Brandon Plays FFVII (Show Idea)

  • I put this out there on Twitter a couple weeks ago but wanted to float the idea and see how many others like it. If Jones and the team have time at some point of course.

    The show follows the same premise as "Brandon Plays Pokemon" where Jones would play FFVII up to a certain point and stop. This would then lead to a show discussion with Brad (lover of FFVII) and Kyle (host and fan of FFVII) where Brandon could express whether he loves or hates and why. Jones could compare and contrast with FFVI the way he loves to and would generate interest from fans and probably a little anger (which only leads to more clicks). You could probably make the show around 10-15 episodes depending on how many extras you did at the end (KOTR & Weapon fights).

    Maybe this is a silly idea and it's unlikely the guys have enough time, but I would love to watch! Thanks for reading my idea.

  • Jones has played FF VII before

  • @ib0show much respect but Jones said he played about the first hour and quit. He has been exposed to the game through cutting and doing VO on the retrospectives but I don't think he's ever actually played the game through himself. L&R

  • there was a debate on the EZA podcast where Jones will play FFVII and brad and Damiani will play the Remake, like side by side

  • I think that part of the appeal of Brandon plays Pokemon is how new he was to the whole experience, he may not have played much of FFVII, but he certainly has much more familiarity with it FF than what he had with Pokemon.

    Now this is my obviously part of my own bias, but I was hoping he would delve deeper and do something like that with P5 when he played it, as in a similar way it is something he has no familiarity with, and the one stream he did was pretty interesting to me and it along with other first timer playthroughs I've have seen have shown me a pretty different perspective from how the experience can be for people completely new to the games, and being a similar case to his experience with Pokemon I think it would be more appealing on that side.

  • A 50 hour "settle it" could be fun.

  • @Mikey-Jr. Yeah, if you want Chim to escape from the vault anyways, lol.