2D vs. 3D (Animation Edition)

  • When it comes to animation, do you prefer 2D or 3D? 2D was how animation started (obviously) and it still very popular, but now I see it mostly in Japan for all ages, but in the West primarily for children's cartoons. 3D animation is pretty new all things considered, but it's definitely come a long way. Almost every major animated movie to come out of the west uses 3D animation, and half or more of children's cartoons are made using 3D animation (at least the one's I see my younger cousins watch). There's definitely a conversation to have about whether or not the world is beginning to phase out 2D animation in favor of 3D (I certainly hope that never happens), but what I want to know is what you prefer.

    Are you a die-hard 2D animation fan, or do you like what see from the rapidly improving art of 3D animation? Or, are do you not have a dog in that fight and prefer another animation style like stop motion?

    I broke down my favorite works of animation to determine where my bias lied. This is the results:

    2D (12):
    Mob Psycho 100
    Lupin the Third: Part 4
    Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
    My Hero Academia (Occasionally uses 3D animation for effects but is primarily 2D.)
    Assassination Classroom (Occasionally uses 3D animation for background characters and effects but is primarily 2D.)
    Yuri!!! On Ice
    Haikyu!! (Occasionally uses 3D animation for effects like the movement of balls, but is primarily 3D.)
    Natsume Yuujinchou
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Kiki's Delivery Service
    Howl's Moving Castle

    3D (1):
    The Incredibles

    Other Styles (2):
    James and the Giant Peach

    It's clear that I gravitate towards 2D animation. I personally just like the look and feel of it more. That isn't to say that 3D animation can't be beautiful, I honestly love most Pixar movies. And I obviously love video games, many of which are 3D. But when it comes to watching something, I prefer 2D art. I also really like the look and feel of stop motion animation, James and the Giant Peach has been a favorite of mine since childhood for the that reason, and I've really enjoyed all the films the Laika has made. I just haven't seen that many stop motion movies, outside of that. I'm really looking forward to Isle of Dogs though.

  • Absolutely more of a traditional animation fan; so I definitely prefer 2D and stop-motion. I would say that there is a difference, a difference worth noting anyway, in traditional vs. digital animation that's pretty distinctive. The new, cleaner look of digital 2D animation usually doesn't carry the personality I found really interesting about a lot of older animation.