What makes the Nintendo Switch such an appealing system?

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    child friendly tablet

    -Wolfenstein II
    -child friendly

  • So far it's appealing to the Nintendo hardcore

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    @Yoshi Ok.
    Sorry to have rustled your jimmies.
    If you actually pay attention to the rest of the post and read the things that didn't activate your almonds, I say that the Switch is still legit and I am very interested in it.
    And yes, the console with the phone app that can lock your child out of certain games or limit their playtime, and has no voice chat out of the box is child friendly.
    Calm down.

  • I'm not entirely sure to be honest. Personally I think its library is extremely weak, even looking well into next year. As a portable, my Vita is 10 times better for me; It has access to a wealth of fantastic PS1 and PSP games, a great set of exclusives and is also overloaded with the best indies as well. I can't even use my Switch as a kind of tablet subsitiute either as it's missing even some of the most basic functions you'd expect. The fact that I don't like Breath of the Wild means mines just sitting there now until Mario.

  • @Sheria what do you mean? the library of both current and upcoming titles is shitloads better than what the Wii U had on it by this point in its life during launch year.

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    @Sheria what do you mean? the library of both current and upcoming titles is shitloads better than what the Wii U had on it by this point in its life during launch year.

    Not sure that fits for me. I got my Wii U a little later, but within the first year of its release I picked it up with Zombie U, Mario Bros U, Luigi U, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World and Rayman Legends (best version imo). I'm not getting that out of my Switch personally looking at what's coming soon. Besides, I only said weak, so I'm not sure why the Wii U was your choice for a way to argue that point.

  • @Sheria

    in the first year of the Wii U's life, the only things it had that i gave a crap about were

    -NSMBU, Luigi U is just DLC and isn't a new game so that doesn't count imo.
    -Pikmin 3
    -Super Mario 3D World.

    in the first year of the Switches life so far we've had

    -Splatoon 2
    -Mario + Rabbids
    by the end of the year we have
    -Mario Odyssey
    -Xenoblade 2

    all of those are way better than things like Nintendoland and NSMBU and i haven't even included things in my list like Zelda BOTW, Sonic Mania, Doom, NBA2K 18 and Skyrim etc yet as well as a whole bunch of indie titles.

  • The Wonderful 101 alone is already better than all currently available Switch games together.

  • I'm sure people can come up with myriad reasons for why it appeals to them personally, but in the end, it just comes down to the games, ya know?

  • Arms and Splatoon are out for me as multiplayer games, and Mario and Rabbids seems to be a game designed around playing against others first and foremost. Very sceptical on Xenoblade being this year though, and the indies I probabaly get most of on about 3 other platforms I own.

  • @Sheria Xenoblade 2 is already announced for December 1st.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou Xenoblade 2 says no.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou as a huge fan of wonderful 101 i disagree

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  • @Yoshi XC2 isn't out yet, I said "currently available".

  • Raising the bar over Wii-U isn't that much of an increase nor was it that hard to pull off....just sayin.

  • @Sheria How about when we get remasters of all the Fatal Frame (Project Zero) games, including reworked controls for 2 Wiimake and 4 that never came out in the west?

    According to the teachings of Master Huber, if I believe in it hard enough, it'll happen! :p

  • @ZyloWolfBane Most modern consoles have bad launch lineups. It's not something exclusive to Nintendo.

  • I do like the convenience of the Switch, but I'm trying to find a game I want to buy from the current lineup and nothing is grabbing me. Loving Octopath though. Can't wait for that to release. Something else bugging me is when I'm playing in handheld mode I can't help but wonder why the screen isn't bigger. So much unused space. I hope it wasn't just so they could release a new model later on with a bigger screen.

  • @Torigasa-Reta so what?

    currently Switch has a bunch of great titles like Zelda, Mario + Rabbids, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & Pokken Tournament DX. a bunch of 3rd Party and indie titles.

    people are picking it up because they like these games and also because they know that highly anticipated games they want like XC2 and Mario Odyssey are just around the corner.

    i don't buy a console just because of things sitting on the shelf right now. i buy a console with one or 2 games for it, and make sure that a bunch of other stuff that i want for it are coming out soon after i buy it.

    i'm not one those people that demands "it must have exactly 20 games that i want sitting on the shelf before i buy it!". because if i did that then i'd have not only a console to pay off, but also 20 games to pay off all the in the one transaction. i'd rather pace myself and not blow all of my money in one go.