Swimming in Turn Based RPGs

  • Hey Allies,
    Is it just me or are we finally getting more turn based RPGs up in here? Just started playing Battle Chasers and loving it, as well as Cosmic Star Heroine and earlier Persona 5. I was just in Japan were I also snagged Dragon Quest XI, a Super Famicom with Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest 6 and Breath of Fire 2, it just feels like turn based RPGs are finally getting more love, in both big budget games and the indies. I'm just digging it, anyone else?

  • @TheMarcV you can say that again, I have I am Setsuna, legend of heroes trail of cold steel, legend of heroes trails in the sky, world of final fantasy and dragon quest 8 currently sitting in my log of games to play. I really wanna get to cosmic star heroine after hearing Kyle talk about it awhile ago, how does it hold up?

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    first I thought you litterally meant swimming and thought "whats so special about that?" I now know what you mean! and yes, we have been blessed by the turn based RPGs again! Im so happy to see this and will have to spend a long time playing through a whole bunch of them!

  • @Lotias I also came into this thread with the expectation of discussing paddling through water in Turn Based RPGs.

  • @Mbun said in Swimming in Turn Based RPGs:

    @Lotias I also came into this thread with the expectation of discussing paddling through water in Turn Based RPGs.

    I thought the same lol.

    Im on the fence right now with turn based RPG's. I didnt like Setsuna turn based combat. Octopath i kinda got into. I do however like FF Tactics turn base style combat. I did like it back in the day, but i also remember its being kinda of a drudging experience after awhile. I think DQ XI will be the deciding factor for me.

  • I have a soft spot for Turn Based RPGs. I personally think that FFX does turn based battles best, that's not to say other titles do it wrong. As for more titles coming in, I love it. I do love me some RPGs, especially turn based ones. Though I'm currently more or less stuck with Divinity: Original Sin 2, though I don't mind that at all.

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    Haha, sorry for the confusion, I have a tendency of making poor topic titles. I've just been playing a lot of turn based RPGs recently and wanted to gush about them. Didn't even mention Darkest Dungeon, Divinity Sin 2 which another forum member mentioned and the up coming South Park game. What I've really been enjoying is how those games have taken the formula and added something to it. Darkest Dungeon played with character position, Battle Chasers added this cool overcharge mechanic and Divinity plays with how different elements would react with each other.

    For a while it just seemed like the genre was lost, so glad to see it back at all levels of game development.

  • @TheMarcV I would love to see another Final Fantasy Tactics. Even if it has nothing to do with the original. IM sure they could do some new and interesting things with turn based combat.