Live Performances VS. Music Videos

  • Live performances and music videos are both big parts of promotion in the music industry. What I want to know, is which do you prefer? Which do you think is more entertaining? I'd like you to cast your vote and maybe include some examples o your favorites.

    I personally prefer live performances. I get more of a feeling from performances that aren't edited. I like to see the expressions of the performers and the their movements. I especially like dancing, even though that is very difficult to do while singing. That's partially why I don't really mind lipsyncing, if a performer is going all out on everything but vocals, I let it pass. (None of my examples have full on lipsyncing though.) I also really love crowd engagement, hearing the chants of the audience makes you feel like you're really there at the performance. I should clarify that I prefer recorded live performances, I've only been to two concerts and perhaps I feel this way because they were both for artists I wasn't really a fan of. But concerts just seem too loud and too boring for me.


  • Live performances for sure. I like hearing how it isn't just a perfect recreation of the album over and over again, there's always those subtle differences (unless they go full GIRL YOU KNOW IT'S on the audience) and beyond that the sheer energy the crowd can bring can make a good song great and a great song incredible. Personally my favorite album of all time is Alive 2007 by Daft Punk.

  • It's a non answer, but neither.

    What I will say is that I do love good music videos, since they're like art pieces, or mini movies sometimes. Daft Punk tends to do great MVs. Live performances from my favourite artists are also great, and I love them when they change up how a song is performed.