Let's play some jolly good Monster Hunter 4/Gen before World comes out!

  • I've been a MH fan ever since I couldn't beat the first Yian Kut Ku on PS2, but I've played Freedom, freedom unite, MH3, MH3 Ultimate and even portable 3rd always alone!

    I've skipped MH4 and Gen because I didn't have a New 3DS and I didn't like the controls... But now I finally bought the console and BOTH games!

    I'd like to finally enjoy the multiplayer part of the game, since my MH hype is at an all time high with all the world announcements. There was already a MH Easy Allies discord but there is not a lot of people and timezones are complicated, so maybe we can get some more hunters in there. https://discord.gg/HDdPZ8h

    I'm still playing MH4 Ultimate, getting close to G rank I think, so it would be nice to get some help there, but I'll also start Generations soon so no matter the game, I'll be there!

    3DS FC: 1220 8606 9757

  • Yes! I haven't been using Discord much lately, so I'm much more prone to see posts here. I am always up for more Monster Hunter, regardless of the specific game.

    I'm visiting family this weekend, and I have a 24-hour shift Monday, so after that next week I should be good to play.

  • 2251 - 5611 - 4665 is my 3DS friend code. I'd be up for some hunting, probably on one of my endgame characters. @ing me here would also be advisable, as I don't check Discord much.

  • Great, added you both. I'm also playing Monster Hunter Stories, but I don't even know if there's multiplayer in it ^^u

    I can play over the weekend at almost any hour (I work at night so my time schedule is messed up anyway!) and during the week I'd be available from 3PM to 9PM mostly (GMT+2)

  • I'll be available for some hunting the next couple of days, if anyone else is up for it. If not, I'll just run through some solo quests to shake the rust off the ol' hammer.

  • Just a fun speedrun-type thing I saw on Twitter.