Very Best Dragon Battles

  • I was finishing up the Dark Souls 3 DLC when I discovered the optional nightmare that is Darkeater Midir. For those of you that haven't encountered it, it is a massive dark dragon that inhabits a large arena. Not many gimmicks to this fight: just a very large, very mobile dragon that breathes fire, swipes, tail whips, and otherwise destroys unsuspecting players. I was a few playthroughs in at the time, and as such the dragon was even more powerful. Visually, it was astounding, and to me represented the pinnacle of the Souls franchise.

    This got me thinking: what are the best dragon battles in video games? I feel like they are pretty much the most awesome thing you could fight, so which ones are the highlights of our medium? Darkeater Midir seems a strong contender for my #1, but there is a good chance I forgot some along the way. I am purely referring to the fight itself; not the lore or the character of the beast.

  • Is it lame if I say battling Lance in the first two generations of Pokemon ranks up pretty high in my book?

  • Atolm, Panzer Dragoon Saga

  • @naltmank The battle to catch Rayquaza at the top of the sky-scraping Sky Pillar was actually pretty hype, and got even better in the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire. Not quite on my list tho.

    Well Skyrim dragon battles are still impressive for their open ended-ness IMO. You can literally battle a dragon across a mountain, and I don't know any other game that can offer that. They can show up inside town walls and there are a few very memorable encounters within dungeons. This is a lore thing but it also plays out in real time during the game — the big bad will resurrect dragons in burial mounts around the open world and you can watch them crawl out of the earth as skeletons and magically regain their flesh and scales. It's definitely a very unique take.

    I enjoyed Dragon Age: Inquisition's dragon battles because that's one of the few auto-attack games with some effort put into hit detection and satisfying feedback. They were tough and pushed me to really dig into my party's stable of abilities, popping attack buffs to push damage on one of their independently damaged limbs.

    Of course Monster Hunter probably has more great dragon battles than any series. Rathalos, the red male, and Rathian, the green female both fight similarly but with notable differences (though they're both technically flying wyverns). There are some great fights with Rathalos in 3 where you can knock it out of the air with flash bombs, or roll through the water to put out its flames. Rathian has this great attack where she takes two leading steps back before backflipping and just batting players out from under her with her tail, which also does poison damage.

    And in terms of actual dragons with four legs and separate wings (called elder dragons in MH), Gogmazios at the very end of 4's online progression is a peerless beast. It's a five story drake, black from the oil that coats its skin. Most of the fight is dodging its six massive clawed legs and wing legs as it stomps around the city arena, and its oil jet breath. When it enrages it launches up into the air, flapping its giant wings to keep its heavy frame airborne. Not only that, but it spits hot oil into the air that rains down around the battlefield, sticking and exploding wherever it lands.

    Cool thread by the way, it's interesting to think which series do and don't have notable dragons/wyverns.

  • My favorite dragons have to be:

    Argorok from Twilight Princess
    Youtube Video


    The Water Dragon from Okami (he's more of a dungeon then a boss, but I feel like he still counts.)
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