*UPDATED* EZA Fan Disneyland Funday: Halloween Edition

  • Hey everybody! We have official info for the Disneyland Halloween Day coming up early next month. Kyra and I have some meet-up spots and tips for you guys who are looking into joining us for, imo, the BEST season to go to Disneyland!

    WHEN; Sunday, October 8th.

    WHERE: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

    HOW MUCH?: $110. $165 for a Park Hopper ticket if people are interested in going to California Adventure Park as well.

    CONTACT: Me: @rickemrobo or Kyra:@KyraKyr on twitter if you have any questions.


    Morning- 9 am: There are some benches in front of the Castle that would present of gorgeous view of the Park from many angles.

    Afternoon- 12pm: The Orb in Tomorrowland right next to Pizza Port.

    Evening- 5pm: Snow White's Well just off to the side of the Castle.

    TIPS: PLEASE Bring comfortable walking shoes. You will regret if you don't. Sandals might be too cold for this time of year.A sweatshirt of jacket is also recommended as it can get very cold at night. We suggest also bringing a backpack or bag of some sort, a phone charger if you want ease of mind with that, and some cash for Parking ($20) and any spending. Also you can bring a sealed water bottle into the park to save money on the inflated prices within the park. ALSO, costumes are not allowed to be worn in Disneyland for adults. So do not dress up for the occasion or you will not be permitted entry. Hope to see you guys there!

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    This sounds so awesome! really wish I could join there, but bit too far to travel haha!

    I am however going to Disneyland Paris next weekend, so thats something! :D

  • @Lotias That's awesome. I would love to go to Disneyland Paris. Please report back if you can :3

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    @rickemrobo Haha I will do! will try and take pictures and if not post here, maybe on my twitter :3 I am sooo looking forward to it! never been to a Disneyland park before.

  • Shadow drop: October!

    I'm still trying to save up for Disneyland in December since I'm already gonna be there for PSX.

  • @TokyoSlim Will see you there then!

  • I hope ye all have a great time today! I'll have to attend next time I'm around.

  • I have attended this event and my kids enjoyed a lot there, still, I love to attend these events, in fact, this year I also looking at Disneyland Halloween party, in fact I bought my costume for Halloween is Minnie Mouse, from halloween costumes at Reecoupons plz soon let us know about this year event.

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    What about Halloween at Six Flags Magic Mountain for a meet up one day in the future ?

    1. It's cheaper.
    2. Rides are better.
    3. It's Alot more scary.