The Souls Retrospective

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    I just watched the first part of the Souls Retrospecitve, and felt that I had to show my appreciation for all the hard work that's being put into making this series. So why not start a thread where we can all join in? Part one was fantastic and I'm sure the rest will keep the same level of quality. Good job Brad and everyone else involved, and thank you! The Souls series sits really close to my heart and I'm always interested to read, see, hear and talk more about it.

    As I know I'm not alone, please discuss and share your thoughts and feelings about the Retrospective here. And of course, give the hard working people behind it some much earned Love & Respect!

    Thanks again for doing what you do!

    Part 1
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    Part 2
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    Part 3
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  • I was actually attempting my tenth or so fight against a Dark Souls 3 DLC boss when I realized I needed a moment to compose myself after all the defeats. Then I remembered the Retrospective launching today! Having actually never played Demon's Souls, it was extremely enlightening to see the roots of the franchise. Although it seems the game had its share of struggles, it's incredible to see how just how many monumental and groundbreaking ideas it contains.

    If this initial video is an indication of the quality we can expect from the other parts, then we are truly blessed. Brad did an outstanding job with such a massive undertaking, and the polish applied by Brandon and Bloodworth really make this project shine. They all should be super proud of such amazing work. I'm unbelievably excited to take more deep dives into the history of my favorite franchise.

    And Darkeater Midir can go jump in a lake... this boss is horrible/wonderful.

  • Ya I thought the first part was really nicely done. Good bland of knowledge on the game itself and the story surrounding the game.

    I didn't actually know about the number of copies Demon Souls sold. I assumed it was much less.

    Also, it's just awesome to see Brad doing a Retrospective. Just very cool to see how much he's added to his role from GT to EZA. So great job to him, Jones & Bloodworth. And of course, it wouldn't feel right to not mention Ben Moore helping out with co-op and tendencies :D

  • I remember buying Demon's souls just because of the cover art and looking at my trophies i only defeated 4 bosses, i would love to play it again.

  • @Billy Yes it was interesting to hear that they had such a hard time getting Sony's blessing with Demon's Souls. That Shuhei Yoshida even told them the game was outright bad. Good thing that they were able to prove them otherwise. I think Shuhei and Sony in general learned that tough and more "niche" games actually can be profitable. Also to be more open to ideas that might seem unconventional.

    I haven't bought the Dark Souls 3 DLC yet, so I have that to look forward to. How're you liking it?

    @A7X458 It really is a good looking cover! You should jump in again when you have the time. There're lots of interesting environments, creatures and bosses to encounter.

  • Whew, I remember playing King's Field back in the day on my PS1. That was the game that taught me about mimics actually. Glad to see the Souls series has kept that tradition alive. I've honestly wondered if From would ever go back to that formula - a first person dungeon crawler sort of experience.

  • Added Part 1 to the OP now that it's live for everyone.

  • @Quecken I'm really enjoying it! I picked them up when they were on sale recently, and they are extremely well crafted. The new environments are actually pretty huge, and there are very cool new weapons and spells that were added. The boss fights that I have done have been some of my favorites in the series, and I feel everything is at a good level of challenge for someone who has cleared the game. I'm using my character who is on his third playthrough, I believe, so things have been pretty tough! But I'm very much enjoying it. I'm sure you can blow through things quickly if that was your goal, but I'm taking my time and exploring and am being rewarded for it.

  • First episode lives up to the hype!

    I'm curious to see how Brad covers Dark Souls II/SoTFS. I skipped it because of all the negative things I was hearing from fans but ended up really enjoying it when I played through recently.

  • @Quecken still hopping for a PS4 remaster announcement at PSX.

  • @Faaip It does indeed live up to the hype! And I also enjoyed Dark Souls 2. Had a lot of fun playing through it. There was a lot of nice variety in monsters, items and locations. The walking, combat and general feel of the character didn't have the same weight to it as in the other games though which felt strange. Good game none the less!

    @A7x458 A Demon's Souls remaster would be totally awesome!

  • I really liked the first episode! I've only recently begun my dive into From Software games with Bloodborne, which I'm going through now. My brother loves the games and always encouraged me to try it, so it's really nice that this Retro pretty much coincides with my Souls ride.

    A Demon's Souls remaster would be really cool, but right now I'm mostly banking on that Dark Souls Trilogy for Switch rumor, since I can play 2 and 3 on PS4, but not one, and it'd be really convenient to be able to keep it all together.

    But yeah, I loved learning about the beginnings of the series from this, gives me a lot of context as I keep digging in. Can't wait for part 2!

  • Thanks @tokeeffe9! So how about that part two? Fantastic! I actually jumped a little when the music kicked in along with the imagery of the Primordial Serpents. Really well put together! I remember how lost I was in Dark Souls when I first played it on release. The open structure of the world had a real impact. I had no idea where to go or what to do. Took me ages! And I loved every second of it.

    @Jamicov Bloodborne is so good! I've only played through it twice. I really want to do it again. No matter how horrible and bleak that world is, I really miss being in it. Does that say something about me as a person? I don't know...

  • I think it would have benefited the video to talk more about the 'meta-plot' going on, the bits that you can interpret (like how linking the flame is just you killing yourself to extend the age of fire for a little longer, as Gwyn did, and that Frampt is tricking you into doing it), as they were very nearly there explaining the two endings and then previously talking about how lots of characters aren't what they seem.

    Also, Brad never seems to talk about the style of story-telling that's going on, how Miyazaki likened it to when he used to read as a child. He grew up poor, so didn't always have access to manga and other literature that matched his reading ability. It meant that he grew up experiencing stories that he didn't always fully understand or comprehend, but he didn't have to in order to find them enjoyable, and that's the feeling he's trying to replicate with the indirect story-telling going on in Dark Souls.

  • I'm enjoying it so much. Watching Part 2 gave me all kinds of feels. Dark Souls singlehandedly got me back in to video games. I hadn't owned a console since 2002, and it was Dark Souls and my friend's X360 in 2013 that threw me back in to games head first. I bought a PS4 the week Bloodborne was released, and I've never looked back.

  • I was actually expecting a little talk about the pendant, I remember there being so much speculation and eventual disappointment based off of that item - even though it did just feel like a poorly thought out Kojima troll. "You should always start with the pendant." - a year later - "Just kidding! I really fooled everyone and wasted their time, huh?"

    Still can't wait for that Bloodborne part, since it's what I'm most familiar with.

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  • @Bloodworth By today are we talking in a few hours or much later today?

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