My Top 10 Anime as of Fall 2017

  • It's much too late for me to be up, and yet here I am, on an anime kick. I've never really set out a list of what my favorite anime are so I thought I'd make one before the new season and revisit it again after.

    Here are my top 10 Anime Before The Fall 2017 Anime Season (In no particular order):

    1. My Hero Academia: This show was just meant for me I think. What first got me in to anime was shonen battle series, but I had been taking a break from them for a while when HeroAca came out. I didn't even start watching until mid season 2 since I didn't like the art style. I've since come to accept the art and adore the show. It's got everything a good shonen battle anime should have: great animation, interesting fights, likable characters, and strong emotional pull. Plus I just love anything to do with super powers, so all around it's just a great time. I seriously can't wait for season 3.

    2. Natsume Yuujinchou: Something about this show is just so amazingly charming that it's hard not to binge. It's got a good mix of "monster of the week" episodes and ones driven by a larger narrative, that way the show always feels fresh. The episodes almost always come with a good message attached, and I generally feel more zen after watching. The characters are all very likable (even if I wish that the side characters would get more screen time), Natsume, Nyanko-sensei, Natori, Tanuma, and the Fujiwaras are all very strong. I also really like the soundtrack, it's become somewhat of a classic to me.

    3. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: I sent the manga to the allies for a reason. Simply put it's possibly the most well written show I've ever seen, both live action and animated. It's so gripping, the drama is so perfect, the tone is so addictively bittersweet. I wish I could watch it for the first time again, the thrill of truly not knowing how things would shake out even while knowing the way the story ends. And then to find out in the second season that the first didn't tell a completely truthful tale, it was just such a wonderful rollercoaster ride. I would emphatically recommend this show to anyone. I honestly think this show will (or at least should) be regarded as a must watch classic in a few years.

    4. Lupin The Third Part 4: I love all the Lupin series, and I've loved every Lupin movie I've seen, but the series that got me in to it was Part 4. Sure I prefer the more episodic nature of Part 2, and I like the darker version of Lupin from part 1, but I just feel like it all came together for me in Part 4. The animation is the best in the series (except for perhaps The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, but I have mixed feelings on that series), the music is wonderful, the character designs are great (I mean they've always been great, I'm just partial to part 4). I really like the new cast of characters introduced, I will always love the core Lupin crew the most, but Rebecca and Nyx are both very compelling and add a great deal to the show. I can always rely on it when I need a good distraction, and it's definitely one of the first series I would show a friend who is new to anime. I am very much looking forward to Part 5.

    5. Mob Psycho 100: I was honestly very skeptical of this show at first. I wasn't all together that impressed with One Punch Man (I like it, but was expecting more based on the hype, and the lack of emotional payoff was a bit of a let down), so I wasn't expecting much. That all changed when I saw episode 3. After that the show was on a constant upswing that never stopped. Each episode was better than the last. The show has some great comedy, but that's not what makes it awesome. It's technically a shonen anime but violence is never treated as the answer. Overwhelming and uncontrollable power isn't something that is prized, but something that is feared. The protagonist isn't charismatic or overly enthusiastic about a big seemingly unattainable goal like becoming the Hokage or the becoming the strongest. On the contrary, he just wants to be a better, more likable person. We never see him fight or harm people unless he's pushed to the brink or someone he cares about is in danger, and even then, violence is treated as an unfortunate turn of events. Despite this, the battle scenes we do get are filled to the brim with meaning and are beautifully animated. I feel like I've gone on too long about this show, in any case, just know that this show is beyond amazing. If you want a shonen battle anime with great action, great characters, and realistic ideals this is the show for you.

    6. Erased: This is one of those shows I think you could show to anyone regardless of their experience with anime and they would enjoy it. I've heard people say that they didn't like the mystery, or thought the true culprit was too obvious, but I honestly didn't see it coming until close to the end of the show. I don't want to spoil anything since I think it's one show that would be ruined if you went in knowing what happens. It honestly affected me very deeply though. The characters are just so crazy inspirational. It's not often I find myself thinking "I need to be more like these elementary schoolers". If you like a good mystery, thrilling drama, and can handle some very disturbing moments, this is the show for you.

    7. Haikyu!!: This show is honestly just a good time. I hadn't really gotten in to sports anime until I saw this one and now I'm hooked (though I have yet to find one that I like more). I've cried more times watching this show than I think I have any other. How they manage to make a game of volleyball feel like the world is hanging in the balance, I will never understand. I think it mainly just makes me feel nostalgic for my teenage years. I didn't have a lot that was important to me then, but I loved choir. Every competition was an opportunity to bring our school and our families pride. Not to mention the fact that you worked really hard in preparation. And considering that I thought I would pursue a career in music, every performance felt like a step towards my future. That dream faded for me as I realized how truly awful the world of performing can be to certain people, but the dream hasn't faded for the boys at Karasuno, and I want to see them achieve their dream just as bad as I wanted to achieve mine. I know what it's like to try your hardest and it still not work out, but I also know what it's like to go up against someone who seems like they're way out of you league and come out on top. This show invokes those feelings in me in ways no other show can. I am very much hoping for a 4th season.

    8. Yuri!!! On Ice: Now I know that this show isn't everyone's cup of tea, and the animation quality went WAY down as the series went on, and quite frankly I am not at all satisfied by the ending, but, it was probably my favorite series of 2016. I came home from class every week and was so excited to watch the new episode that I would just curl up on the couch and quietly (or loudly) feel my feelings for 24 minutes before lying down to process what was had happened. My free time between episodes each week was spent watching videos and reading posts that over analyzed every scene, and I ate it right up. YOI doesn't do everything right, but it's a big step forward for anime and let's face it, everyone loves at least one of the skaters. Plus, it got a lot of people in to skating that weren't before, I have loved all forms of figure skating since I was like 7 so it's great to see so many people finally appreciating this amazing sport. I'm very excited to see how it will affect the viewership/attendance of the Ice Skating portion of the 2018 Olympics. I think if you like a good underdog story, a heartwarming romance, and some great music, you'll appreciate this show. It get's written off as just a fan service show but it's much more than that.
    (Quite frankly I hate both the OP and the ED, I know that's an unpopular opinion, but I don't want to attach either to this list so here's my real life favorite figure skating routine.)

    9. Assassination Classroom: The anti-battle shonen where, (a) you actually want to kill your beloved sensei, and (b) there's no extra points for flashy super moves, just ruthless efficiency, and (c) it only lasts 2 seasons. I loved this show so much and the ending just ripped me to pieces. It does this thing where you are told at the start of the series that something bad is definitely gonna happen, then tells you it might not so that you get your hopes up, and then crushes those hopes with the cold, unforgiving truth. Despite the emotional kick in the stomach of an ending this show gave me, I'm actually quite pleased with how things turned out. I think the story made the right choice with how it wrapped things up. And the episodes leading up to the finale were just as gripping as the ending itself. Each episode I found myself flipping between full on weeping and smiling so hard my cheeks hurt. The rest of the show is much more light hearted, which is surprising since it's a show about teaching middle schoolers how to kill people and which actually puts them in actually serious danger. The characters are some of my favorite in any show, each of the students is unique and memorable. Koro-sensei is definitely in my top 3 senseis of all time. Just watch it. Seriously, just watch it. Then message me, because I have a lot of feelings about this show and no one wants to talk about it.

    10. Soul Eater: This was the first anime that got me in to anime on the whole. I watched Kiki's Delivery Service and Sailor Moon obsessively from ages 3 to 10 but I never saw them as anything but normal cartoons. And eventually I just stopped watching. I have since rediscovered my love of Kiki and all things Ghibli, but they aren't what made me an anime fan. I'm not entirely sure why I started watching it. I vaguely remember watching a video called "Top 10 Most Badass Animated Women" or something and Maka being on there. That was probably what spurred me to check it out. I didn't really get it at first. The comedy seemed way too over the top and my young naive mind hadn't learned to appreciate fan service yet so I was really on the fence about it. What kept me in it was the relationships between the 3 main groups of characters. They were all so sincerely loyal to each other and I found it very endearing. Eventually I learned to love the action scenes. And of course I saw the glory that is Excalibur, so my fate was pretty much sealed at that point. All in all, it's just a great show. Very stylish, great emotional moments, flashy action, and awesome music. You can't really ask for more than that.

    Here are a few honorable mentions of shows that I really like but just barely didn't make the cut for this list: Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Naruto, Bungo Stray Dogs, Food Wars, and basically every other Lupin series.

    That it. That's everything. It's 3:30 AM where I am and I have to get to class in a couple hours so I ought to wrap this up. I might add more later.

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