Reality Television

  • I've been catching up on the Ally Q&A's recently and "Kyle Sweatin' In The Desert" got me thinking about Reality Television.

    I feel like I have a weird relationship with Reality TV since my life has been pretty saturated with it. My Mom, Dad, Sister, and Aunt watch it almost exclusively so that what was always on at home growing up. And to make it weirder, some family friends got their own Reality TV Show back in 2010. We don't talk to them much as they moved out of state a few years ago, but it was very strange to see our little town on network television. And for some weird reason my town's outlet mall gets a ridiculously sized Christmas Tree each year (they've claimed that it's the tallest in the nation a few times, depends on the year), and book Disney Channel stars or youtubers to perform at the tree lighting (we even got Taylor Swift once in like 2006). That event usually get's televised and the whole town shows up to watch a bunch of teenagers perform and have the announcers pretend that they're as famous as Beyonce. I think the most famous person (at the time) we ever got was Mitchel Musso.

    In any case, I hated reality television for a long time. One can only be forced to watch so many episodes of Dance Moms before they snap. But I feel like I've come around on it. I enjoy the occasional episode of Project Runway, and I've been known to dabble in Master Chef Junior. But what I'm really in to is Korean Variety Shows.

    So, what I want to know is what are your feelings on Reality TV? Love it? Hate it? Meh? If you do watch Reality TV, what shows do you watch?

    To keep myself busy this morning while I wait for A Hat In Time to release I've been watching mostly KBS shows since they have them officially on Youtube with english subtitles. These are the episodes I've watched:

    "Happy Together" It's basically just a talks show but the hosts are pretty good and the guests are usually interesting. It's a lot more lively than talk shows I'm used to here in America. It used to take place in a Sauna but now it just takes place in a room with couches.
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    "Hello Couselor" A few comedians, some celebrity guests, and occasionally a licensed therarpist get together to offer advice on people's concerns. The concern tend to range from simple (like my sister doesn't clean enough), to bizarre (like my husband has only eaten fried chicken for 10 years), to really serious (like my husband is an alcoholic and got hit by a car). It's like Dr. Phil, but much more entertaining, sometimes you worry though that the panel isn't really qualified to handle some of these issues. Besides that, the people who come on the show compete to see who has the biggest concern. The previous week's winner goes up against the current challengers until they've won for like 7 weeks straight or another person's concern beats theirs. The audience votes to see who's concern wins.
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    "Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook" Basically a music show except the host interviews all the performers, and the performers unlike most other music shows are generally required to sing live.
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  • I hate them I dunno how it is today but back in 2011 german TV was flooded with this shit, Saturday morning cartoons? Nah let's show reality TV insted. Music videos on MTV? Nah reality TV all the way. Why having anime movie nights when we can show reruns of the reality shows we just showed at daytime? We could show old US sitcoms (Seinfeld, Cheers, Frasier) but let's show new reality TV insted. Like, it replaced everything I ever cared about on TV basically.
    And I'm talking about german reality TV, bottom of the bin, white trash TV, utter garbage (we call it Assi TV or Hartz 4 TV, which basically means Welfare TV). There were many reason I completely stopped watching TV in 2011, the amount of this crap was one of them.

  • I don't like Reality TV. It's insincere and sometimes grossly exploitative.

    It's interesting to watch with editing in mind though. The entire genre is predicated on filming boring garbage and then cutting it, scoring it, pacing it, structuring it in a way that's watchable.

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