Rank The Significance: Silent Hill Edition

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    Greetings Allies! It's finally here! October, my favorite month of the year. What better way to start us off with one of the spookiest franchises in all of gaming - Silent Hill.

    What is it? - A list compiled by the community where voting lasts a week (from Monday to Friday) showing off what we find to be most (and least) significant.

    How do I contribute? - Just comment with your list and I'll tally it in post-haste. Your list should have the most significant at the top and go in descending order, with the bottom-most entry being what you care the least about. If you want to explain all of your ranking or some, that's encouraged, although not required.

    How does it work? - Similarly to some of the "Best" lists that have been created here, each entry will be assigned a point value. The least significant receives one point, the entry above two points, etc. All entries must be placed in your ranking or your ranking won't be counted. Once you've placed your ranking, no editing will be allowed to avoid confusion.

    What is "significance"? - Although this is intended to be more of a personal ranking, you can interpret significance however you wish. Whether that means the game's impact on the industry comes into play, or your inability to even take a crack at the game in question, you are the creator of your own metric for evaluating significance.

    If someone's list correctly matches up with the community's list, they receive the right and responsibility to help choose a list in the future. In the event of a tie, that right and responsibility is null and void.

    For this particular list, we're only using entries Wikipedia has deemed as part of the main series. If you're a huge fan of Book of Memories, sorry, it's not being represented here.

    Silent Hill
    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill 3
    Silent Hill 4: The Room
    Silent Hill: Origins
    Silent Hill: Homecoming
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    Silent Hill: Downpour

  • Final Rankings:

    40 points - Silent Hill 2
    32 points - Silent Hill 3
    32 points - Silent Hill
    20 points - Silent Hill 4: The Room
    17 points - Silent Hill: Homecoming
    17 points - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    16 points - Silent Hill: Origins
    6 points - Silent Hill: Downpour

    Last user ranking added: jipostus
    Total rankings added: 5

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    perfect october list! Missed the Kojima one as I was out traveling. first got upset because ZoE wasnt there, then realised that he only credited as producer on them. anyway, silent hill list!

    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill 3
    Silent Hill
    Silent Hill: Homecoming
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    Silent Hill 4: The Room
    Silent Hill: Origins
    Silent Hill: Downpour

  • @Lotias Yeah, I was waiting for someone to make that comment. I honestly thought he had directed them as well until I did some research. Crazy how he didn't direct it yet he's the first one everyone thinks of when they hear Zone of the Enders.

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    @SabotageTheTruth haha yeah! I think it was a bit of the marketing with the games like "KOJIMA TOUCHED THESE GAMES!!" and yeah xD But they are absolutely awesome (especially the second game) and I hope more people will give it a shot when the new release is here!

  • @Lotias Also, don't think I'm copying your list when I finally post mine... we're eerily close when it comes to ranking the SH franchise it looks like.

    If only I could add in Krazy Kart Racing, since Pyramid Head is a racer in that game... for reasons.

  • Silent Hill 2 - Adore it. Finished it countess times.
    Silent Hill - Not far off 2 really. Unlocked everything quite a few times over.
    Silent Hill 4: The Room - Seriously underrated. A fantastic concept and better plot than 3 imo.
    Silent Hill 3 - Fantastic atmosphere and environmental design, but a really weak story for a direct sequel. Too much hinges on a single twist you could see a mile off.
    Silent Hill Origins - Much better than what the general reception makes it out to be. As a fan of the original games story, this prequel satisfied me better than the sequel did. The weapon system does hurt the game though.
    Silent Hill Shattered Memories - I generally hate reimaginings, this wasn't too bad though. Though I like combat, this game showed Silent Hill can work just as well as a pure adventure game. Not part of the main series though, it can't be really.
    Silent Hill Homecoming - I got all the endings in this, but it really wasn't that good. It also went off the rails towards the end when it really did start resembling Saw.
    Silent Hill Downpour - This is the only Silent Hill where i've not seen all the endings. I don't like the core story, and I loathed the combat. Some of the side stuff appeared relatively interesting, but I eventually gave up and wanted to just bring the game to its conclusion.

  • For Metal Gear and Resident Evil, I at least have touchstones for each entry. Here? It's 2 and then everything else. SO: No reasons, just rankings (All I've done is just switched 1 and 2):

    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill
    Silent Hill 3
    Silent Hill 4: The Room
    Silent Hill: Origins
    Silent Hill: Homecoming
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    Silent Hill: Downpour

  • Silent Hill 2 - This is just one of the best games ever made, horror or otherwise. Everything in this world just so much significance to why you're there, even down to something like enemy design. Memorable and unsettling characters and once you find out what really happened... It's such a punch to the gut. Plus, Pyramid Head.
    Silent Hill 3 - Although the tie-in to the first game was probably unnecessary, I'd say this game is actually the scariest in the franchise. There's so many moments that have stuck with me for such a long time that I can't help but love this one.
    Silent Hill - The game I've played the most and I'll be honest here - I don't think it holds up particularly well these days. Placement here is based solely on the legacy it created.
    Silent Hill: Homecoming - The narrative that was around when this game released was that Silent Hill wasn't what it used to be. While this game could never take the place of 2 or 3, I actually liked most of this. The major slight I have against it is the inclusion of Pyramid Head as fan service. Granted, he was already shown off in the movie as well, but I really wish they would have left him where he belongs, in 2.
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Haven't played this one but it seems to be a fairly competent reimagining.
    Silent Hill: Origins - I also haven't played this one and know even less about it.
    Silent Hill: Downpour - The only Silent Hill game I've started that I did not bother to finish. Whenever I look back on it, I feel nothing, just like the industry did at its release.
    Silent Hill 4: The Room - I actively hate this game. While the idea of having an apartment that gradually changed and got more creepy as time went on was great, everything else in this game is just awful. Characters, ugh. Combat, woof. Running away from... ghosts? GHOSTS?! It also was the first time the series removed any notion of being able to achieve a UFO ending. I put this game on par with Resident Evil 6, if not worse, as it represents the absolute worst ideas of the series.

  • I think it would be nicer if people would say at least a few words of every game, but sure, it's not required. Another thing: why participate at all if you haven't played the games? What does your list add to anything then?

  • I've only played the 1-4, and have seen playthroughs of Shattered Memories, Origins and Downpour. I have not personally had any experience with Homecoming other than reviews and what I've heard. So keep that in mind before complaining too much about my rankings.

    Silent Hill 2 - One of the best narratives in gaming. I don't need to say anything more. If you haven't already, play it. You likely won't regret it. (Unless you're one of those CoD junkies that can't stand anything without twitchy action at all times or something like that)
    Silent Hill 3 - This one legitimately scared me more than few times. And it's great. Not as good as 2, but definitely up there.
    Silent Hill - It's definitely more flawed than 2 or 3 (mostly gameplay wise), but it still holds up pretty darn well.
    Silent Hill 4: The Room - It dropped the ball few times, but it's still pretty good.
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - This one is interesting... It's not bad, but it's definitely not nearly as good as it could be. But if you happen to have a Wii lying around and find a copy of this for reasonable price, might be worth checking out.
    Silent Hill: Origins - I don't know... There's some good in here, but it seems to have some serious problems.
    Silent Hill: Homecoming - As I have no personal experience with this, I still want to check it out at some point. Unlike:
    Silent Hill: Downpour - This is just sad. I still think that Jim Sterling is out of his mind for liking this game. Nothing I've seen has convinced me to touch it. While Shattered Memories, Origins and Homecoming have problems, there's at least something worthwhile in them, yet I can't see anything good in Downpour. It's just plain bad game.

  • I wanna get into this series eventually. If you wrote the systems I can play each game on, that'd be great. Somebody has helped me out with this before but I forgot to record it. I've heard there are various versions and some you should avoid, etc.

    Good thread for a newcomer like me to join into.

  • @Sentinel-Beach

    1.) to participate

    2.) to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings.

  • @GoTaco I'll do my best from what I know!

    Silent Hill - PS1, available as a download on PS3/Vita.
    Silent Hill 2 - PS2, there's a PC version (port) and a PS3/Xbox 360 remastered with SH3 (avoid this remaster).
    Silent Hill 3 - PS2, there's a PC version (port) and a PS3/Xbox 360 remastered with SH2 (avoid this remaster).
    Silent Hill 4 - PS2/Xbox, PC port.
    Silent Hill: Origins - PSP, PS2 (port).
    Silent Hill: Homecoming - PS3/Xbox 360/PC.
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Wii/PS2/PSP.
    Silent Hill: Downpour - PS3/Xbox 360

    Really the only thing I outright recommend avoiding is the HD remaster of 2 and 3. The original source code was lost for both games so there's a lot of changes many fans don't care for. Some weird website called GameTrailers said this about it, "The inconsistent presentation, compromises to the original developer’s vision, and lack of any interesting bonus features make this compilation’s $40 price even more unnerving than its games."

  • @jipostus I may be mixing up my internet personalities, but I think Huber has also said he didn't think Downpour is a bad game. Madness!

  • While I don't see an issue with KyB. I think votes by users who don't know the games harms RyS. I'm genuinely keen to see how people rank these series of games, and that just doesn't work with people who just post for the sake of it. The significance based on what someone may have heard is just as bad imo.

  • @Sheria I honestly don't think it has presented an issue so far. We have very few people participating in these lists (usually 12 or less) so to lock people out would cause less discussion overall. All of the final lists have been very indicative of what fans tend to enjoy in a franchise, ie. Resident Evil 6 didn't come close to the top due to the trolls, Downpour is doing poorly as expected here, etc.

  • @Sheria I don't personally think it matters too much, if you at least have some opinion on the game. Also, if only those who have played all games in said series could rank games, only few people could be able to answer, and in some cases, none may be able to answer. But one can make a opinion on a game from the things heard from someone else. And that is what in my opinion makes games more or less significant, if you can either see bits from here and there and hear opinions from someone else, you are able to rank it high or low. And that where you rank one game based on what you've heard whether it's high or low does say something about the game. In case of Silent Hill: Downpour, even without playing it, many has ranked it low, does say a lot about it. Also, we're not here to review the games, we're ranking their significance. There's a difference there.

    Also, this is why I personally feel like addressing why I rank titles high or low.

  • Just wanted to hop in and say the first Silent Hill is a masterpeice. It's the only one I've played, so I'm not gonna rank everything else. But hoo boy Silent Hill is a good one.

  • @Ringedwithtile Drop everything you're doing and give SH 2 a shot. I have a feeling it'll become One of the Greats soon.