Sony Press Conferences

  • Hey Allies,

    I was just watching the reaction from the TGS Sony Press Conferences and I noticed something. Sony is really good at presenting at these trade Press Conferences, however it seems like we all got use to this quality of conferences really quickly and just having a smooth and entertaining conference doesn't seem to be enough to please the masses.

    The pacing of this and even their last E3 conferences were fantastic but many didn't really seem to think either was all that great and I think that's mostly because they didn't deliver those Wow moments like they had in past E3s. While I agree both were lacking those big announcements like a Shenmue 3 or FF VII remake they were both high quality conferences. I think many may have forgot how freakin' boring these things use to be. They would sometimes drag for like 10 mins talking about sales and projection numbers instead of games, now it seems like no one talks for more then 5 mins without going to a trailer or game footage.

    Basically do you think we judge these conferences too harshly now? Is it fair to expect to always get out brains blow with awesome announcements every time? What says you?

  • I think its a bit unfair.
    It takes years for a AAA game to be made. And we get multiple conferences to reveal them each year. And that's if they don't decide to do their own reveal.

    This is off though since there are many companies making games. But we can't blame the conferences. they want to wow us. they simply can't. At the same time though, those wow moments are even more special because they are rare.

  • I don't think we're judging them too harshly when they're actively spreading themselves too thin. Maybe don't do PSX and Paris Games Week on top of E3, Gamescom, and TGS if you can't fill every event out with killer announcements. Yeah it's nice not to have boring conferences anymore, but the standard has been raised and that alone isn't enough to excite people.

  • Well no one should of expected a big sequel announcement like Bloodborne 2 or Devil May Cry 5 from Capcom in the context of: Sony had an E3 showing this year with few new announcements, one of the few they did have was Monster Hunter: World, also Capcom. (And Capcom also announced Resident Evil 7 at last year's Sony press conference and released it well within a year of that.)

    Individual developers and publishers can't vomit all of these huge AAA games out, then announce another AAA game when they're also developing DLC, remakes, ports, and supporting multiple MMOs.

    We should also consider that Capcom has announced games pretty close to release the last couple of years, and that's pretty admirable IMO. So maybe Capcom will announce another game at Sony or Nintendo's press conference next E3, or even at PSX like Marvel vs Capcom last year. But not TGS, it's unwise to raise expectations so high for the smaller shows. People even let E3 disappoint them this year.

  • @Haru17 said:

    Individual developers and publishers can't vomit all of these huge AAA games out, then announce another AAA game when they're also developing DLC, remakes, ports, and supporting multiple MMOs.

    We don't always just want huge AAA games. I'll take five shorter, lower budget new entries in more niche series that haven't gotten any love in awhile but have fans asking for them in a montage too and get just as hyped for the one in the five that specifically targets me as I will for the massive big budget AAA next entry in a series I love. Hell, even if none of the five niche games are my jam, as long as they're things I've heard the demand for they get points with me. This year is teaching people things don't have to be AAA big budget super long. We need the one night stand games. We need short, tight experiences too, and that's enough to tide any fan of anything over for another couple years to not feel like their favorite series is dead and forgotten.

  • I guess what I'm trying to get as is if you just look at the announcements of a press conference you might think less of their showing then actually watching it. For TGS, I didn't see Sony's conference live, I read the big announcements and mentally kinda just said "meh". Couple cool things like FF IX, Left Alive but overall nothing that really got me hyped.

    Then I watched the EZA reaction and realized damn, this conference is actually pretty good. The announcements themselves didn't blow my socks off but I was entertained and interested the whole time.

    However it feels like the general consensuses of the conference online is kinda meh, which I understand, I was in the same mind set when I just read the announcements. After actually watching it I've changed my tune, this was a good conference, it was paced really well. More so when I think back only a couple a years and the old TGS conferences which were painfully slow and a drag to get through.

    I agree the bar has been raised, which was in large part Sony's doing with those E3 of dreams, but I just get this feeling that maybe some are being a bit too tough on some of these conferences. Like this years E3 for Sony, many thought it was a poor showing, I think it was a great show, just didn't have those killer Wow moments which I think we all understand can't realistically be expected for every conference.

  • @Mbun

    I agree that a smaller game can be just as exciting, for a selected few, like a big announcement like a Shenmue 3. For me that game was Helldivers, it was in one of those indie montages and it easily become one of my most anticipated games.Like you mentioned though, stuff like that resonates with a much smaller portion of the audience which the big names like Sony can't really expect to please the majority of the audience, so they need big games with a more general appeal.

    I think it's a misstep that Sony is straying away from highlighting these indie games on their conferences, though I do expect to see more of them at a PSX then an E3 I guess.