What makes the Nintendo Switch such an appealing system?

  • Hey everyone,

    I reached out to the EZA podcast panel earlier this week to see if they would like to discuss what makes the Switch an appealing system. Seeing as how it didn't come up in the podcast, I was wondering if any of you would like to discuss why you think it is an appealing system. Below is my initial question to the panel for reference. Love and Respect


    "Allies, help me. Please help me. Do not disregard or dismiss this as many have in the past simply because you may not understand at first. Like you and many others I very much would like to play Super Mario Odyssey. However, I do not understand the appeal of the Nintendo Switch. Typically at this point in the conversation I struggle with how to word further comments or questions because I quickly get brushed aside. For instance, I’m fine with calling the Switch a console if everyone is fine with calling the PSP a console. Both can connect to a television, be played with a separate controller, and are under-powered compared to other consoles in the same generation. If you’re still with me I thank you and believe you may be able to help me. I think the potential for a great console is there but as of now I don’t feel that it offers much more than Super Mario Odyssey. Arms and Splatoon 2 are good but definitely not system sellers. The Switch is a cumbersome device that makes little sense to me but I am glad to see it getting so much support that the Wii U (which had arguably the most comfortable controller) did not. Allies, please help me understand why the Switch is such an amazing device that is deserving of its popularity and not just a circumstance of great timing. As always – Love and Respect,


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    It's a gimmick.

    The portability is the main draw. Take that away, and you have yet another extremely underpowered Nintendo console missing features from consoles a decade ago (and hell, even from previous iterations of their OWN consoles) with little (comparatively) 3rd party support.

    Tablets are the cool shit right now, so a Nintendo brand, child friendly tablet with some actual beef to it is an appealing product.

    Not even saying the Switch is bad. Hell, I'm definitely getting one after that last Direct... but like the Wii, it is selling on it's gimmickiness.

  • It's pretty simple for me. It combines the handheld and home console market into one for Nintendo.

    So it being portable and just generally easy to take around is great but it's really that all development will eventually focus completely on Switch instead of being split. Add onto the fact that they're doing a much better job with indies and third party developers too at a decent price point.

    And just to add, I bought the Mario bundle earlier today so I'm looking forward to joining the Switch owners out there.

  • I think a lot of it stems from having a couple big titles that were system sellers and now people are trying to justify their investment, we've all been there.

    I tried to buy just about any game I could find on PSP or Vita, trying to make it feel like I didn't waste my money.

    But it's hard to avoid pointing out that it's due to being a "More Powerful" handheld device which seems to be the main argument any time I ask someone why in the world they would want a 7th copy of Skyrim or minecraft.

    Or "I never had a next gen console to play these games on before" Which...to me makes even less sense, you weren't waiting for the switch to facilitate this, you could've bought a PS3 ages ago, the switch is MORE expensive than a 500GB PS4 Slim, most pre-built "All in one" PCs from your run of the mill electronics retailer can run games like doom, and skyrim, and minecraft, etc.

    I simply don't get it. It's not a bad system though I still to this day thoroughly dislike the joycons and I've had more than my fair share of weird sync bugs with all of it's controllers at one point or another, and the battery life (Another reason I don't understand the appeal of it as a handheld device) is quite awful.

    In the end it's just Nintendo cashing in on a trend, it's what they do. The tablet thing didn't really kick off with the Wii-U since most games didn't even use the blasted thing as anything other than an oversized controller so they're doing it again with a more modern/logical design, it's the same thing with the DS turning into the 3DS when 3D was the big deal.

    I just wish they could get on the bandwagons people care more about, proper online infrastructure, trophies/achievements, etc. At least they've caught up to 1080 resolutions, no more blurry text on RPGs!

    Right now it just feels like a lot of what they're doing for 3rd party support is like how they handled the Wii with the "Me too! Look! We got this game now too!" thing on games that are already 2+ years old. Granted that's not the case with all of the games they're getting since a lot of the indies releasing on switch are relatively recent.

    But it's also the worst versions of a lot of these games, lower resolutions, lower framerate, etc. Which again begs the question from me Why pay MORE to run the worst version of a game (Not just on the system but the GAME too! #SwitchTax) just because it's portable? But I just answered your question with a question, so I'll stop here lol.

  • It's region free and it's combining the first and third party support of Wii U and 3DS, which peoplee hope will mean there wont be a software drought like with Wii U

  • It existed in the realm of reality, wasn't the Wii U, and had the new Zelda game on it.

    But it turned out they were misrepresenting their me-too open world game as a Zelda game so now I'm just kind of waiting for Odyssey/Metroid Prime 4.

  • @Haru17 there is disliking a game, and then there is spending that much time complaining about it that its kinda sad

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    @Bigdude1 Hey man. We all have our games that we absolutely despise. Mine is FFX.

  • @Bigdude1 There is forum posting, then there is creating IRL fan fiction to try to frame other people's lives negatively because they have different opinions than you.

    I'm just being honest, and I think Breath of the Wild is a good game. Just not a good Zelda game.

  • To me it is exactly what I wanted since the first time I played a Vita, a system with a decent amount of power and the ability to use as portable and plug-in to a TV when possible is a dream come true, and from what I've seen from some work colleagues that like to play but are not deep into gaming that same reason is one of the main reasons why the love it.

    Before the system released I was fairly convinced it would meet the same fate of the Wii U with no games available on it resulting in another spiral of failure, however so far the current and future state of the Switch look far more promising than it ever did for the Wii U, so I can say that for know I'm optimistic about its future, so even if I haven't gotten one for myself yet, I'm very glad to see its current success.

  • @El-Shmiablo said in What makes the Nintendo Switch such an appealing system?:

    @Bigdude1 Hey man. We all have our games that we absolutely despise. Mine is FFX.

    FFX, XIII, and VIII for me.

    But yeah, we all have our mortal enemies.

  • @Haru17 thats cool and all, i just get tired of your tirade in every switch thread. And its a good zelda game, the dna of the original is front and center in this game. Its just not a copy of the traditional 3d formula which can honestly take a break.

  • @El-Shmiablo im not saying that, im just saying he brings it up even when its not necessarily a part of the discussion. (like in this thread)

  • I don't really know why other people find it appealing or don't, I just know what it does for me. I come from a family where you have to fight for TV time, the only times I ever got the TV for gaming were on my birthday, at Christmas, and after everyone else had gone to sleep. Which is coincidentally, when I would like to sleep. So basically home console games didn't do much for me until I was older and started to have more time for games at different times of the day. Because of this, I grew up a primarily handheld gamer. What other people complain about is kind of the norm for me. I don't mind games being less technically impressive as long as they're fun to play. And I love to sneak in a few minutes of play time in between classes or when I'm waiting in line. Plus I can take a handheld console to bed. Can't do that with a home console unless you're not like me and have your consoles in your bedroom for some reason.

    For me the Switch is the best of both worlds. I can finally play the kind of games I've always wanted to play (home console Nintendo games), but in the way that I'm used to and most comfortable with. I'm not a spec enthusiast, so the lack of power and occasional frame rate issues doesn't bother me. The bottom line is that first party Nintendo games from mainline series, are generally amazing. Zelda is amazing, Splatoon 2 is amazing, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is amazing, Mario Odyssey is going to be amazing, the new Pokemon game is going to be amazing, Metroid Prime 4 is going to be amazing, Project Octopath Traveller is going to be amazing, Kirby Star Allies is going to be amazing, and the next Fire Emblem game is going to be amazing! I'm the type of person who will buy a console for a single game. I only had Journey for my PS3 for about a year, and I only had Nintendo Land for my Wii U for longer. And I was happy. I thought those games were enough to hold me over until another game I wanted popped up. The Switch has like 5 games that I want, and even more on the way.

    So yeah, I think the Switch is an appealing console. It's more than enough for me, and I think a lot of other Nintendo fans feel the same.

  • @michemagius Can I ask what the 5 games are? I just bought a Switch last night, but the current library is a little light for anyone that already had a Wii U. I don't plan on buying any games until Mario comes out. I want Bomberman, but there's no way I'm paying the current asking price for it.

  • @binarymelon I don't have a Switch yet, I'm still saving up, but the 5 games I want are: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Breath of the Wild, ARMS, and Mario + Rabbids. There are other games I want to try like Overcooked and Sonic Mania but they're available on other systems.

  • @Ross said:

    The Switch is a cumbersome device that makes little sense to me

    It's not cumbersome, unless you just mean it doesn't fit in your pocket. The Wii U was cumbersome. This actually works exactly as advertised. You play it at home on your tv, then when you need to go somewhere you take it out of the stand and bring it with you. You come home later and redock it. Plus if you have a solid surface while you're out, you can flip a kickstand out and play without even having to hold it. If someone wants to play with you, you can play lots of games with a sideways Joycon, which is a sucky gimmick, but still good if you're too poor to grab an extra controller or the person who's joining you is the type who'd be intimidated by holding a traditional controller.

    Most of all though, it's just lightning fast. I can flip my Switch on and get into a game in next to no time, which is great when you only have a short period of time to fill while out on the go. Even the 3DS feels like it takes longer to get into a game, but I still have an old 3DS, so maybe the N3DS loads faster.

    @ZyloWolfBane said:

    Why pay MORE to run the worst version of a game (Not just on the system but the GAME too! #SwitchTax) just because it's portable?

    Technically, the worst versions of games are mobile versions, and handheld versions of console games have always had to make compromises to accommodate being portable. You answered your own question. Yes, you pay the same cost or slightly more in some cases for a portable version of a game that as you said doesn't run as well as it would hardlined to a home console or PC, but the Switch is much more powerful than a PSP, a Vita, a 3DS, etc. so it's still a pretty decent portable experience in most cases.

    Honestly, if you care so much about playing the best version of games you should be tethered to a desk playing nothing but a high-end PC at max settings, but that's not convenient for you so you compromise and play a worse console version on your couch instead that costs the same or more. This is the same concept, except the Switch offers even more freedom with where you can take it. Then there's the huge boon of indie games that have been coming to the Switch, many of which run on the system without compromise whatsoever. Sure, you can get some of these on other consoles, but you can't bring them anywhere with you on those consoles.

    I just wish they could get on the bandwagons people care more about, proper online infrastructure, trophies/achievements, etc.

    They're sorta halfway there on online infrastructure now, and by next year lots of the missing things should be addressed, just wouldn't expect built-in voicechat and it's still frustrating that Nintendo thinks certain games of theirs that definitely need online like Mario Party don't. Being able to send messages to your friends is another strange omission right now. I could personally care less about trophies/achievements though. Gamerscore is just e-peen, and any game these things are a significant part of will have them built straight into the game regardless like Smash does. I'll only care if getting the achievements rewards more than just your ego.

  • So far its been a blast to have, and yeah the portability of it does kinda play a hand in that. However it has been great that I can play a few quick races of Fast Racing RMX, Mario Kart, Shovel Knight ect, without suffering hand cramps like I did with PSP, Vita, and 3DS after just a few minutes of playing. My only complaint so far is the cost of additional docks (like $90) which id love to get a extra one just to have as a "travel" dock, something I can leave in my car, and during the slow nights at work me and my coworkers can kill some time playing Mario Kart or Bomberman or something (I mean we already do that, but it would be nice to have a bigger screen)

    However I am also excited as Switch has so far been able to deliver on the promise that Sony tried to deliver on with the Vita of handheld gaming on the go, throw in both of Nintendo's in house teams working on it its very likely that the game that Switch wont suffer the drought that Wii U suffered from, although we wont be able to really judge that till further down the road. I mean so far it seems like at least one major title has been releasing on Switch every month, which is pretty awesome. The only issue so far is that I foresee major third party titles such as COD, AC, Battlefront, or whatever possibly coming out months after it releases on PS4/X1 and its hard to predict how much that could effect sales of said brands on Switch.

  • @michemagius Mario Kart, Breath of the Wild and arguably Splatoon are on other systems as well. I'll have to be kept happy with the Octopath demo for now.

  • @binarymelon Some of my favorite Switch games aren't exclusive to Switch, but I think that's okay. Shovel Knight and Sonic Mania on the go are a joy and they don't wreck the battery super fast like more resource intensive games like Breath of the Wild do.

    I know what people who don't play Splatoon think and say about Splatoon 2, but it's not justified at all. I know people so into Splatoon they still play both games, because the entire environment of Splatoon 1 is different than the one in Splatoon 2. Different hub, different levels, different campaign, different clothing sub abilities and weapon balance, completely different specials since none of the ones from 1 return in 2, different music, better art since it's linked to Miiverse and not everyone sees the same ones, etc. There's even more differences from Splatoon to Splatoon 2, but those are more straight up improvements like the completely reworked clothing textures and weapon models, addition of the amazing Salmon Run mode, new weapon types, additional hairstyles and pantstyles that don't clash with gear, etc. Until Splatoon 1's online servers shut down, there will still be separate merit to booting up that game, but Splatoon 2 very much reworks it in a significant way while adding enough to justify it as a sequel.

    Also, I agree. Don't buy Bomberman R until you can get it for about half the retail price. It's five times better than it was at launch, but it's still not amazing and is very much held back by P2P online, the local play with friends is legit now though.