The Souls Retrospective

  • @TokyoSlim I don't think announcing it was really the issue though. I think in general communication is pretty poor on the content they're working on. This probably isn't the place but I do wish they had a weekly/monthly update post on patreon just giving a rough idea where they are with Retros, Game Slueth's, etc. Just hearing about those things progress can be really valuable to an audience as opposed to being completely in the dark.

  • @tokeeffe9 I mean, Jones has talked about it on COJ several times. We know he's working on the Bloodborne piece and it's the longest by far of any of them so far and it's taking a long time to get recorded.
    I'm not sure what else there is to know? Like do we want a completion percentage meter? Isn't that just going to lead to people hounding Jones about what he's doing if it's not constantly going up?

    I mean, we're getting threads like this and we're already pretty much aware of the situation already. I don't see how doing anything but just buckling down and getting it done is going to help anything.

    I mean, don't get me wrong. This whole thing was botched, but it hasn't actually been 3+ months, and it's not like we haven't been updated on why it got botched and what is being done to fix it.

    I just feel like at this point, being upset at the delay is fine, but not constructive. They know it got screwed up. :)

  • @TokyoSlim I try to keep up to date with everything but I hadn't heard any update on CoJ. I think I've missed the last 1 or 2 but again, I think that more so proves my point. CoJ was never meant to be a show to update us and it isn't exactly that either. I'm not really sure how many people watch/listen to that but I just think an actual post dedicated to updates would work better. Just my personal take.

  • @tokeeffe9 See, to me that seems exactly like what COJ is for. I'm an investor in EZA, I attend my investor meetings. :)

  • Just FYI, I just read through the questions Brandon is going to be looking at tomorrow and someone asked a tangential question about having a more transparent schedule for retros and GS and other paid content. So we'll likely get another update. :)

    Edit: He didn't directly address it. He dealt directly with the question of scheduling and patron expected value on retros and game sleuth.

  • The Bloodborne episode is live for Patrons

  • I think The bloodborne retrospective is my favorite video EVER from EZA.

  • Is it spoiler-heavy or safe to watch for someone who still intends to play the game eventually, one day?

  • @axel It's loaded with spoilers

  • Great job with the latest part! I really want to revisit Bloodborne now. Such a horrible, and beautiful world filled with memorable creatures, otherworldly music and interesting mechanics. Just thinking about it almost gives me goosebumps. Did I mention the music? I mean, just wow.

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    Think this is my favourite video in the series so far! It describes the game well, even for me that hasnt played it and dive deeper below from the normal "lolz its a hard game".

  • Loved it, so happy they are making new ones. This was one of my favorite segments form GT.

  • Just since it's available to everyone now.

    Youtube Video

    The final retro in this series (Dark Souls 3) is going up on Sunday for Patrons