SNES Classic Patreon Drive - Tomorrow!

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    Tomorrow we're celebrating the launch of the SNES Classic with an eight hour marathon stream from 2:00 - 10:00 PM Pacific Time, and it's also doubling as a drive to encourage new folks to become patrons. (See for local times)

    We've set up a series of fun SNES challenges as well as a couple other nostalgic goals. Most of the challenges aren't meant to be crazy or impossible, but to keep any one challenge from lasting all night, that person has to complete it within 15 minutes. If they don't, their name will be added to the Wall of Shame.

    Here's the full list of goals. This is a collective list from various Allies so apologies if they aren't 100% clear. If you have any challenges you'd like to suggest, feel free to comment below. If we really love it, we might slide it in.

    6160 patrons - Bomb Jumps to an Energy Tank in Super Metroid
    6170 patrons - Mario Kart “mini-mode”
    6180 patrons - Brandon reads his letter to EGM
    6190 patrons - Group – Who can do the most jumps in Super Mario RPG?
    6200 patrons - Star Fox Black Hole or Another Dimension
    6210 patrons - Street Fighter II perfect barrel bonus
    6220 patrons - Complete Level 2 of Super Ghouls n Ghosts
    6230 patrons - Blood reads his Donkey Kong Country newspaper article
    6250 patrons - Super Mario Kart Lakitu ice course trick
    6270 patrons - Super Mario World - no Yoshi
    6290 patrons - Zelda: LttP Explorers Glitch or Chris Houlihan Room
    6310 patrons – Blood reads his Super Mario RPG newspaper article
    6330 patrons - Star Fox no laser upgrades
    6350 patrons - The Port Town II “penalty jump” in F-Zero
    6360 patrons – Mega Man X - Spark Mandrill is behind you!

    If you know anyone who might like Easy Allies and especially if they love SNES games, now's the time to poke them about getting involved. Thanks and see you on the stream!

  • I've spread this message on another forum I frequent and asked that people would really consider becoming a patron if they've enjoyed your material and coverage in the last year and a half. Just for a dollar or five, even. Hopefully we see the numbers grow. Excited about the stream anyway as well!

  • I missed the stream (work) but I intend on getting my friend who watches Tabletop with me to donate $1.

    If everybody who watched EZA gave $1 we'd have that nice studio by now :/

  • People just became patrons for the shout out and then immediately canceled. The stream ended at about 6250 patrons and as of today its back down to 6107

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    @bry_guy I mentioned this at the end of the stream, but this is not due to people canceling or being scummy. There is a normal drop at the beginning of the month due to banks and payment services declining charges for various reasons. Patreon sends out e-mails to patrons to update their account information and literally 99% of declines eventually get corrected. The number of declines did not increase this month from past months. If we hadn't done the drive, the numbers would be even lower.

  • I always wondered why the numbers drop at the start and then climb as the month goes on. Interesting.