2017 TGS Betting Special

  • EZA Team West is Ben, Ian, Huber, and Damiani. They will be the team betting on TGS.
    (this means that EZA Team COAST is: Brandon, Blood, Don, and Kyle, who will be betting on Paris Games Week)

    TGS Stakes:
    The winner of the TGS group faces off against the winner of the PGW group during PSX for the right and privilege to challenge Ultima Brad for the EZA Championship Belt during E3 2018.

    The losers of this betting special will have to create a 5.5 minute powerpoint presentation based on a subject the winner chooses and will be graded by the winner on a 1-100 scale live on stream.

    Sony press conference bets:

    • Will the Devil May Cry trailer be in the 1st half, the 2nd half, or not be shown during the Sony PC
    • Which game will get more screen time, GT Sport or Ni No Kuni II?
    • Will we see gameplay of Resident Evil II Remake?
    • Will a new Dragonball FighterZ character be revealed?

    Hot Seat bets (TGS general, not only Sony conference ):

    • A new Platinum game - happening or not happening?
    • A new SoulCalibur game - happening or not happening?
    • A new From Software game - happening or not happening?
    • A new Team Ninja game - happening or not happening?

    Final Bets:
    Watch the video!

  • Some of the craziest final bets I've ever heard.

    I hope they all come true.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    Huber is just like:
    alt text

    I'm I'm like:
    alt text

  • Love those stakes!

  • The problem with betting specials like this is that none of those games are going to get announced so the result will be more or less random. It would be nice to see them take the Paris Games Week one seriously and edit it with more affect like E3.

  • @Haru17 said in 2017 TGS Betting Special:

    The problem with betting specials like this is that none of those games are going to get announced so the result will be more or less random.

    If none of them get announced, it won't be random, since the entire point is betting whether or not they get announced.

  • @TokyoSlim Betting on whether or not things will get announced is the entire point of bets about unreleased games. That's why it's kind of pointless when everyone bets yes because it's what they want to see without paying any heed to the actual likelihood of the thing. It's also dull when these things come back and the answers are "no, no, no" because every bet was about whether a AAA game would get announced or not.

  • @Haru17 it wasn't all no, no, no

  • @ib0show I'm was talking about results.

  • @Haru17 as someone who watched these specials for years, they would bet on wild things such as last guardian and shenmue 3. You never know

  • @ib0show Yeah I've followed all of them too, but even an improbably stacked TGS like 2015 didn't have half of the game announcements bet on here.

  • RIP, three DBZ characters were already announced before TGS even began.

  • After watching Sony press conference i think

    Huber is gona win

  • not sure where to ask this, but is there a link to the Powerpoint presentations anywhere? I remember it was mentioned that it's on twitch, but I'm scrolling thru the archive and can't seem to find it... please help!

  • @Olf_Himself thank you!

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