Power Points

  • Last night's group stream provided us with some excellent Power Point Presentations, and it made me want to make this thread.

    I made Power Points a lot in school and I've learned to love them. I make them a lot for fun now. Right now I'm 82 slides into a Power Point I decided to make in my free time. I estimate that I have about 200 more before it will be done. Obviously most power points aren't that long (and really shouldn't be), but I tend to get very thorough.

    So, what's your stance on Power Point? Love 'em? Hate 'em? What was the last Power Point you made? If you have any presentations and want to share them they would be awesome to see.

  • Powerpoints without hideous Word Art aren't real powerpoints.

  • Just make sure you have animation on every transition. Especially the spinny ones

  • As I'm in studying in university, I see PowerPoint presentations all the time. And I have had to make few, and present those as well. I always try to sneak in some hideous Clip- and Word Arts via some clever ways. In one course teacher said that She'll remove points for using Clip- and Word Arts, so I hid Clip Arts in the background, and she didn't even notice them :D

    Also, @TheHashtag0nist, I always use random transitions, as I like to live dangerously.

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    thought this was a troll thread first. Im still really tired of power points as I spent the summer doing x-amount of presentations for my old work which was horrible. That said I dont normally do much presentations, just more pure layout. But I guess the rule of thumb is: the more spinny squeeky sounds and word art, the better. right?

  • @Lotias Trust me, I'm not trolling. I genuinely love making Power Points.

  • Michael Huber is a king of Powerpoint.

    The last one I made was a few years back when I was a manager at a call center. Each "team" had to come up with an idea to improve morale in the call center and present it to the higher-ups. I normally wouldn't have cared but the prize for the winning idea was getting paid to watch a movie so... I made a Powerpoint lush with word art and wore a suit to the presentation.

    I can now officially say I've been paid to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past.

  • For what I can tell on conferences, scientific or other kinds, presentations are either PowerPoint or some pdfs. If I have a lot of graphs or pictures on one slide, I use some animations for each picture to make them appear, sliding them in or zooming to highlight them. Still use PowerPoint for presenting results of some measurements etc. because it is probably the easiest way - like you don’t actually have to formulate walls of text…

    @michemagius But doing “Presentations” for fun? Might I ask you the general topic, what are they about?

  • I'm in science and powerpoints are literally everything. If you can't give a good presentation, you're not going to get anywhere. No networking, no funding, no projects, no tenure. Straight up, if Huber were one of my students and cited his sources, I would've given him a great grade (given the subject matter). Great presence and use of visuals.

  • @Ikataishou I do Presentations on a couple of subjects. Whenever I'm writing a story or doing design documents for a game, I always make a practice pitch for the concept using Power Point. I hope that the practice will come in handy when I'm actually pitching games someday. The Power Points also help me to keep track of all the characters and locations. Besides that I volunteer at my local Library sometimes. They've been trying to get more games in the Library to attract more teenagers. So basically, I went crazy and made 7 power points for games I thought would be a good fit for the Library, and sent them to the Director. Outside of that for the past few years I've been working on a Kpop Blog/Fan Club for a particular company. We used to do fundraising to send gifts to the artists we were a fan of, but after a crazy member threatened to run off with the money we've mostly been sticking to fun activities for fans and trying to raise awareness of the artists we support. Since I'm the only person in the group who stans all 7 of the artists/bands I always make Power Points that highlight the artists with stuff like profiles and videos that feature them. Right now I'm working on a single Power Point that contains all the groups/artists and it's been quite the undertaking. So far I've covered one Soloist and one group and the slide count is 82. Beyond all that I sometimes just make Power Points for anime, books, TV shows, games, or movies I like so that I can break down what I like about them and give my analysis of the stories/characters. I think it's a good way to practice my writing and to work on thinking critically about different art forms. I basically do all this because for some reason I just really like organizing information.