Soloists vs. Groups

  • When it comes to music do you prefer solo artists or bands/duos/groups? If you prefer groups, are you generally a fan of one member or the whole ensemble?

    I think that in the West at least, soloists are more popular than groups. I've noticed that groups don't tend to last long in the West, with most disbanding and 1 or 2 members going solo.

    Are most groups destined to eventually break down in to one or more soloists?

    Historically, I have preferred groups to soloists, but I've found myself getting in to soloists more lately. I think the appeal of groups to me is getting more than one voice in a song and having more people on stage makes performances more interesting to watch. Of course if a soloist has strong enough stage presence they can totally hold their own, but I think that's pretty rare.

    What are your favorite soloists/groups, and why do you like them? Do you think they would do better in a group or as a soloist, or are they in the right format for them now?