Ally-Made Art

  • @Minamik Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown are hand drawn too. I can't speak to the other Vanillaware games since I haven't played them but it's pretty clear to me that an artist made those characters and environments. Sure They likely did the drawing itself on a tablet through a digital art program, but they used their hands to make the art, not pre-made shapes or 3D models angled in such a way so as to give the illusion that it's 2D. I consider anything an artist drew by hand to be hand drawn, regardless of their tools. I'm a primarily digital artist now, I spent most of my younger years drawing with a pencil/ink and paper but using a drawing pad and art software is cheaper and much more efficient. The art you produce won't be a 1 to 1 comparison to traditional art but the tools that have been developed for digital art have come a long way in terms of realism.

  • Since I started this thread I figured it's time I posted some of my own art. Again as a reminder, my art is very VERY amateur, and not as impressive as anything posted by the rest of you guys but I do my best.

    Here's a recently created character of mine that's kind of become my muse. I drew her with both flat colors and shading. I haven't attempted shading in years so it's pretty god-awful but I need the practice so I'll keep trying.

    Here's the tweet I posted with both images.

  • Nice thread! Art is one of my biggest passions in life :)

    Everything is drawn on an iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil and the app Procreate. I used to draw a lot on paper when I was younger but I make so many faults and never get fully happy so most drawings got damaged from using the eraser too much lol

    Anyway here are some examples of my art, I have some other stuff on my Instagram gallery (@jaggafredde) as well but I mostly draw women, maybe some games too, and fishes, and guitars, but mostly women.

    Lets see how this goes, is Imgur for image posts okay here?

    First one is a playful drawing of an Instagram girl checking her phone after posting body goal pics. Drawing process included.
    alt text
    alt text

    A try to do photo realism, drawing process included, there is always stuff that could be improved but this is probably my max level right now, it took a crazy long time to do this one
    alt text
    alt text

    Breath of the Wild US cover fan art
    alt text

    Two sketches using a clothes model as reference for some classic poses
    alt text

  • As someone who can't draw, I'm so incredibly jealous of the people drawing all the cool art I'm seeing here.

  • @JamboHyland95 It's never too late to start drawing. I might post my "draw this again" once I get done with this year's drawing to show how fast you can improve. I'm honestly shocked by how bad I used be. If I can jump as far as I have then anyone can. Not to say I'm great now but I'm pretty satsfied with my style now.

  • What mediums do you know how to work with?
    I work in pencil, photoshop, and clipstudio mostly. It's been ages since I've animated but when I do it's in flash

    When did you start making art?
    Ever since I was a wee lad. I started wanting to do it seriously after reading Frank Millers Dark knight Returns in third grade

    How did you learn to make art?
    A combination of being self taught and asking the right folks for the right advices

    Is there a medium you would like to learn how to work with?
    Any and everything.

    What are your artistic inspirations?
    Blade of the Immortal's Hiroaki Samura, Bryan Hitch, Frank Miller,

    Has your style changed? In what ways?
    I have several styles and can emulate pretty much anything in accordance to what the narrative/tone calls for
    Here's a few fan art pieces I've done.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • I've actually made a concerted effort to try draw because I'm really trying to get my game dev chops but I'm kind of a one-man army at the moment, obviously the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so I know it's gonna take awhile before I get anywhere near close to being able to draw for a game I'm still in awe of you guys!

  • @ZombieProof The images you posted don't seem to be coming up.But based on what you wrote, I'm totally jealous that you can emulate other styles. I have 3-ish drawing styles that I can do, their basically the same style just with varying levels of detail incorporated. What stops me form making fan art a lot of the time is that I fear my style is too different from the original style and it will come out looking weird.4

    Edit: I can see the images now, and oh my god dude! You're awesome!

  • @JamboHyland95 I'm in the same boat. I'm in my third year of college but my first year of studying game dev and I'm trying to get mildly proficient at most of the areas required for making a game so that I can make my own prototypes to show to other people and convince them to work with me. I haven't gotten in to any classes regarding programming so it remains to be seen if I'll have a lot of trouble with that or not, but I'm fairly confident in my ability to make concept art and write scripts. My biggest issue comes with music. I know what I would like to hear attached to my game Ideas but I'm hopeless when it comes to writing or producing music.

  • @michemagius I think they pop up now. I'm a little unfamiliar with these formums' interface hahahahah. I'm of the opinion that if you get a handle on shape iconography, color theory, and a strong sense of form, emulating any style becomes a lot easier. It's all smoke and mirrors man hahahaha

  • @ZombieProof Yeah, color theory I'm fine with. I've learned a lot about it in the few art classes I've had to take for my degree, but those have all been focused more on abstract art then character art so I'm really lacking in that area. Hopefully over the rest of my time studying I'll improve.

  • @ZombieProof Oh wow those are fantastic! Love the black and white one, very stylistic and unique :)

  • @michemagius sounds like you can draw and I can code! We should try work on something down the line even for a game jam at the very least! I'd love to pick your brain on design to as I've no real formal teaching in it, mainly just picking up ideas from personal preference and stuff like that.

  • @michemagius Gotcha. If I can give a bit of advice, the trick is shape and understanding the iconography of the silhoette. 2D disney animation really has a handle on these things. I'd recommend you studying some of that stuff in your spare time. The TF2 characters are a great example of what I'm talking about. Their shapes all imply who they are, what their roles are, and how they should feel.

    Here's a bit of TF2 fan art I did by the way
    alt text
    dangit...fixed lol

  • @jaggafredde Thanks man! That was my ode to the O.G. Frank Miller and his Sin City style

  • Some people here may have seen some of my stuff at the beginning of Kyle's streams if not my Twitter has all the stuff I have done for Kyle's streams if you want to take a look ( my prefered medium is just a regular ol ink pen as it's quick and dirty but I really love all art mediums and I dabble in all of them. I have personally never had any art classes (middle school had some pottery) I just doodled all the time which my teachers hated because the sides of all of my homework were just littered with odd little doodles.

  • @Vexchaneu Nice stuff there man! I've been meaning to get around to rocking some caricatures of the easy a crew myself but time is my mortal enemy. I'll get em done one day hahahaha

  • @Vexchaneu I like your style! I've always thought it's difficult to draw on paper even with charcoal pencils, I always damage the drawings with the eraser before I'm happy with the drawing :P Ink on paper is just on a whole other level, no erasing, you must nail it at the first line. Scary.

  • I'm just an amateur scribbler...I've never enjoyed working with color, probably because I found out relatively late in life that I'm colorblind. I had years of growing up thinking I was a complete idiot for not being able to identify colors. I don't have much with me right now since I'm at work, but here is an example of my style.

    alt text
    I'm actually more of an arranger/composer. Not sure if music should go in this thread as well or if I should make another.

  • When I was young, I always asked my dad if he could draw something for me, often some comic or cartoon characters and afterwards I tried to redraw them. At some point daddey probably had enough so I started on my own. Let’s say I never had much social needs so after school I would regularly draw some stuff, often (human) characters that I would draw in some fresh clothes (…if I didn’t forgot). So designing clothes was involved. I had art class in school and people said I could draw quite well.
    After graduating, I choose a different direction and I studied some physics and it kind of killed most of my artistic inspiration. Apart from some doodles, I only put in effort every few years. Have a drawing tablet and a drawing tabletish 2in1 so at least I am sufficient equipped if I ever feel like producing something. Style wise I started more with US-comics and then with the 2000 of course manga became popular. Inspiration is often a new drawing device so that I can say I did not waste the money or last time it was the beginning of EZAs Table Top Escapades. There are some things I might want to draw but I don’t have enough motivation or maybe time. A medium I am interested in is 3d modelling and animation and if I could (go back in time) I would try to learn something in that direction.
    But to end on a better note, a week or so ago my nephew and I spend some time playing Splatoon 2 and he asked me to draw some inklings. Wouldn’t say it turned out that great but for a 8 year old child it was good enough…