Plot Twists! (Spoiler Warning)

  • I recently experienced a major plot twist in Danganronpa V.3. I knew it was coming since I watched a stream of the game in Japanese before release but the first time I saw it, I was very surprised. It made me think a lot about plot twists in games, movies, TV, music vides, etc.

    What are your favorite plot twists? I would suggest putting the actual plot twist under a spoiler and just talking about your feelings on it outside of the spoiler, unless it's from something very old or very commonly seen.

  • Well, Midna's Lament is a pretty good one.

    That's the scene where Link emerges from the Lakebed Temple in Twilight Princess to the Lanayru Spring only to turn around and find Zant literally right behind him. The Fused Shadow — the Mcguffin Link and Midna had been collecting for the first three dungeons of the game — proves totally useless against him. He turns the world back to twilight, knocks Wolf Link out, and holds Midna up with magic to start creepin' on her hard. Eventually she tells him to go to hell and Zant turns the land back to light, exposing Midna's twilight for to the full power of the light spirit Lanayru that resides in that spring. Mortally wounded, Link has to carry her across Hyrule Field, through a rainy Castle Town, sewers, blustery ramparts, and up into Zelda's prison tower so she may heal her. Little did they know, healing Midna seems to take Zelda's last power, causing her to disappear, seemingly undone by her magics. So it's like two twists! I love suspense plots like that.

    Persona 5 also has some good, good stuff near the end, but I won't get into that outside of the game's thread.

  • @Haru17 That's one of my favorite moments in Twilight Princess!

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    Do I have to explain or is it fine just to say: KOTOR?

  • @Lotias Haha, that was the one that immediately jumped to mind. And yes, just leave it at that and say no more ;)

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    the twist in KOTOR is perfectly crafted and the reveal is so epic because it was hiding in plain sight since the start of the game.

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    @Billy haha yeah I think best way to do it is to let others experience it :D

    @thenerdtheword haha I totally agree! it could had been a complete flopp, but since they handed it so well without getting cringey or so its one of the best twists ever!

  • Well I'm pretty monotone in terms of what stands out to me so:

    Final Fantasy VII

    Sephiroth kills Aerith

    Final Fantasy X

    Auron is actually dead

    Mass Effect

    Having to choose to leave Kaiden/Ashley for dead

    Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

    Discovering the Lombaxes are alive, but in a different dimension

    Kingdom Hearts II

    The discovery every Heartless you eliminate aids the Organization after the 1 vs 1000 climax on Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

    Final Fantasy XII

    Discovering both Reddas and Balthier were Judge Magisters (With the former being the mentioned Zagabranth)

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Aloy is a creation, not biologically born as we know it. Also, what Zero Dawn is: The creation of animal machines to repopulate the Earth with species that would be wiped out from rouge machines

    Batman: Arkham City

    Joker dies

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Joker lives.... Okay, in Batman's head, but still....

    Sly 2: Band of Thieves

    When the gang fails and is arrested after mission three in India

    Gears of War 4

    Reyna is Myrrah's granddaughter

    Borderlands 2

    Jack kills Roland

  • Would you kindly?

    Say what you will about Bioshock, that twist was something so unique and different at the time (for video games) that it left such a huge impact on a lot of people. I personally prefer Bioshock Infinite's twist (and the entire game is better, in my opinion) but even I can recognize it didn't gain quite the same recognition as the first.

    One series I think that fails a bit in its twists is actually Persona. Persona 4 and 5 have some really obvious "twists". It seems as though they want to explain the reasoning to death long before the event even happens but that certainly takes away from some of the allure of a good mystery.

  • @Lotias said in Plot Twists! (Spoiler Warning):

    Do I have to explain or is it fine just to say: KOTOR?

    Before I came in that was precisely what I was going to post lol. That was so awesome to me back in the day.

    I wish they could remaster or remake that game, change NOTHING in it's mechanics or content, just modernize the engine it runs on and match the graphics to current Bioware standards (Just not ME:A for the love of god).

  • @SabotageTheTruth Just in regard to Persona 5 (I haven't played 4), it is true that some of the tension was taken out of one of the twists. (spoilers thru early October)

    However, I appreciated the Okumura murder's use of dramatic irony. We could guess at the end result and sit back waiting for it to happen, but it still made one worry a little bit whether, when shit hit the fan, Haru would go rogue again and become a hostile metaverse actor like the one who shot her dad. And I really liked the two big twists that followed, I didn't guess either of them.