming weeks and give the game an entire "second half", which would incredibly awesome, or more realistically, there's maybe a few extra optional bosses.

    Either way, I got started this morning, I picked Ophilia as my starter, and I'm still very excited to go through those adventures!

  • I had really high hopes for this game and downloaded the demo since I just got a Switch, and I was really off put by the voice acting.

    It might be a deal breaker for me and it’s a shame because I felt so comfortable running around the little town I was in. I’m going to wait for more video reviews to come in. I feel like people have put time into this game but not enough to make sure they’ve seen all the story stuff.

  • I'm hard out based on the description of many reviews, I didn't really love the demo but I curious after playing it, but hearing that it is mostly 8 different stories that don't really intertwine to make a coherent story is really disappointing.

  • @dipset There's the option for Japanese VO if that helps. Personally I find the voice acting pretty good, I was actually surprised how good it was. Maybe it can feel jarring to have such realistic voices with those sprites through, I don't know, but for me it works!

    @bard91 Yeah it sounds like a huge missed opportunity, it wouldn't have been too hard to have the same bad guys be involved in several different stories for example, or find out they're all part of the same cult and everything they did (killing the father of one character, stealing a specific item protected by another, etc.) was part of one master plan that you unveil in the end. I'm still holding hope that there's more to it and it just hasn't been found by anyone yet...

  • @axel said in Octopath Traveler (Switch):

    Personally I find the voice acting pretty good, I was actually surprised how good it was.

    Same. Both the English and Japanese VO seemed good, but I prefer Japanese when not every line of dialogue is fully voiced, so you have to read everything anyways, and the English VO doesn't always match the text on screen. (The Japanese VO doesn't either, but least you can't immediately tell, making it jarring.)

  • I'm not saying it was bad per se, I just felt like it was overacted or too played up. I've always had an issue of voice work in JRPG games taking me out of the experience which is why I prefer the PS1/SNES era JRPG games the most. I played as Tressa, the merchant, and the first conversation out the gate was totally not what I was expecting. I felt like every character was really played up. Especially mom and dad who over-enthusiastically say things like "[...] our daughter is so special".

    Now, I was being hyperbolic when I said its a deal breaker. I need to see more reviews and play the demo more.