Switch supposedly hacked

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    Meh. Hardware gets hacked. This is just how things are.
    Says more about Nintendo's lack of security, tbh.

  • We'll see where this goes. Nintendo probably just needs to patch it fast, because from my limited understanding in this field, the way firmware updates occur on the Switch uses a fuse system that's impossible to revert from. Basically your system burns a fuse every time it updates, and if you were to try and go back to an earlier version it would check if the number of burnt fuses match what they should be for that version and not work at all if it doesn't match.

    That would mean the bulk of the ordinary users wouldn't be able to revert back to the firmware version needed to use these exploits and while you'd have your handful of people who could do stuff with it, these are the usual crowd who are eventually going to get into anything anyways and don't mind buying a brand new, fresh out the box system just to exploit with. In regards to online play, the Switch has already demonstrated a working report system that actively gets enforced, so even users who do purchase a brand new system to use hacks with will still need to be weary using them online or they can possibly get their entire account banned from online play.

    If you look at the 3DS hack ecosystem, which has been cracked for awhile now, you'll see what I mean. Most people with cracked systems keep them permanently offline, because even simply going online with them allows them to be scanned to check if the system is compromised, from which their system can easily be bricked. This has happened over and over again in large waves of bans, so most people who use these exploits are very careful about always keeping their system disconnected from the internet.

    Yes it sucks that it's impossible to entirely prevent piracy, and this very much opens the door for those minded people who want a system they can load illegal roms onto and steal every new game that comes out for it, but it's always been a balance between strict enough security to keep this stuff from happening and lenient enough security as not to slow down the hardware and create a headache for your consumers and developers. Sadly the Switch's popularity and portability means this is the system all these groups have their eyes on, and if you throw enough talented people at a task, it's going to get done eventually, just sucks if it happens this early in the Switch's lifespan.

    As for this group, wanting the missing piece they need to be solved or not, it's extremely irresponsible for them to just release this to anyone, and they very much know what they're doing with this, so any comments about not supporting piracy is bullshit when they fully know their actions will lead to it. The damage might already be done, but I hope legal action is taken against them so they learn a lesson from this.

  • I welcomed the hacking of the Wii as it made it region free and let me use an english patch on a japanese copy of Fatal Frame 4, but since the Switch is already region free, this to me personally is useless.
    Only thing on Wii U I'd need a hack for would be to uncensor Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

  • @Torigasa-Reta
    That was basically what I did with mine, use it to play Japanese games, and put everything I owned on a HDD to speed up load times

    Granted having everything on a HDD made my brother do something utterly stupid (Traded all 40ish of my Wii games while I was at work so he could get PSN cards to buy himself more songs for Rock Band 3)

  • @DMCMaster I'd would have smashed his PS3/PS4 and made him rebuy them all, no matter how long it takes.

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    Playing on original hardware? Meh.

    Call me when an emulator sprouts up.

  • @Torigasa-Reta
    He didn't have his own console at the time, although I have made him re-buy around 20 or so of the games he traded. I'd have to find my list again to double check.

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    @Mbun You're right. You do have a very limited understanding of how this works.
    There are no "burnt fuses", nor anything being burnt. If there are, Nintendo is doing some straight 60's/70's shit with their hardware.

  • @Mbun Nothing is impossible, they hacked xbox 360s to downgrade and that uses e-fuses. When there's an exploit there's a way

  • @ib0show True, just saying there is security there that'll take some time for most people to get around. The hack mentioned as topic of this thread rely on that current version of the hardware to work, so all Nintendo has to do is push an update to lock most people outta it for a good long while.