SIFTD 24-Hour Streaming Marathon!

  • Hey Allies,

    Shane Satterfield is currently doing a 24-hour streaming marathon in hopes of getting SIFTD to it's goal to maintain operations! The goal was lowered from $8K to $6K since the last time someone posted something about it, and they're about $1,100 away from reaching the goal. I already subscribe to them (more than I should, but I want to do what I can to keep them going), and I wanted to let the Allies know that he's trying his hardest to keep the site up and running. They're a great site with an awesome service, so if you guys can, please consider donating to it, =). I'm an EZA fan and an ally first and foremost, but Shane has done great things for gaming journalism, and I hate to see his dream falter after running for just a couple of years. Thanks for reading, allies!

    Love and Respect,


  • Thank you I will watch
    Where's the stream?

  • It was on SIFTD Twitch, but it's over now. Shane is like $500 short from the goal to keep the site running, so I'm not sure if he's gonna close it down or give it a little longer. He went up $1,300 or so in the last 2 days, so maybe he'll give it more time.

  • I have to be honest. Every single time I've seen SIFTD come up, whether it be here or Neogaf, whatever, it's always been very concerning. The company always appears to be living on the edge of financial security.

    I hope for their sake, they can continue to run something they love doing but I seriously question how sustainable it is when they have a goal on Patreon just to function as an entity.

  • @tokeeffe9 They have been living on the edge of financial security, absolutely. I don't really understand why, the site is well designed and provides a useful service, Shane seems like such a nice person, and Pachter has his show...just don't get it. The good news is that the Patreon is just $300 and change from the goal, and it's gonna have another month keeping it going thanks to a donor pushing it over for the one month.