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  • Sup Allies,

    With the recent Octopath Traveler demo it got me thinking about some of my favorite demos. A couple spring to mind, I'll start with the lesser know one.

    Dragon's Dogma (PS3) demo, this is one of my all time favorite demos. The demo was basically either a fight with a griffon or a short dunegon with a smaller fight against a manticore. To be honest im not even totally sure about that short dunegon and manticore battle cuz I probably played the Griffon fight over a 100 times. The battle system in Dogma is just so much fun, and even though I fought the same creature tons of times it felt new and exciting every time. For me, a good demo can be replayed over and over and the dragons dogma demo just got a ton of play time from me.
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    Metal Gear Solid (PS1), such an obvious choice. The demo was basically just the elevator and Hinde areas in the very beginning of the game. A buddy of mine and me played that area so much, just messing with the soldiers, the snow prints and hiding in a box. MGS was just such a revolutionary game and to play it early and just get a taste of what was in store for us was such a great feelings.
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    Shenmue FREE demonstration video, so this one wasn't actually a demo, really just a video describing the FREE engine Shenmue was built around. I literally watched this every night before the game came out. I was just so excited to live in this fully realized world, this video hyped me up.
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    So what says you, any demos recently or from the past that you just logged an insane amount of time into?? I wanna know.


  • Dark Messiah
    Metal Gear Solid 2
    Just Cause 2
    Dragon Quest Builders
    Red Faction Guerilla

    Monster Hunter Stories also had a pretty good recent one.

  • Banned

    Folklore had a good demo. Basically allowed you to play the first chapter of the game with each character, and you even got to keep the currency and progress you made in the demo when you bought the full game.

  • @suplextrain
    I remember that FF 8 demo, think it was packaged with Brave Fencer Musashi right? Think towards the end of it it was timed, another demo were personally I just loved being in that weird world they created,
    what a great, if not a little weird game.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    I bought Folklore but never tried the demo. Didn't get too far in the game, it was really interesting but it had a lot of competition for me as it was one of many games I snagged when I finally got a PS3.

  • One that really sticks out to me is the demo for Sonic Adventure 2, included with Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. The capabilities of the Dreamcast were already mind-blowing for me as a kid compared to N64 and PS1, and snowboarding through the city streets was exhilarating. I believe City Escape still holds up as an example of the potential for a great 3D Sonic game.

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  • Banned

    @TheMarcV I actually got Folklore for free when GT introduced their points system. I was trying to save for one of the consoles they were offering, but in the end decided that was a fool's errand and settled for a game.
    It was actually pretty neat, but got very repetitive very quickly. Kind of like a Pokemon game on acid.

  • Obviously I gotta mention like the extremely generous and long Patapon Demos and the Loco Roco demos that were seasonal and their own fun, standalone levels. What I really want to talk about though is this demo I still have on my 3DS even now for a poorly received game. The main part of the demo itself was only playable during a certain time period where you could connect with other players to play the game, but there's a little semisecret in the lobby of the demo that I enjoy more than even the full game itself, which I revisit every now and then for fun.
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  • Speaking of Dragons Dogma, the first demo ( the one mentioned above) actually pushed me away from the game, the second one though sold me, contained the first 3-4ish hours worth of content, let you make your character and pawn, carry XP and items over to the main game, and I think you got a special in game item for playing that demo.

  • I put more hours into the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo then I did the final game. Shooting bottles and watermelons was just to much fun!

    I also played an unhealthy amount of the demo for the Spider-Man PSone game.

  • Nobody has mentioned P.T. yet?
    alt text

  • Overboard! is something that always comes into my mind when talking about demos. (Apparently "Shipwreckers!" in NA.) Not sure if that's my favourite, but it's something that has stayed with me over 20 years, "that ship game demo on PS1".
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    The demo disc itself is of course this classic.
    alt text

  • Global Moderator

    I remember playing the demo of Monster Farm over and over again, then eventually buying the full game like a year or so later haha!

  • Resident Evil Revelations demo on 3ds

    It was great because its a remixed version of the main game, and they add stuff on harder difficulty that isnt there in the main game

  • @Sentinel-Beach Oh wow that screenshot does ring a bell, I played this! I need to look up what happened to that game now.


    Really though, I love playing demos. It's just so much fun to try out a new game, even if it doesn't seem like I'd enjoy it.

    My best memories are with Silent Hill (never wanted to play the game after that demo) and FFVIII.
    Octopath Traveler was pretty great though.

  • @Inustar
    I use to feel the same way, freaken loved OPM and how they had a demo disc in every issue. It was just so exciting to try out new games. However, last gen and even this gen demos just didn't seem as prevalent. There's the PT and Octopaths but I dunno, they just seem fewer and further between now. Like you when I think Demos, I think mostly PSone Era.

  • @TheMarcV I still love playing demos, but you are correct that it has diminished.
    It's one thing I hope starts to come back, which I think has started to improve since I've seen more recently.
    My favourite game series is Mass Effect, which I never would have tried without the ME3 demo. They are super important imo.