EGX Daily Wrap Up

  • I was at EGX today and should be attending the other 3 days too and thought a blog style post would be best just to go through the stuff I play each day.

    And if anyone is interested in a particular game at the show, I could probably check it out and come back on it so let me know! :)

    Day 1 Impressions

    Super Mario Odyssey
    This was my first time properly using the Switch and I had to use the Joy-cons separated. First impressions were that it was a little awkward to control. I put that down to just not being used to the joy cons. At the same time, I'd still say it's the worst way to play the game. At least have them connected to something.

    Anyway, on to the game itself, I only had 10 minutes and went with the dessert level. It's incredibly jolly and colourful. Just jumping around the town and checking out the interesting characters, very cool. Capturing enemies can be a little disorientating at first, like Bullet Bill, just trying to figure out what direction you'll go in. It's very cool though and just adds so much more to exploring. The 2D section effects are just so good too. Overall, I'll say that I'm really looking forward to this, plan to play it again tomorrow and plan to get that Mario Switch.

    Ni No Kuni 2
    I checked out 3 different sections of the game.

    First one was a mix of the Overworld and combat. I'm dug it with the cute aesthetics and seeing enemies on the field before having to fight them. As you can probably tell, I haven't played a tonne of JRPGs

    Second section was the army fights. So I was controlling 2 groups of warriors and as you progress you're given more control on what they can do. Initially it's just rotating them around you, then some special commands etc. This looks like it'll be pretty fun if it is challenging as deciding when to use those special moves or your invincibility could become really important. Definitely encouraging.

    Third section was a major boss fight. I already did some combat in the first section which ended in a shorter boss fight. All I'll say is that for an RPG combat system, I really liked it. I just felt like I'd a lot of options in how to fight as opposed to just attack or use magic and it being live action just made it a lot more fun to me. Now I'm fine with turn based, I just find it to be a bit slow at times while this all felt way more focused.

    My only slight niggle was I thought most of the game had VO but it seemed like some of the cutscenes were missing it. Not sure if that's just due to the build or if that is the case.

    Monster Hunter: World
    Checked it out twice as it had a beginner and expert quest. The beginner quest being the big Lizard type monster and the expert being the t rex type one from E3. In the first run I didn't realise I could change my equipment so I went in with that iconic massive sword. This was a nice little taste into Worlds. Tracking isn't particularly difficult but it's still very satisfying to find clues that lead you to the hunt. I definitely need to learn all the combos in the fights but I liked what I played.

    The only extra thing I'll add is that it's just super impressive to see the beasts interact with each other. When tackling the expert quest, the monster I beat in the beginner quest came out of nowhere and both beasts had an awesome fight. Another time it knocked over a tree and trapped itself. Stuff like that just makes the game far more interesting to me. Add co-op and I'm sold!

    Detroit: Become Human
    This was the detective demo we saw from E3 2016. While Cage has issues, I still enjoy his games. In this demo a few things bothered me. The camera gets really close into you at times, the character control isn't the best (same as his other games) and there are parts where you try to reconstruct a scene and for some reason it switches the movement to the right analog stick which really annoyed me. I left a comment on that one to at least just add the left stick too.

    With all the negative out of the way, this demo is good. The situation just feels extremely tense as you gather as much information as possible quickly. The music and probability do a good job and conveying this. The actual interrogation itself was pretty easy but it still felt really heavy as for me, the android is killed. So I'm hoping the game is full of those types of outcomes. Definitely looking forward to it.

    Sea of Thieves
    Well I joined the queue thinking it was short. Turned out it was a little longer and the demo itself was 30 minutes long so it was a bit of a wait but it did mean plenty of time with the game and honestly, the time flew by. I played with 3 randomers and it was so much fun once we got an understanding of the game. We made our way to one island and couldn't find the treasure for the life of us. Instead of sticking around, we set sail for another island, saw another crew, blew up their ship and stole their treasure and the whole time I was just smiling.

    My only sight worry is that this is the perfect 30 minute demo. I do wonder if it can be consistently fun when you're 10, 20, 30 hours in but right now, I'm very optimistic.

    Superhot VR
    I played this on the Rift and I think this version was more of a trial as opposed to the main game as I just kept repeating the same level to try and beat other scores. Either way it's an incredible game. Looking around, pick something up, shoot, throw, pick up something else and repeat. It's just a blast to play.

    Bravo Team
    In contrast to Superhot, this was a bit of mess I thought. So it's a co op shooter with the aim controller. I heard really good things about this controller but I don't know if it was the game or the controller, but I found the aim to be a bit all over the place at times. Add to that, it is a cover based shooter so you basically look up and move to the click to move to the next cover when it's available. This is kinda weird as it takes you out of first person and shows your character running and then goes back to first person.

    Also another thing I didn't love was that you had to reload yourself. Really it should just do this automatically when you go back into cover.

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    Well it's absolutely South Park. Demo is set in a strip club and you can just fart all the time. I definitely had the odd laugh but probably found it a bit too crass for me personally. It did some cool stuff with finding items in the environment. There is like a detective vision but you still need to figure out exactly what you have to do to get whatever. As an example, an item is above a press. To get it, you need to hit the gas tank which will cause a small explosion and then to blow that little area up to get the item, you fart there. So silly fun stuff. Not day 1 for me, but I'm sure South Park fans will be happy.

    'Wait what did you say, why did you play OW?' you say. This was purely just for me. I play OW at 30fps and lower than HD graphics and I just wanted to see what it was like and oh my, it's hilarious the difference. Played on a system that had it on ultra 120fps and it's beautiful. I'm absolutely building a PC relatively soon.

  • Day 2 Impressions

    Super Mario Odyssey
    Today I got to check out New Donk City and it was wonderful. Unlike the previous demo I played, I decided to just mess around the world and you are given so many different areas to just explore around. Climbing up Skyscrapers from spring poles and electricity feels great, finding little slot machine stores in back alleys and capturing Humans!

    I was a lot more adapt with the controls today and even messed around a little bit with motion controls although I can't imagine really using them. And while I didn't have any major use for it in the demo, jumping on the cap feels great. No surprise then that I'm sold on this one.

    And since I did preorder the Mario Switch, I thought I'd check out some games currently available. So I tried out Arms first. We weren't given much feedback on how to actually control the game so the first few rounds were a bit of a mess in understanding how to move forward, dodge etc but once I got the hang of it, I actually had some fun. It's not something I'd buy personally but still, enjoyable for a quick round. And yes, of course I picked Min Min.

    Splatoon 2
    I had an absolute blast with Splatoon 2. It's just so much fun. Started off with a bucket and was just throwing ink everywhere, destroying enemies etc and assumed we were winning comfortably... apparently not and we lost by .4%. So I stuck on for another game as the staff were kind of having a battle between the two sides. This time I used the minisplat gun I think. I didn't realise I had to let go to start shooting so this round didn't go as well but still the fundamentals of the game make it so much fun. Swimming in the ink around the side of buildings to gain more ground. I think they just did a great job making this a really enjoyable game for anyone.

    DragonBall FighterZ
    Story time. I've absolutely no attachment to DragonBall. I've never watched any of it but the hype around this game amongst friends and the industry have piqued my interest. Add that the game looks gorgeous in motion too which makes it a blast to just watch anyone fight.

    So I see a guy by himself and decide to ask if I could fight him which he duly accepts. So I start selecting my characters and begin some small talk. After a while he reveals how excited he is for this game, how he has it preordered and that he's been playing it a lot over the event. Yes, it was at this moment I realised I might be out of my depth here and so began an absolute battering. I think I got one of his characters down to about 30% while he tore through all of mine. So I looked over, thanked him, and walked away, too intimidated to go back for more today... but tomorrow I'll have to redeem myself

    Gran Turismo Sport
    I like EGX for the big games that I don't really plan on buying. In the past I used to really dig racing games and recently I really got into Driveclub. The GT Sport queue wasn't too bad and to add to that, there was a competition too so if you said you wanted in on that, you generally just skipped the entire queue which is exactly what I did.

    So you initially get a free run with a controller to just get used to the game. I was taken aback at first as the last person on my console was steering with the d-pad... absolutely insane. Anyway after a few minutes, you're called over to this booth where you're given the full experience really. The challenge is playing on expert with no assists and in manual. Unsurprisingly I was pretty awful but got into it by the last lap. My time being 6 minutes while the best time (which by the way, wins a 4k 55" tv) was 4:27. And now I'm kinda hooked on just going back to check if I can quickly try again whenever I'm in the area so I'd 2 more runs at it and both of those times were 5 minutes so hopefully more progress tomorrow.

    For the people excited about Sport, it's tough for me to give any decent information since it was such a unique setting but if you have a wheel and have liked previous games in the series, I'd be surprised if you didn't enjoy this. It felt good to control, sound was pretty good and it did feel more like a racer rather than other GT games I'm familiar with. Also, from what I could see on the VR front, it still looked pretty decent.

    A tough one to demo really. It was one of those demos where there is just a random tv and beanie to sit on so fire away. So I picked up the controller and started. I had followed some of the press around this game and I know there is a deep combat system to it but I wasn't really able to appreciate that on the day. I was thrown into a fight against 2 enemies early on and switching stances didn't really do what I was hoping for and honestly just looked a bit silly on my part and on the AI. Really I came away probably less enthused on this game so I'll need to see or hear more to consider it again.

    Sonic Forces
    This just wasn't for me. I played a few different stages and didn't really find any flow that I liked with the game. The first stage was the are shown in the initial reveal and was a mix of 3D and 2D Sonic. As someone who isn't really big on Sonic, it was the constant amount of times you had to jump on crates to get to the next long phase that bothered me. It felt like it stifled the momentum I had. The other stage I played was a really easy boss fight, just hitting Robotnik and then hitting these cannon balls it'd fire at you, back at him. Pretty boring to be honest. And the final stage seemed like a more classic sonic level that I just gave up on after a while, just due to lack of interest. I'm not sure if this is a sign that the game isn't great or not for me.

    I was actually a bit surprised at how little space the game has. It's amongst another few games and only has 4 screens. While it's the one that always has at least another set of players queueing for it, it also doesn't seem to have as big of a buzz as it used to.

    I tried out two different bosses with another player and the game is exactly what you'd expect from all the trailers and previews we've gotten. It's a beautiful and difficult game. There is just a huge amount to take in on these boss fights as they throw so many different attacks at you and have more difficult phases as you knock down their health. While I can see people finding the game frustrating, I think it will actually work really well in co op. This has the issue of more screen being taken over but you can revive a partner by just jumping on them so it will at least improve survivability. So very cool game, I wish I checked out more of a platforming level to give feedback on that but do know that the focus of the game, in bosses, appears to be great

    Here we go, this was probably my favourite game from the day. Moss is one of the VR games shown off at E3. You appear to be this god like figure and can control Moss, a mouse with a cravat & sword, with the controller. This game has take a knee written all over it. The game starts off with going through a book and then being transporting (imagination I guess) to the world. You can think of each area as it's own little stage. So you get Moss from the beginning to the end. So when you're observing your surroundings, it feels great to look back on the previous area from this new vantage point. I found myself constantly observing the new area, seeing my appearance in the reflection of the lake, getting up close with Moss who would try to rub you. Things like that make the game feel real. I loved it.

    It's not just for the sake of it either though. There are times you need to move around a little to get a better vantage point, you can even go through objects to see inside. So the rest of the gameplay is using Moss to move and fight which seemed basic enough in the demo but you also use the motion controls to move objects for various reasons so you can really think of it like a puzzle game. My only criticism is the motion controls were a bit hit or miss late on. One section in particular seemed to completely scramble the controller for some reason. I really hope this is resolved as I think this is a great VR game.

    Ah so... ya I coudn't say no to more Superhot. This game just makes you feel like the coolest thing ever no matter how bad you can do as you can just quickly restart it again. It also works great in a convention setting as hearing people react to what you do is very cool and seeing other people ducking, running and literally diving around is amazing. Today I learned you can block bullets and destroy them with objects.. so I'll be back for more tomorrow

    The queue wasn't too bad for this at the time I was around so I went for it and I have to say it was an awful demo. Now I'm sure the game is great and I'm sure you could demo it well but this wasn't it. So you're basically just given 10 minutes to play the game. For me, I was just throw into whatever the previous person had been playing. You are given absolutely no explanation on it or the controls. So fine, I deal with that. There are 90 alive when I take over. I manage to go from building to building, get some guns and ammo and kill one other person. So I'm finding the game pretty fun and intense so far. Next thing, the circle begins to enclose but I've no idea how to check the entire map. So the last 2 mins or so is just me running to where ever the circle appears to have finished up on. There are 40 people left and next thing I know I'm being told that my demo is finished. So I was pretty underwhelmed with that one. I get that they can't just let you stay all day as those games could go on for 30-40 mins, but they could just give you some notice an say to just go out with a bang. Anyway, pity about the demo, still interested in the game.

    Far Cry 5
    And the final game I played today. I like to have a quick look around at any big game I missed as the queue tends to be a way shorter at the end of the day which was the case for Far Cry 5. I was in after about 20 minutes and you seem to get a decent bit of time to play as I died once, liberated a place and completed another mission and a half at least.

    The quick and lazy way to describe 5 is that it is indeed extremely similar to 4. So if you're not feeling the fatigue yet, you'll feel right at home here. Unsurprisingly I picked the dog to be my companion and while the stuff he did was very... adorable, taking down guys and giving me a gun, it didn't really affect the game for me.

    Of course this is an early demo so hopefully this doesn't matter but the aiming felt a bit off. Like I found occasions where I kept on turning even though I'd let go of the analog stick with a good second. Add some stuttering and fps dips in there too but as I said, not too surprising. I had a great time with 4 and skipped Primal so if I'm stuck for a game (highly unlikely these days), I'll probably pick it up day 1 assuming reviews are pretty good.

    That pretty much ends the day game wise. I checked out some career and dev talks too. The gaming industry definitely interests me career wise but just in general it's always interesting to hear the stories they share. I checked out one dev session on Alien Isolation & Stories Untold. One of the devs on Isolation created his own studio and it looks like he was able to nail the same vibes in this new game. Episode one is out for it and I'd highly recommend checking out the trailer. I got a code for episode one and definitely plan on giving it a go at some stage.

    Other news is that I got one Love & Respect so if you're here, thanks to that EZA fan! :)

  • Even though the list might be the same size as previous days, it didn't feel like I got to a lot today as I spent a good bit of time at some career and dev sessions which are honestly one of my favourite things about EGX (and similar events in general).

    Day 3 Impressions

    The Inpatient
    So more VR to start off the day. If you're not aware, The Inpatient is set in the Until Dawn universe and specifically the asylum you go through in the game but 40-50 years before Until Dawn. You might find the opening 10 or so minutes of the demo a little slow and restraining (literally) as it does go through the whole butterfly effect talk and you're initially restrained to a wheelchair so you are mostly choosing between two dialogue options and looking around.

    Even though I did personally find those parts a little unnecessary, the demo does go in the right direction, raising tension and giving subtle hints as to what might be happening. When restrained, you see a memory a few times and you're always fumbling around it trying to gather more information each time. It also feels really visceral, the audio, and flashing of a light in your face, just gives you that unnerving feeling.

    Anyway, the demo does progress nicely after that as you do get wheeled around and eventually (to my surprise) actually walk around yourself. I don't want to say to really spoil any of the demo but do know that it's very much going for the memory/nightmares style of approach and yes, there will be jump scares like Until Dawn. I'd be leaning towards this being more scary than that but still, probably not full on horror in the sense of Outlast. Very interested.

    Age of Empires Remastered
    Similar to the PUBG demo (in the same area), we got 10 minutes in what seemed to be just an overall battle against 3-4 other AI controlled armies. Not much to say here as I didn't really get a full grasp on the things I could do and your army seemed pretty much invincible but it does look like a nice coat of paint and it does bring back some memories of playing the AoE demos in the past.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ
    Well I did go back and had a great time. Only the one fight again but this time we were both clearly amateurs who just loved the look of the game. So as someone who isn't particularly good at fighters or this game, it does a great job at making you feel amazing. You can do some stunning combos and animations pretty quickly and everything just feels so smooth and fluid. This match was a proper head to head of the worst players out there and I imagine it was still fun to watch. I'm sure I'll try another match tomorrow

    Purrfect Date
    I saw a poster of a cat dating sim so I had to just sit down and see where it'd go. The easy short description is that this is hatoful boyfriend for cats.

    The Lost Bear
    I think I saw a tweet from Mike Bithell on this PS VR game and it was kinda hidden away so there wasn't really a queue. It's a game that was definitely inspired by The Puppeteer as you're watching from the stage and controlling these characters and I think games like this and Moss will find an audience in VR because they are very captivating. It's always cool to see things from the 'show' coming to the stage and vice versa. That interaction builds this connection with the players in the game. Also, the artstyle is pretty cool, I'm thinking like Valiant Hearts but a little more eastern european. The good news is I did enjoy this (probably 90 minute experience in total) and it's already out for $10 they said. Worth having a quick look at if you have VR

    Metroid: Samas Returns
    I've been playing Axiom Verge before enterting EGX so that's got me in the mood for Metroidvania's. So I had to check out the remake/reimagining. I thought it was really good. I love the updated visuals and sound design and the 3D is really good in this game, especially with the art slides early on. My only concern is the parry seems to be OP. It's pretty easy to pull it off and it basically destroys all the enemies but it was the beginning of the game. I might pick this up.

    I just jumped in on this one. It seemed like a car based MOBA. It was 4 v 4 and you're trying to destroy the enemies buildings by guiding these AI bots over to disable the shield and then you attack. So not really for me.

    Yoku's Island Express
    If the name isn't familiar, let me remind you of a game Don did a preview of during E3. It was a gorgeous looking game that mixed platforming with puzzles with pinball. You arrive on this island as the new postman apparently and your character (a lizard?) is carrying what looks to be an egg round with it. Throughout the island you will find flippers and bumpers to knock the egg around, to get to other areas and into pinball type areas.

    I'm really happy to say that this game is so damn fun and oozing with with jolliness. All the designs and art are incredible and cheery. Add that the gameplay has a lot of variety and it's full of exploration and you can then see why I'm really keeping an eye on this one. Definitely check it out or at least that Don video because Don always deserves a second viewing.

    Dead Cells
    I imagine a few people have heard of this one. It's been in early access for a little while (and coming to PS4/XBX/Switch in May 2018). Instantly I'm hit with Metroid and Rogue Legacy vibes. It's a challenging procedurically generated game so the maps slightly change each time I believe. I only played through it once so I can't go too much into detail on how accurate that description is but the dev seemed to agree that those were definitely inspirations.

    On the game itself, the combat feels very satisfying. All your attacks and rolls have a nice weight to them. The enemies are well designed in that they all look unique and clear so the player has that information on when to expect an attack which helps a lot in a game like this as i think a lot of games fall into the trap of being unfair while this is very much your fault if something bad happens.

    Part of the transfuzer stand which are all student based projects I believe. I'm not sure if it's the case for all of them but this demo was completed in 10 weeks so it had some bugs here and there but honestly, it's pretty impressive. Very much low/no textures, think like Superhot (so not a bad thing) and it's a 4 player co op game with a mix of combat and puzzles. The last section of the was actually pretty impressive as it turned into an Uncharted style escape sequence with all 4 players, with rocks crashing around you, destroying structures etc.

    The thing I liked most about it was just talking with the students on why they decided on certain things. It's always nice to see where they're coming from and it at least give me some reassurance on the types of games we'll still be getting.

    Skyrim VR
    And the final thing I did on the day turned out to be a load of fun. I'll start off by saying I've no plan to buy Skyrim VR but I was still curious about how it'd turn out. The good news for fans is it actually looks pretty good. You teleport around the environment and move left and right in increments. I was honestly surprised as I was expecting a blurry mess.

    But the reason this was so fun was because the instructor with me was great and I was in god mode. So I was just blasting enemies with fire and Fus Ro Dah constantly. So I got through the demo area pretty quickly and since it was the end of the show, the person got me through a glitch in the cave so I could get out and explore the world. We didn't know how much the game would let us do this since it was just early code but surprisingly, it appeared that the whole world was there and was full of animals, enemies, npcs etc. It was just some systems were missing. But this led to a load of fun of destroying villages, being startled by an enemy literally being in my face when I entered a building, shouting "Holy Shit" and then shouting in game at that enemy.

    So ya, it was just a hilarious and fun session. Also, it was my longest session (Over 30 mins) in VR and I've found everything to be perfectly fine so far which I'm just happy with.

  • Apparently Fallout 4 and Skyrim both support normal walking movement in VR, if your sense of balance and stomach can take it. Those are games that I both hope are on PSVR's next gen iteration when it launches. Regardless of these games I've already played I could still never buy a $400 head box with software that amounts to Wii Sports without a killer app.

    And I've been really looking forward to Yoku's... the pinball game since Don picked that trailer. It's great to see an evolution of pinball, I don't think there have ever really been any pinball games that aren't just arcade Xbox Live or App Store denizens. With the recent news that it's coming to Switch I may be waiting a while yet, but that system seems like just the perfect place for a 2D drawn art pinball game. I wonder if it will be all puzzle-y areas or if there will be 'bosses' that are more like traditional pinball tables.

    And it's nbd but Monster Hunter: World is singular. There's just one world: the 'New World' continent.

  • Just back home from my flight now. I'm far too exhausted from the last few days to do a full write up on what I checked out on the final day but here is a list of the stuff I played just to slightly tease it for whenever I do get a chance.

    Battlefront 2
    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
    Project Cars 2
    Dragon Ball FighterZ
    Hidden Agenda
    Shift Quantum
    Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2
    Super Meatboy Forever
    Forgotten Anne
    No Truce With the Furies
    Raging Justice
    Off Grid
    Falling Sky
    Assassin’s Creed: Origins
    Shadow of War

  • It's just easier for me to break this up due to the time I have to write these things up during the day so hopefully expect some more later.

    Day 4 Impressions

    Battlefront 2
    My first stop of the day was fro Battlefront 2. Funnily enough, the last time I played the previous Battlefront game was at EGX two (three?) years ago. It was the same multiplayer map they showed at the end of the EA E3 confernce. So the storm troopers against the droids.

    If you've played a BF game before, you should have a good understanding on how Battlefront 2 plays out. You can choose from 4 different classes and are thrown into the game as part of a squad. The objective for our team was to destroy this ship with ion dirupters, located around the map. So your standard kind onjective based multiplayer and as the game progressed, the objectives would change so we had to defend the entrance and then the throne room (which we succeeded on)

    After getting used to the controls, abilities and switching between 1st and 3rd person, I have to say I was had a good time. As you'd expect, the visuals and sound are absolutely on point. My only disappointment with the demo was we won the match before I'd a chance to play as a special character. You build points throughout the match to be spent on things like vehicles and ships. I waited out but a poor start meant I just didn't build up enough. If you enjoyed the first game, this is a pretty easy recommendation. For me, I would have preferred to play the single player but either way I'm not massively pushed on Battlefront

    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
    This is such a weird game to me. I guess it's classed as a fighting game. Either way, I've no major attachment to the FF series so I just randomed every character I picked, didn't get any of the fan favourites but they were there to pick from (Tidus, Cloud, Squall...). If you don't know, the game is set in this massive battlefield and it's a 3 v 3 fight where you can go all around and attack whoever you want really.

    Honestly, I didn't really follow how you actually win these fights. If you die, you respawn so I assume it's an overall damage amount that determines the victor. I can't say I found the game to be that fun. A lot of it is just spent dashing around the area until you get a hit in and whenever you do hit or get hit, it just feels really long to me but I've the same complaint on the turn based combat in the older FF games. My favourite part was just saying dumb things with the premade text before a fight. So one of those games I'd possibly watch but wouldn't ever buy

    Project Cars 2
    I wanted to compare my time with GT Sport with another racer and since Project Cars 2 was right next to Dargonball and generally didn't really have a major queue, I went with that. The differnece in how these games feel is absolutely huge. It definitely reinforced my opinion that GT Sport felt more like a racer as Project Cars is very unforgiving in controling the car. This is definitely the simulation game if that is the most important thing to you. Like GT, it's a beautiful looking racer and it has that extra edge by having the time shift and I think dynamic weather

    Superhot VR
    Ya ya ya... I know but I just can't get enough of this game. The amount of strategic thinking that goes into every move you make and ever item you pick up is fantastic. Do I pick up the knife to block bullets or throw at someone, the uzi or the pistol. Move here to get this guy out, crouch under the desk etc. I love this game so much and it will 100% be my first VR purchase whenever that is.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ
    I don't really have anything extra to add here. I'd a much better understanding on the moveset and switching characters which at least helped the standard of the fights. Everything I said previously still applies, it's a great game to watch and play.

    Hidden Agenda
    Part of the Playlink games Sony is doing and easily the most interesting one. For starters it's by Supermassive games (Yup, another game by the Until Dawn team) and it once again shares a lot of similarities with their other games. The reason Playlink is it's own thing is because you control everything with your phone. So with Hidden Agenda, it is a cinematic game where up to 5 players (it was setup for 4 but I'm pretty sure you can have 5) make decisions and affect the outcomes.

    The game has some cool things I wasn't really sure how it'd handle. So your phone has all the additional informaton on characters, clues and plots which is nice to have but it's a bit tough to read through unless the scene allows it. Each player has 3 chances to take full control of a situation. It's a cool way to just do something you want and it also does a good job at having players question that person's motivations

    Which brings me to the name of the game. So one of the players will be given an objective to complete. I was suprised to see we were playing a competitive mode in the game. So in this context you're given points if you guess the person who has the hidden agenda and that person gets points for completing the challenge. So I think that's actually a pretty interesting element to the game. I'm just not sure how it will actually work in the story mode.

    I do wish I could just use a controller though, swiping a phone to get your dot into a box to make a decision or aim at someone just feels a bit flaky to me. They also really emphasised that the game is best suited for couch co op and stressed that it was a bit awkward to setup online. I get the feeling that was just PR talk. I came away still pretty interested in the game, which is out sometime this year.

  • @Haru17 Interesting, they didn't mention that at all for the Skyrim demo but I don't think I really questioned it either. I'd be interested to try movement properly. I only had a few minutes of The Inpatient with movement and found that fine (although turning left/right was in increments).

    It will be interesting to see regarding Yoku. The demo was very much puzzle based. Find these items which can be used to get past this area/enemy etc but I'd be very surprised if it didn't have some kind of boss like you mentioned.

    Monster Hunter: World, noted.

  • One more post after this as I'm pretty tired from the last few days and work today. Only have four games left, two small and two big.

    Day 4 Impression continued

    Shift Quantum
    This is a 2D puzzle platformer where the central idea is you're able to shift into the ground below you and therefore turn the world the opposite way. As the game progresses, things like shifting boxes and switches that shift the world 90 degrees are introduced and I'm sure more things like that will be added. I found it to be really addictive, challenging and fun. It seemed to hint there was more to the game than just the puzzles too, as in a story, but I didn't have a dev around at the time to ask.

    Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2
    I remember the GT stream of the original game with Huber & Kyle so I had to at least check it out. I can definitely confirm that this would be a dumb fun co op game to stream too (have a few more for Huber too). It actually has a nice bit of variety to it too. I was given a decent number of weapons to mess with and there were a tonne of different types of enemies in soliders, mob members and zombies. As I said, pure dumb fun if you're looking for a co op shoot em up... although I will say I played another that I preferred.

    Super Meatboy Forever
    This being a runner definitely concerned me but any fear that I had completely dissipated after playing some of the demo. As mentioned, you're constantly moving but you have to decide when to jump, dash, punch enemies, slide, etc and that's what makes the game. That may sound simple on the face of it but you need to make those decisions quickly. A good example of this is with sliding. Meatboy initially has his fists in front of him when he slides but they disappear after a few seconds, slide too early and that enemy ahead of you will lead to a death. So there is plenty to think about. I decided to pass over the controller after reaching a checkpoint in the level (which surprised me) as I was really happy with what I'd played, I didn't need any more time with it.

    Forgotten Anne
    Now this is a really cool game. I guess it's an anime adventure game but what sets it apart from others is the artstyle, the animations, the voice acting and the story itself. So it appears to be in just some general grounded fantasy world. 'Rebels' attack wherever you are and you talk to another person. As you play on though, everything else you talk to appears to be a living object like a scarf or lamp. It's set in a world where lost things go to, which would include yourself and you're (along with the first person you talk to) are going home soon. That's about all the premise I know. The game had enough gameplay that I liked it, there is definitely some form of multiple scenarios to things as it let you know on a conversation you have early on and as I said initially, it looks great. Definitely check out a trailer if you're into things like adventure games. Really intrigued by this one.

    No Truce With the Furies
    Another interesting one that I'm honestly just not sure I have the time to properly commit to but I think there are definitely people who want this. As I was playing through the game I heard the developer give the elevator pitch to someone else and he was spot on really. It's a cross between Balder's Gate and True Detective. You appear to have a huge amount of freedom in terms of what you do and to add to that your character is constantly either very philosophical or going insane, I guess depending on your perspective and the stats you picked. I wasn't sure if he was interacting with himself or with an actual other being but depending on how you answer things, you can go further into the rabbit hole depending on your answers, which will affect your stats.

    I'm not sure if I'm explaining this game very well but the main thing is it involves a lot of observing the environment and talking to other npcs to get information. As you get that information, objectives are added to your logs but they aren't necessarily important. I had two, one was to sing karaoke and the other to get a drink and I ignored them because they didn't feel right to the way I wanted to play but it shows the choices you have. So if that elevator pitch and reading a lot of dialogue interests you, keep an eye out for this one. For me, I don't know if it's age or what but I find that I get extremely tired when I read a lot of text in a game

    Raging Justice
    These next 2 are absolutely Huber games. Raging Justice is a beat em up with a really cool stop motion like animation and it does seem to nail the games it's obviously nostalgic for. All the characters feel pretty well designed, the combat has weight to it and the sound design on the punches and hits with a weapon are great. I just played one round with a stranger and it was a great time. It's really cool too that the guy programming it has been working on it part time for the last 5+ years and is ex Rare. I'm just really into seeing what the people working at major companies are able to do themselves. Also sounded like there will be online when it comes out later this year (he was hoping anyway). One last thing, it has friendly fire too which I'm always for in something like this, high stakes!

    And the other Huber game, here we go with another retro style arcade shooter. It's a 16 bit game all hand drawn so it looks great and it's set in a cyberpunk style world where you're basically a bounty hunter taking down henchmen and their leaders. I honestly don't have a great deal to say on this. It felt like they nailed the gameplay and vibes they were going for and as I mentioned, between Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 and Huntdown, I was more into Huntdown

  • Final Day 4 Impression

    Off Grid
    Off Grid is an satirical 3rd person stealth game based all around data. It appears to be very early in development as there were a few issues with the build, it wasn't the nicest to control and at times there was just a lot on the screen but I came away really interested by it. You're main tool is hacking into things. So you could ssh into a laptop, search for password, information. That would lead you to an office where you can hack into a printer, find deleted files, get the code for the safe. I know that sounds basic but it's the way that it's done that makes it interesting. It just feels like another game would have you go up to a computer, press A/X and you're done while here there is a bit more thought put into it. You need to be more observant. Another example, you find out the vents in the toilets will open if the room overheats from some data. So when you go into the toilets, you're able to access the hand dryer to overheat the room. It's extremely silly but it feels satisfying to go through it like that. Very curious to see how it will shape up.

    Falling Sky
    This one is actually a student project and very much more of a tech demo but it was impressive due to that. It's a cinematic game so it looks really impressive (again considering it's a student project). You're only able to move the camera left and right and I wish I'd asked if this was a technical or artistic choice. Anyway, what made this a little more interesting was you do go out and drive. The camera takes this overhead view like the old GTA games and you basically have freedom to go around this map which is displayed like google maps when you open your phone in game. I just found it to be really surprising to have these very different mixes of gameplay in the game. Again it'd be very cool to hear if anything comes of this as the student did sound pretty ambitious in terms of what he wanted to do.

    One funny thing, I was making my way to the objective and the car just started to slow down until it eventually started to go in reverse. I assumed this meant I had to fix it but I got out and there was no real prompt to do anything so I started running towards where I needed to go. After about 20-30 seconds the guy tapped me on the shoulder and said "Like you can run there but it'll probably take you an hour". I just started laughing and explained the issue, seemed like there was a small bug and you just had to reverse the car for a bit and start going again. Would have been bad form to just run around for an hour :D

    Assassin’s Creed: Origins
    I was lucky enough in that I waited till late on to check out Origins and it only took about 15 minutes of queueing to get in. So it does state that it's an alpha (maybe even pre alpha build) and it does feel like that at times. It looked beautiful but the npcs in the game just didn't really feel like they were actually there. I'm sure that'll at the very least be improved before the game comes out.

    Anyway, you're let loose to do what you want. I made my way into a small town where I came across a priest that started the main mission of the demo. From here you're given two objective points to try and find some sunken treasure. So I have to say I didn't love how this mission went as you basically head out into the lake and find the first treasure pretty quickly and then you go towards the next marker but it disappears so it suggests it must be around here somewhere. It mentioned you can use your eagle to find the spot. So there I am looking around the water for this treasure and it gives indicators that I'm close but nothing else. After a while I realise it's actually on another ship. Now maybe that was just my stupidity or the demo environment but the mission kinda misleads the player with how it's told. In my head it would have been much better if they had basically influenced you to search with the eagle first, and find points of interest, then go searching for the items. That said, maybe you're trained into that mentality from playing the whole game.

    The good news is that the combat is at least better than previous entries. I've always found it to be too automatic and rigid while this at least felt like you were doing these things. Overall, it was fine. I won't lie, the series has to do a lot of things to get me back into it as like I mentioned with the combat, I feel like a lot of an Assassin’s Creed game is very automatic so it never really feels like I'm doing the interesting things. But it is a step in the right direction and AC fans should be happy

    Shadow of War
    And here's another game that needed to do a lot to impress me. I will never understand how Mordor got so much praise. I'm not saying it's a bad game but the level of praise for it just seemed a bit crazy to me. With War, you are thrown right outside a base and can mess around with a few missions and I went straight with the siege mission.

    I have to say I'm not feeling this one. It just seemed like more of the same with a bigger scale. It is intersting though as I was frustrated with how weak I was while my criticism with the first game was that I hated how overpowered I was. In this case, I hadn't put any skills into any abilities and I went to capture a zone that had 3 captains in there and of course all my hits were just bouncing off them without any skills so it was just a waste of time attacking them. I thought that was a really weird way to setup the demo but I guess when the press got hands on, they didn't have any time limit so they could mess around a bit more. For me, it was just frustrating so I just got myself killed, and attacked around the outside of the castle to get used to things and new skills before unfortunately the time went out.

    So yes, it is more of the same really and like with AC, whatever your feelings are on the series for that and this, should still be the same with the sequels. Just one other note, I did play this on the One X and it was fine. I don't know, I honestly think it's pretty hard to actually tell a major difference without having it side by side or at least understanding what it'll be like on the One S.