Blade Runner (original)

  • Hey, I know I'm going to sound like a weirdo but I had a hard time getting into Blade Runner when I watched it for the first time a few years ago. I'm totally into sci-fi movies but just couldn't get into the story.

    I'm going to try to rewatch before the new one comes out. Is there a best version I should watch to get a good understanding? Also, any additional info I need for good background (i.e. anime, books, etc.)

    Thanks for understanding me being an idiot on this one! L&R

  • Blade Runner Black Out 2022 is on crunchyroll today if you ewant to watch that

    also for the original make sure you're watching the Final Cut version and not the theatrical version

    other than that, if it's not for you, it's not for you :)

  • @Sieghardt Thanks! I'll try watching the FInal Cut.

    Should I watch Black Out before or after the original?

  • I haven't seen Black out yet, but if assume after the original since it's literally coming out today and I think it's set post original and pre 2049.

  • @Chris-Snow after the original, before the new film :)

  • Thank you @Sieghardt and @TokyoSlim ! I'm going to check these both out and will report back if my opinion has changed. Will try to really focus and be in the right mood and setting (i.e. @Huber )

  • To me, Bladerunner is about world building and symbolism. It's a period detective story, much like Chinatown, just set in a period we haven't gotten to yet. It has some of the best Cinematography in modern cinema. RIP Jordan Cronenweth. It's practical effects still largely hold up, and even though the Final Cut augments them with a few digital extras, it's still mostly all concept to screen by a dream team of the finest set designers, prop masters, makeup design folks, and costume people Hollywood has ever assembled.

    That being said, it has its slow moments. It's not your typical Sci Fi action/adventure and sometimes people go in expecting that. Just soak it all in.

    Hope it clicks for you this time!

  • @Chris-Snow Blade Runner is my favorite film, and I just want to second that The Final Cut is the best version. If Harrison Ford is doing weird voice over, you picked the wrong version!

  • I just rewatched Final Cut on Sunday, going to be at 7pm showing of 2049 tomorrow.

  • I had a chance to watch the new film at 8 am this morning... I slept through my alarm. Feels bad.

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    Recently watched this masterful film. However, I realised later that I watched the "wrong" version (with VO). I still feel though that the film have stuck with me in ways few others have. Its one of those films that griped me from the start and had me 100% interested all the way to the credits. I kinda want to watch the film again before 2049 as I feel that there are still a lot of details I missed the first time around