Ace Attorney Allies all rise! Court is now in session!

  • @Axel Yeah it's set in the Meiji period, just as the West and Japan were finally starting to get on good terms.
    I speak Japanese (I actually work in localisation hence the comment about how I pity anyone that tries to translate it haha).
    It's full of jokes referencing Japanese literature from the time and one of the characters that appears in it is an actual Japanese author.
    I do remember reading about someone trying to start a fan translation for it, but it would take an eternity for anyone just doing it as a hobby.

  • @Carpainter Wow yeah, sounds pretty much impossible to localise it then. They could always do a literal translation and have people miss half the jokes or do their own research to get it, but that's rarely how it goes.

    Actually, that reminds me of a very interesting article I read a couple years ago, written by one of the people responsible for the localisation of Ace Attorney games. It's a fascinating read, and I guess you will probably recognise yourself in it, if that's your job too ;)

    Here it is: Localization and Ace Attorney

  • @Carpainter, I'm really looking forward to playing that game myself just because of all the new game mechanics that Shu Takumi created as well as the very cool settings and interesting characters. I've only studied Japanese for like 2 and a half years now so I've been holding it off as long as possible to get my level higher so I wouldn't have too much of a hard time playing it.

    Also I'd be so happy if they ever decide to localize it. There's apparently just been a lot of complications both at Capcom USA and Capcom of Japan for some reason (one of the directors actually stated in an interview how often he's asked by Westerners on when the game will come here and while he said he wants to they just can't right now for whatever reason....). And yeah, you're right. This game is supposed to be the first of another trilogy from what I've heard.

  • @Axel Yeah I had seen that before, but it's a great article! I think you need to be a bit crazy to do the job since it can be pretty thankless, but there's nothing else I'd rather be doing.

    @DarkenRaul1 That's cool that you're studying the language! I studied it for four years in university and have been living here for a while now so I didn't have too many problems with it. But I remember trying to play games as early as my first year at uni and that did not go well hahaha. They have a lot of silly jokes in the game where they'll write kanji for something and the furigana will be an English word. Best example that comes to mind is 淑女 and the furigana is レディ.

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    A bit of fun from Game Theory:

    Youtube Video

  • @Carpainter, that's awesome. I'm still going to do a little extra studying since I'm a little rusty these days (and kanji is still a nightmare for me) before tackling it. I really want to sit down and do my own translation of the original trilogy (I have the HD remake on 3DS) write down words I don't know and study from that...... I've just been really lazy this summer lol

    @Ochi uh-oh, shots fired lol. You should see the Ace Attorney subreddit right now. Everyone was up in arms from this video, posting counter arguments and discrediting MatPat left and right. Personally, I think this was his weakest video yet, but I don't really care too much honestly.

  • Hey, so Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice is coming out this week, who's picking it up? Day one for me, I can't wait!

  • Counting the days :)

  • @Axel @Sheria No, guysss Don't you get it!? "Crapcom makes no games." Say it with me, now...

  • So I got the game last night but didn't have much time to play, hopefully this weekend I can properly dig in!

    Also, small PSA: there's a free costume DLC available now until 14th September, so grab it while you can if you're interested.

  • Is it wrong that I have the PW Trilogy, 4, and PW vs Layton all on my 3DS, but have yet to play them?

  • @DMCMaster It's alright, as long as you play them when you have time.

    I have fond memories of Phoenix Wright, when I was in business college, my friend and I played the first game together on breaks. And we had a blast. I have original PW trilogy + Apollo Justice, and I love those games. I don't have 3DS, just my old DSi, but I'll get to them whenever I have time and money to do so.

  • Well to be honest I've only been playing my 3DS when I get some free time ate work, usually during my late shifts where I'm locked in from 11pm to 5am, although I usually only get 10-15 minutes if I'm lucky

  • I've been playing Ace Attorney for a long time now, weird as this is to say, it's one of my favorite franchises in gaming. Its weird because 1) it never comes up on "greatest games" lists, and 2) I traditionally much prefer games with tight gameplay as opposed to a good story. But the games have such good writing, and the courtroom puzzles are just so fun that I get so engaged in the experience. The original trilogy was the peak, and I do feel like every game after has been really inferior (I haven't played either of the unlocalised games), but I still look forward to them immensely - even a bad AA game is still an AA game. SoJ is up there with TLG and South Park for my most anticipated games still coming out.

    Also, the best game is the original imo (every case was strong, including the DS bonus one), but the best trial was by far, hands down, no contest the last trial of the second game. If you've played it, you know why. If not....just play the games, what are you waiting for!

  • I still haven't played anything Ace Attorney, which is odd since it seems right down my alley. What is the easiest way to get a hold of each game nowadays?

  • @Carmichael On the 3DS eShop, you can find Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (the first 3 games), as well as the two latest games, Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice.

    As far as I know you can only get the others as physical DS games, which could be hard to find nowadays depending on which part of the world you live in.

    But if you want to get into the series, then I highly recommend you pick up the original trilogy, they're widely regarded as the best, and you'll get a good grasp on the story.