League of Legends

  • Hello Allies..while watching an EZA video I noticed Ben wearing a Riot games jacket on and I had a thought. While MOBAS are not talked about by the allies that often I am sure that there are plenty of Allies who play LOL..I for one play League of Legends so much that I unfortunately skip great games throughout the year. So to get to the point....does anyone play League and does anyone want to play league together? We could make an EZA clan and chat through Discord. All are welcome!

  • Banned

    I tried LoL and Dota before. Both times I was yelled at the entirety of my very firsy match for not having a masters in the games meta.

    Only moba I've even remotely enjoyed is Heroes of the Storm. Less esports stupidity, more fun.

  • Negative attitudes are unfortunately many player's initial experience with League of Legends, but when approached correctly, the game becomes far less toxic and much more fun. Admittedly, the correct approach seems counter-intuitive at times, takes time and patience, and requires a small amount of skill. Many people want to jump right in and get a pentakill, but unfortunately to become more than detrimental to the team requires more understanding about the game than any game should ask of its player.
    I've been playing League for so very long, and am still the worst Dota player. League of Legends is a game about playing with a team, and in most cases players don't even have to do that well in their role to win a game, but instead play correctly around teammates, understand what mistakes look like, avoid making too large of mistakes, and capitalizing on opponents' mistakes when they step over that line. Since we all do make mistakes, honing the ability to learn from those mistakes and carry on that knowledge to our next game and sharing knowledge with the next team is how we get better as players and cultivate a friendly atmosphere.
    People that don't recognize what's going wrong and cannot see their own mistakes are often the same ones who carry on raging and slinging toxicity. The /muteall command was made for those toxic matches. Personally, muting toxic players has changed the outcome of many games, but always transforms a potentially hateful experience into a much less stressful and more fun environment even when losing.
    The game's mechanics are relatively simple, but can be hard to execute every time: last hits on minions grant gold to buy items, champion kills create opportunities to group with the team and/or push for opportunities around pressure points and neutral objectives around the map, destroying turrets open up more of the map for you and your team to take advantages over, but most importantly, one of the most overlooked mechanics to winning a game, is vision; simply being able to see a prioritized area on the mini-map provides the team with opportunities to plan engages or counter attacks to enemy strategies and further a lead.
    When players understand these fundamentals they can then start focusing on which champions fit their style, and which lanes those champions fit best, and which team compositions work best for specific situations. It can take a few games to begin understanding a champion's play style, strengths, and weaknesses, and even longer to fully utilize the items they can build, which is seriously daunting at times, but there are many sites, guides, and even officially released videos from Riot Games to provide overviews and build paths for champions. Like any competitive game, however, the difficulty decreases with the number of games played.
    New players shouldn't worry about being able to play every position, knowing every champion, or understanding every item; hovering over any UI element will provide an apt description in-game, and you can always check the death summary to learn what attacks did the most damage in a hectic teamfight allowing you further insight into which items to build next.
    When it comes down to it League of Legends is about playing what you want, how you want, and doing what you can to make it work. Sometimes it doesn't work, but many teammates will recognize when someone is trying and, contrary to popular belief, even help you to learn something about a losing match. We're a fun community outside of the large percentage of trolls. Recognizing your personal strengths and weaknesses while ignoring the toxicity is the key to enjoying your time and getting better at the game.

  • I played League for about five years and just quit recently.

    It is an incredible game that took me years to be able to play at a basic level, and I can't even say I was "good" at the game when I was done with it. When I look back on my time with League, it blows my mind how such an astronomically popular game can be so unintuitive. Items, jungling, when to go for objectives, who to play in what lane, a cast that is closing in on 150 characters -- there are so many facets of the game that you cannot understand without sitting down and studying how they work for hours upon hours. And even when you have raw knowledge about what items to buy or how a jungle path works, it is very difficult to convey to a new player the "flow" of the game, or how they should react in certain situations. When should I fight? When should I flee? When should we be going for dragon? When should I stick with the team or go off on my own? Can I rescue my teammate or should I let them die? PUBG dictates its flow via a circle of play that rapidly closes and forces more encounters. Many modern shooters impose a time limit. With League, it's all on your team to make the victory happen, or else the game will continue forever.

    Before you do something as simple as fighting someone in your lane, there are a lot of considerations: items, abilities, cooldowns, summoner spells, resources like HP and mana, how close you both are to leveling up, whether you have vision of your surroundings, how close your allies are, the risk of ambush, being able to dodge their skillshots. You have to build up your experience through hundreds of matches, going through enough situations until you build up a "sense" for how to act or react in different scenarios. Only then will your experience lead to familiarity, and eventually you can boil down all of this information into an instinct: "yes, I think now's a good time to go in."

    Jmac has some good advice on the team aspect. I recommend learning the game with other new players, and also with an experienced buddy who can answer your questions on the fly. If you go in not with the objective of winning (though of course want to do your best) but the objective of having fun and learning more about the game, you will have a much better time. League has some of the meanest, stubborn, unreasonable, and defeatist players I have ever met. Through them, you'll also see firsthand the huge impact that psychology and negativity can play in the outcome of a game. I do not exaggerate when I say that one player's bad decision can cause a team with an enormous lead to lose it all, and it happens far more often than you would think. When you lose, you have to be very reflective on the choices that led to that outcome, and focus on what you, personally, could have done better.

    Stick with it, and you'll find a game that rewards your time. The Rift is a playground of skill and creativity -- every inch of that one map has housed some insane and memorable encounter. Riot updates the game very frequently, so if you really want to dive into the game, you have to keep up. I've watched them get better and better at developing League's unique aesthetic, releasing super cool new champions, skins, cinematic videos, music, and lore. As frustrating as the community is in-game, there are a wealth of talented and creative individuals who celebrate and enrich the game from the outside through fan creations. Even the competitive side of League is a world all its own, full of history and stories and moments.

    Anyway, just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the game. Good luck to all Allies who wish to try it out. Love and respect is a motto that will definitely serve you well in this game!

  • I realize this is a year old post, but just thought I'd give it a shot. My ID is Ray6333. I play league on and off but have been playing more recently. I was thinking of making my own post but saw this one first. Hope you somehow get to see this post!