Your opinion on 'My Nintendo'

  • I'm just wondering if anyone has found any real value in the existence of this program? It's nice that it has kind of taken the place of the "unified" Nintendo account system, but the reward program seems half-baked. It also feels a little unfair (maybe not the right word) to only include digital purchases especially with the limited storage of the Switch and their resistance to discounts.

  • Yep it's very lacking in substantial rewards. I don't mind all of it being digital stuff but they ought to put up more variety and deeper discounts.

    I've got a couple of games that I wouldn't have got otherwise without a discount to push me over the edge. Also the birthday discount is somewhat decent (by Nintendo standards) and I managed to get that copy of Fire Emblem Birthright I'd been meaning to pick up.

  • Wait, storage is limited? Micro SDs arent too expensive mate

  • @Bigdude1 Just because you can spend more money to have more storage doesn't mean the base storage isn't small.

  • Youtube Video

    Bring back club Nintendo.

  • It's almost like Nintendo just lucked into Club Nintendo, because My Nintendo is absolutely terrible

  • @binarymelon You can actually get points for physical games too, just select the game's icon, press +, and in the menu there you should see an option to get points (can't remember the exact wording).

    But apart from that, yeah, it's pretty crap.

  • @Yoshi
    If your going to use The Critic, use one of the best. Even if it has nothing to do with the subject
    Youtube Video

    As for My Nintendo, I have yet to actually use it despite having enough coins to probably get about 7-8 things. Then again I haven't seen much on offer yet, or I already own it in one form or another.

  • @Axel I just noticed while navigating around the site last night. Looks like about 1/5 of the points you get for digital.

  • It's a horrible sham of what Club Nintendo was. I feel like I go off on a rant monthly with friends about horrible "deals" Nintendo puts on it, ranging from horrible discounts only available with gold coins you have to spend five times the price of the amount you're saving to earn, literal videos you can just look up on Youtube that used to be promotional 3DS stuff you could access for free at certain hotspots, to just generally worthless fair like phone wallpapers you could also get from a Google search and pages of a wimpy, digital strategy guide for a game.
    five thousand worthless digital currency
    Literally the only worthwhile thing I've gotten off My Nintendo is a couple old 3DS themes like a Yoshi and a Kirby one that still costed Gold Coins, but when there's nothing else worth a shit to spend them on you might as well use it on something like that, because they expire anyways a year after you earn them. They tried to make the expiration period six months originally, but they caught so much shit for it they changed it. Club Nintendo by the way gave you a two year period before having to worry about anything expiring and constantly had worthwhile physical merch on top of FULL DIGITAL GAMES, NOT 30% DISCOUNTS ON A DIGITAL GAME to earn.
    they expire faster than meaningful things to buy come out
    Basically it's shit, and while the idea of earning Platinum Coins from mobile (and hopefully Switch in the future) game achievements that you can then spend on rewards is a very good idea, your reward system falls apart when nothing you're offering is the least bit meaningful. It's also probably not a good sign when the most points I'm earning is just from logging into Miiverse, 3DS eShop, and clicking a thing on a website every week.

  • Awful, plain and simple.

    Club Nintendo wasn't much better but it was something, even though the UK/Japanese versions of it were always treated far better than NA.