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  • Hey fellow Allies,

    I'm curious about your opinions, if you have one, on gaming pages on Facebook such as Gamology, GameByte and UNILAD Gaming, do you guys like them? If not, why? Just doing some market research and would appreciate your feedback

  • I like UNILAD Gaming. They're basically a Reddit for British Gaming Memes.

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    I will say that I am NOT a fan of those type of games. I used to call them "dumb" games as to me they gave no value what so ever. I did a course at univerity where we looked into some types of these games and that if anything made me want to stay away even further from it. I believe them to be "spammy" (send invites to ALL your friends), pointless as there litterly are no end to it, just more progress. I think they are too simple and dumb down and are a bit of a joke to the games industry as a whole. It is just a shame that those type of games stands for a crazy amount of the market today due to its accessability etc.

    That said, I still spend way too much times on MMOs and grindy games as Destiny. Still those games feel like they have more soul and character compared to candycrush and what not. Yes I know it is hypocritical of me to say, but I just cant stand them.