New IPs from Nintendo?

  • Hello everyone! I'm glad that I finally found the time to register on this Forum!

    What I was thinking about the last few days is: New IPs from Nintendo.

    For many years, we were so hungry for a new IP from Nintendo, with Wii Sport being the only fresh entrance in a long time.
    Than a few years back, we got Splatoon,
    and earlier this summer we got ARMS.

    Now I see nobody talking about new IPs from Nintendo anymore.
    But personally: I'm still sooo hungry!

    Especially after ARMS (a game that isn't my personal cup of tea) demonstrated what great results we can see when Nintendo is designing some brand new characters from scratch. They really don't have to hide from anyone when it comes to the creativity, talent and motivation of their designers.

    But I wonder:
    Can we expect more new IPs from Nintendo, let's say in the life time of the Switch?
    Are you thinking they are working on something?
    Did they perhaps hint something in an interview that I did miss?
    (I don't see them being asked about this anymore that often.)

    Or do you think Nintendo is like "Yup, Got Splatoon and ARMS. We are good for another 10 years now."

    Do you think they only delivered those new franchises because there was some sort of pressure from people asking for that, or because they truly wanted to do this out of their own motivation?

    With many of us players wishing for so many old IPs to finally return on the Switch (Metroid, F-Zero, Mario RPG, Wario Ware, Mario Strikers, etc.) I have the impression that priorities could currently be focused on that backlog of neglected IPs, rather than adding something new to the catalog.

    Or could you read the existence of ARMS as "Hey - expect many great surprises and new faces on the Switch!" ?

    Or: Does it even matter anymore?
    The Wii U felt like a first-party-box, where you played everything else on other hardware.
    But the Switch seems to be clicking so well with other developers,
    that we get a lot of really great games, exclusives like Octopath Traveler, and indie games like Steam World Dig 2, that we aren't as eager to see what Nintendo is doing next, as we were in the past years.
    Could the success of the Switch be a factor that release some of the pressure to do something completely new, because there already is a much greater variety of top class games on the System than simple mortals like us have time to play?

    What are your thoughts/expectations/wishes regarding this?


    PS: I don't really see Nintendo Land as a new IP.
    For me that was just a hub world for minigames that took place in old IPs like Mario, DK, Zelda or Metroid.

  • id like Nintendo do a RPG not based on one of their current franchises

  • @FF7Cloud they did. it's called Xenoblade Chronicles.

  • what about wonderful 101, xenoblade

    great games, also new ips. there is a few more obscure ones on the 3ds too like dillons rolling western and box boy

  • @FF7Cloud
    I'd like them to let Camelot make a new Golden Sun or new original RPG instead of crapping out weak Mario spinoffs

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    I just want them to pay attention to the ones they already have.

  • You guys do realize that the Xenoblade game coming to Switch has a 2 in the title, right? It's a sequel, the third game using its modern titling and game structure. Xenoblade was only ever a new IP in like 2008 in Japan, and even then it was still part of the looser Xeno series, which is ancient.

    But to the thread's topic I don't know about a new IP from Nintendo. The only first-party games I've ever truly connected with beyond 'I am playing this, this is fun' are Paper Mario, the Metroid Prime Trilogy, and 3D Zeldas. And all of those as we knew them have been dead for the better part of a decade, with new entries not coming for a few years. So I'm waiting on those, but honestly I'm not even sure if an internally developed Nintendo Prime 4 would be what I liked out of the first trilogy, the level design, the story. Modern Nintendo as a whole seems pretty disregarding of narrative, so I'm not sure they would create a proper Metroid Prime world.

    I think I would be more enthused about new Nintendo IPs if they weren't all multiplayer games. I'm not tremendously capable of enjoying really fast competitive online games, so I almost wish Nintendo just hadn't made Splatoon in the first place and instead focused those resources on something else.

    I think an action/adventure game is what's missing in their stable right now. Zelda and 3D Mario are basically their only ones, and this Zelda was more open world than anything, which just doesn't give that type of experience. And of course Mario is Mario, so I think Nintendo just needs a long, level-based singleplayer game with some kind of a story. Whether that's an RPG, a third-person shooter, or a puzzle game like Inside I don't know, but something in that vein would be nice. I don't necessarily expect this to come in the form of a new IP though, they have just as many old series that haven't received high profile sequels in years that could fit this bill (well, except for the narrative). At least they're making Metroid Prime 4...

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    While not a new IP, I really think Nintendo should give Geist another shot. Really good idea held back by the technology at the time, and the fact that the Gamecube controller was absolutely brutal for FPS games that don't have a hard lock-on.

    Also, the fuck ya gonna copyright the sanity meter for if you are never going to make another Eternal Darkness, eh Ninty?

  • @Bigdude1 don't forget Codename S.T.E.A.M.

  • @El-Shmiablo They did. they gave us new Starfox and new Metroid. :3

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    @Yoshi Starfox was a dumpster fire and I sold my 3DS a while ago so meh.
    Also, I'm talking about the multitude of critically underutilized IPs that Nintendo just openly ignores, not the slightly less used but still bankable properties that get at least 1 game every other year or so.

  • @El-Shmiablo said in New IPs from Nintendo?:

    I sold my 3DS a while ago so meh.

    you've got no one to blame but yourself for that.

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    @Yoshi Well, yeah. There was very little on it that I was interested in at the time. Hadn't played it for months, and didn't see myself playing it for many more months, so I sold it.
    While Metroid is one of my favorite series ever, I'm not keen on spending a hundred or so dollars to play one game.
    You aren't even interested in responding to what I am trying to point out, so I'm out of the conversation for now.

  • @El-Shmiablo selling any console you already have is stupid.

    just because you don't play the thing this month doesn't mean they won't announce stuff you do want for it later on.

    also because you might have nostalgia later on and want to go back and play games you previously enjoyed

  • @El-Shmiablo said in New IPs from Nintendo?:

    You aren't even interested in responding to what I am trying to point out, so I'm out of the conversation for now.

    i did respond to what you were trying to point out. i rebutted and pointed out that Nintendo brought back starfox and metroid.

    2 exact franchises that you used to complain about Nintendo not making games of back on GT all the time and now that they're here, you just decided you didn't like Starfox Zero and you sold your 3DS because you were too impatient for Nintendo to announce anything you wanted for it like say Metroid for instance. and you wouldn't have to spend $100 for one game if you didn't oh i don't know, sell your console the moment you got bored with it.

    you're just moving goalpost's and focusing soley on F-Zero and custom robo now

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    I wasn't using something, didn't foresee myself using it in the future, and thought that I would rather sell it to buy other things that I did want, like games for other consoles that I did use. What is wrong with that? Why is what I do with my property frustrating you so?

    I don't understand the logic that, just because I complained that Nintendo wasn't making Starfox games a few years ago, them releasing a bad one suddenly changes that. I have been saying that they should focus on lesser known franchises for a while now, and I think that if you take a slightly more critical eye to the subject you will see that stuff like Metroid or StarFox isn't necessarily in the same camp as games like F-Zero, Custom Robo, Geist, or other games when it comes to being ignored by Nintendo.

    I'm not moving any goalposts, but right now I'm not sure if you're even playing on the same field.

  • you cant really complain that it isnt worth it when you sold your 3ds. like idk how tight you are with money but i have a hard time selling anything because of that fear.

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    @Bigdude1 I'm pretty sure I can feel any way I want about whatever I wish. At the time I was a bit strapped for cash, but that didn't really factor into my decision to sell it. I didn't see myself playing it again, and therefor didn't feel like having it take up space, and it also afforded me some extra dough to do things I did want to do at that point in time.
    If in the future I do have the cash or desire to buy handheld for one game, maybe I will check it out. Regardless, I wasn't really complaining about the Metroid thing, so I don't see why this is suddenly the subject matter.

  • As awesome as new IP's can be, I imagine that it's less risky and more profitable to work within the confines of an established and beloved franchise. When a fresh idea hits, there's an inherent excitement about the possibilities it brings. However, it's hard to imagine them selling better than a new Zelda or Mario Kart. At the same time, it pushes their company forward and prevents the perceived stagnation that people have complained about in recent years... I'd say what I want is a strong core of their solid franchises, with a much slower but well-supported trickle of new IP. Splatoon is a great example of a game that they didn't go after half-heartedly, but continued to support and improve long after release. Also, if they continue to pursue promising new games from other developers, like Octopath Traveler, it'll really help their platform stay fresh.

    That said, new franchises will expand that Smash roster with more substantial characters, and that's something I look forward to.

  • @Bigdude1
    I meant games developed by Nintendo - not games published by Nintendo or games exclusive to Nintendo consoles. :-)

    Otherwise, you might as well say Banjo Kazooie is a game by Nintendo.

    Codename Steam, Wonderful 101 and Xenoblade are all developed by others.