2D vs. 3D (Game Edition)

  • Which do you prefer in games? I was considering my Top 15 games to see whether I tended to lean more towards a dimension. I know people who play 2D games almost exclusively, and I know people who play 3D games almost exclusively.

    Are you comfortable in the second dimension or do you prefer to explore the third? What makes either your favorite,or do you have a favorite at all? Are there some games you think would do better with a dimension switch, or do you think some only work in the dimension they were designed for? What about games that are both 2D and 3D or ride the line between them?

    Here's the breakdown of my favorite games in to 2D vs. 3D:

    2D (6):
    Mother 3
    Pokemon Black 2
    Kirby: Squeak Squad
    Ace Attorney
    Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

    3D (6):
    Katamari Damacy
    Ni No Kuni
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Super Mario Galaxy
    A Hat in Time

    2D/3D Fusion (3):
    Super Paper Mario
    Persona 3: Portable
    Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

    As it turns out, I have a pretty even split between 2D and 3D. I looked at my collection of games and I definitely own more 3D games, and I know that I play 3D games more often, especially recently. Despite them being by favorite games, with the exception of Odin Sphere and Ace Attorney, it's been years since I last played any of the 2D games on my list. I'm not sure what that really means. I think it's probably because most of the games I've backed or have come out from my favorite developers have been 3D.

  • I personally don't like 2D games very much. Ive been playing games for a long time and grew up with a Nintendo and then onto SEGA Genesis and SEGA CD. During that time games were more of a novelty. Because i was young I didn't have the option to play a lot of variety. Sometimes i would rent or own a game i liked, while for other times i played because it was the only option. Since 2D was a big aspect of gaming back then, i enjoyed them for what they were and mostly because that's all there was. I remember playing a lot of Ninja Turtles II and then NHL 94. when FMV games came out I started to enjoy those a bit. I also remember playing a lot Dragons Lair too. The one game from that era that sticks out to me that is 2D is Another World.

    It wasn't until PlayStation that i really got into games because they offered far more depth and immersion. The 3D helped too. Fast forward to now and I honestly dont understand the enjoyment ppl have for 2D games. I also don't like platforming games which almost is a guaranteed aspect of 2D games. Im not saying this to criticize them or the ppl who play them, I just don't simply enjoy what they offer. Because life isn't black and white there are 2d experiences i have enjoyed.

    Liked 2D games: (not even favorites)

    Another World
    Beat Cop
    Rouge Legacy (Not sure if i enjoyed it because it was fun or enjoyed it because there was nothing else to play on PS4 at release.)

    3D games:

    to many to list.

    Ive also realized lately Im not a big fan of 2D RPG's. I really enjoyed the FF 7-9 style of RPG's. But playing Octopath Traveler is a bit of an up and down experience for me.

    Im definately more into 3D games.

  • I hope it isn't really a contest to most anymore. There are so many incredible fully 3D games that the arguement of 'dumbed down' AAA 3D sequels has grown toothless.

    Personally I universally prefer 3D games. Combat is a lot more fun when you can move both vertically and across the ground. Stories carry a lot more weight when they can zoom in on the characters' faces instead of coldly looking down at them from above. Obviously the more intricate environments that come with good 3D games are superior to, at times, literal 2D image files. I like games that play with 2D vs 3D like the Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Paper Mario, and to a lesser extent TTYD because their worlds don't feel limited to 2D, even if their characters literally are.

    Of course I enjoy some 2D games as well, but they're just not on the same order of depth that I can enjoy as much as full 3D title. Muramasa, Stardew Valley, The Minish Cap — they're fun but always in a more basic way.

  • I guess you asking more about gameplay perspective, but good games are just a good games to me. Still, I have a little thought on visual perspective.

    In visual, I prefer 2D games much more before. Because I thought 3D models are easy to make looks ugly. I also thought 3D visual is getting old with time easily compare to 2D ones.

    But after I play Quake 1, and saw they designed all low polygon monsters very well, I change my mind to it's all about style. The way of how game be. So now it's all about style to me.

  • Banned

    Do games that are viewed from a 2D perspective but made with 3D count as 2D or 3D?
    Thinking stuff like Ori and Guilty Gear Xrd.