What Gaming "Flaws" Are You OK With?

  • @ACardAttack So you're saying if the gameplay is good it doesn't matter. Glad we agree.

  • @Mbun I see where you're coming from, but I disagree. I guess my question is the same as the people above. Why do you feel that a game can't have story as its most important element? I'm not judging, but I'm simply curious and think that it's an interesting view. Video games are made out of so many components, be it interactive, visual or audible. A good story doesn't have to be passive either. It can be part of the gameplay.

    I'm usually not bothered by long loading times. In some games it can even provide a nice moment of respite.

  • I'm honestly okay with a lot. Most flaws don't even stand out to me until everyone on the internet bitches about it.

    Its easier for me to state what is a must.

    No story usually means zero investment on my part. (of course there are some exceptions). But when i feel like i'm just playing a game to play it with no attachment to the events taking place or characters involved then I feel like i'm just wasting my time.

  • @Quecken said:

    Why do you feel that a game can't have story as its most important element?

    Already listed my reasons, mainly that other mediums exist that can provide a purely story based experience without bogging the audience down with wading through unfun gameplay to view it.

    A good story doesn't have to be passive either. It can be part of the gameplay.

    Again, if it's not passive and is part of the gameplay, then you've made your gameplay interesting, at which point you at least have decent gameplay. My post was saying I don't need a game to have a great story as long as it has interesting/engaging gameplay. Story is an extra for me when it comes to games, not a necessity. Think of every arcade type game you've ever played. Pac-Man doesn't need story. Space Invaders doesn't need story. Downwell doesn't need story. It's not necessity for making video games enjoyable for me. Not saying there isn't games that come out that I wish had stronger or more focused stories, but rather I can easily forgive the lack of story if the rest of the package is solid, because my expectations for a video game differ from my expectations from a movie or television series or comic book.

  • @Mbun

    Gameplay has to be enjoyable, but doesn't mean it is the top billing. Mass Effect is okay gameplay, but I wouldn't finish it without the story and characters, that is what I'm saying.

    Story can be a big draw, and can draw over the gameplay. It's why I have little interest in Zelda BOTW, I'm sure the gameplay is really good, but I hear the story is lacking.

  • @ACardAttack You're missing the point. This thread is about what gaming "flaws" you're okay with. I don't need story to be good to enjoy my games. It's not a crucial element of the medium. Simple as that.

  • I can sit through a choppy frame rate if the game is worth it, for some reason I find it oddly satisfying to see. What I can't deal with (probably cuz I'm a big weeb) is a bad translation, it'd totally ruin it for me. An example for me is Mhana Khemia on paper, the game ran like garbage, looked like garbage, yet I loved it so much because of a good sound track and great gameplay loop

  • i'm cool with some jank if i like the general vibe of the game. i'd pick jank over overly-animated and semi-automatic animations

  • I try to be a lenient as possible when it comes to flaws on the technical side of things. Granted, as long as it doesn't go to the extreme. For example, I'll forgive a wonky frame rate unless it delves into Arkham Knight on PC territory. I'll forgive a bad character model unless they are truly Mass Effect: Andromeda levels of terrifying. Being primarily a story kind of player, I can even forgive poor writing, bad voice work, or massive plot inconsistencies if they are done it such a way that makes them funny to me, like an unintentional comedy.

    I think where I draw the line is when the game simply isn't engaging enough. Either the narrative is dull or the characters are entirely uninteresting, or if something I hate is largely tied into the mechanics of the game play or leveling system, like excessive grinding in a single player game.

  • , I'm perfectly fine with things like pop-ins, draw distance texture lowressing, or occlusion culling (objects that disappear for half a second when the camera is in certain angles.) Or clipping for that matter, which I know can annoy many people :)
    Because since I make games myself, I know how integral these things are to the performance. when I see someone who wants 60fps, AND no clipping and no pop-ins, I get the feeling that they want to eat the cookie and keep it.)

    ..Speaking of texture lowressing, (rendering an object with a lower resolution texture when far away, and not switching to the original HD texture until you're close enough) I had this insanely funny moment in Grand Theft Auto V, where a mountain failed to load the original texture in time, so for like 3 seconds, the entire mountain looked like something from, like, Banjo-Kazooie. It was a priceless moment that I will treasure for a long time !!!

  • I'm ok with towers in open worlds and grinding in general. Also an MMO style combat. Loving it!
    There might be a general affection towards single player linear games, especially these days, but I love the fact that I can return to a game day after day or even after a longer period of time and can still feel rewarded.

  • Graphics, i don't really care as long as the game is good. I can play old games as long as they are fun

  • I didn't even know wtf pop-in and draw distance were till I started to see people complain about stuff like that on the internet. Still don't care about it, lol.

    Also, I don't need bleeding edge graphics. One of the reasons I bought the Wii-U when it came out was to play many of the Wii games that I had missed out on. Actually, conversely, I'd say I'm more bothered by people who are bothered about the graphics, lol. Brad saying he hard quit Xenoblade Chronicles because of the graphics drives me up a wall.