Gaming suggestions, in need of good story.

  • @Crono
    I played Virtues last Reward on VITA since it was 5 bucks for the download version. It played perfectly on VITA. I can not compare it, though. I did not yet play Zero Time Dilemma, but I plan to get it on VITA as well.
    Generally I'd use the VITA especially if you own one of the older devices with OLED. The picture is really sharp and clear and the colors vibrant. Plus it's a lot cheaper on VITA.

  • It may be lacking in the gameplay department, but To the Moon has an amazing story. It's cheap on steam and I won't say anything more than that.
    Also the first 3 Silent hills games if you can muster some horror and terrible voice acting!

  • @Fridge-man Alright it's noted, as for Silent Hill.. how could I forget it on my list.. finished them all and yes the first 3 were masterpieces. I feel so sad for what happened with the serie though

  • @Crono said in Gaming suggestions, in need of good story.:

    @Fridge-man Alright it's noted, as for Silent Hill.. how could I forget it on my list.. finished them all and yes the first 3 were masterpieces. I feel so sad for what happened with the serie though

    4 was good but not as good, and shattered memories was a pretty decent game but wasn't very "Silent hilly". The rest is GARBAGE. And then there was P.T...

  • @Krocsyldiphic Alright, tried the Zero Escape serie... just ordered the two remaining games of the serie, I'm already sold this is awesome. Thanks

  • The original Wild Arms for PS1. It's localization isn't the best, but there's a nice little narrative tucked in the game about finding yourself through your troubles. I like the character Rudy a lot, even if he never speaks. Similar to Crono and Serge from the Chrono series, their actions, more than anything, give them life.

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  • I'd like to recommend Ni No Kuni if you're a fan of Studio Ghibli films. It has a very whimsical story much like a Studio Ghibli film. I won't spoil it but the opening got me very invested in the story. And the music...

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  • @Light @sam776 Thanks for the suggestions! And yes I am a fan of anime, I really like Ghibli films so I will definitly look into it

  • Banned

    Nobody has recommended the Witcher series? Really?

  • Just wondering, are you purely looking at the RPG genre or can it be any game with a good story.

    As if it's the latter, I'd highly recommend checking out Spec Ops: The Line and SOMA. Both have fantastic stories but are pretty different in setting and genre. Spec Ops being a third person shooter and SOMA being a first person horror game.

  • @tokeeffe9 Also, if you like SOMA, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a good game... (Even though it's pretty much played out, it still does hold up.) Also, in Amnesia, some of the better custom stories are actually Pretty darn good, whilst most are downright stupid or even horrible.

  • I feel I'm a bit too late for the party, as you have soooo many suggestions to get on with now ^^

    If I may add one though, maybe try Radiant Historia if you ever get the chance, especially if you enjoyed the likes of Chrono Trigger and some of those earlier Jrpg's.

  • Undertale and The Stanley Parable just for the clever way they play with player expectation. They both can be a little heavy-handed at times but they definitely explore storytelling in a way only a game can accomplish.

  • Final Fantasy X, Mass Effect trilogy and Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition (you can play 2 if you want to know the entire story)

  • There is a new RPG named I am Setsuna that's coming out on July 18th. Brad even said it had a Chrono Trigger feel to it. I plan on playing it when it comes out. Here is the Steam link to the game: I am Setsuna

  • More Jrpgs Grandia,Suikoden III and Phantom Brave, I love the characters and stories of all of these.

    edit : oh, Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Mafia 1 has by far best storyline ever in any video game

  • I'm taking notes.. some real good suggestions in here!

  • Why limit to JRPGs?

    Games like The Last of Us and Witcher 3 have great story.

  • I would like to restate that Yakuza has a great intriguing story. I've only played through the first one though. I loved it and ate it up. I need to replay it, because I want to get through the entire series. I own up to Yakuza 4.