Underrated Musicians

  • We've talked a lot about underrated games, and we've talked a lot about music. But what about underrated musicians.? What are some great musicians you feel don't get the love they deserve.

    Here are some that I feel aren't or weren't popular enough:

    Nine Muses:
    Youtube Video

    Ladies' Code
    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • I also think that Red Velvet are underrated. They're popular, but not as popular as they should be.

  • Chris Huelsbeck is one of my all time favorite composers, but he doesn't get much recognition these days, even though he is still on the industry. Though his latest games have been Mobile games (His last "proper game" has been Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams) he has still managed to make some truly phenomenal tracks, some of which are among the best tracks EVER MADE. (If you ask me anyways) Those Turrican Soundtracks... Some of the best in the Biz. He has been recently making some orchestral versions of his Turrican OSTs (Which are glorious BTW) though I'm sure that now that Factor 5 is back, he is working on the new soundtrack for whatever that studio is making.

  • So a lot of what I'm going to list here is artists that I've only met one or two people that even knew what I was talking about. I wouldn't say any of them are underground or anything, they just don't get all the love they deserve.

    Youtube Video

    These two dudes have been a band for about 2 decades now. There's a lot to like about them - interesting melodies, soothing vocals, and the ability to shift between a sweet sound to something a tad darker, which this song showcases pretty well. Really good chillout vibes in general.

    El Ten Eleven:
    Youtube Video

    Another duo that has been around for awhile, these guys are easier to appreciate when you see them live - or at least watch videos of their work. It's honestly impressive how they capture such a full sound with all the tech they've got.

    We Are Scientists:
    Youtube Video

    I've been in love with these dudes for close to a decade, ever since I saw a music video where they were being chased by a bear. They tend to have albums that feel very different from the last. The track listed here is from last year's album, which I was glued to for months.

    Youtube Video

    Maybe it's the fact no one knows how to pronounce their name (it's chk-chk-chk) but for a band that has such dance-able grooves, I've never understood why they aren't selling out arenas, especially considering they've been around since 1996. This track did get some recognition though, since it was added to the best radio station in GTA V - Radio Mirror Park.

    Youth Lagoon:
    Youtube Video

    Although Trevor has put the Youth Lagoon project to rest, I think he's currently one of the best songwriters we have. Introspective lyrics blended with psychedelic dreamscapes, I'm constantly impressed with everything he's put out, Wondrous Bughouse being the pinnacle of his creativity. I'm just eagerly awaiting his next project.