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  • Any aquarists at this board? :)
    Channa pulchra snakehead drawing
    alt text

    And a nature scene where I play with silouettes on layers to get some depth.
    alt text

    Finally a drawing I later on printed on canvas as a gift for my wife
    alt text

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    @Lotias said in Ally-Made Art:

    Also just want to give a heads up to please try and avoid nudity images. I know its art and all, but we also got some young people. So far we are good though, but just as a reminder :)


    alt text

  • @Art You been holdin out on me motherfucker. I never saw the background on ol Cracking Girl. NICE!

  • @Art Still love the sexy Granfalloon. Why the "hmmm" faces?
    ahhhh teh nudities

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    @ZombieProof Did I forget to update it? My bad. lol

  • @jaggafredde Sweet stuff dude!

  • So how do we feel about music compositions in this thread? I was thinking about sharing some of my work but didn't know if it can go here or if I should make a new thread.

  • @Gaming_Groove Do it, d00d!

  • Rock that shit Groovy. I'd love to hear your tunes.

  • There's a lot of talented people in here.

    I love drawing in my spare time, but I'm not very good.

  • @Gaming_Groove Do it man!

    Maybe I'll post my band's new stuff when we finish recording

  • I wrapped up my "draw this again" for 2017. I might end up re-doing it since I always end up hating my art when I look at it the next day but right now, I like it. The details and shading are hard to see from a distance but if you zoom in they're more noticeable.
    0_1508814602063_draw this again 2017 forum.jpg

  • @ZombieProof Thanks man!
    I wish I could do those stylistic arts you're doing, I think most of my drawings with original non-photorealistic art are technically quite okay but I'm really struggling to make them interesting, that's my biggest problem right now.
    Here's my most stylistic drawing to date, inspired by a terrance_unchained on Instagram who's doing lots of cool edge lighting.
    alt text

  • @michemagius Stuff looks good man. I fully support drawing pieces over again. It's healthy to look at your stuff and not like it anymore. It's a good sign that your eye for mechanics is getting stronger.

  • I love Hollow Knight so much I just had to rock this piece. It's my runner up for GOTY right behind RE 7. It's simply amazing.
    alt text

  • Ok, so time for some music. I am by no means a music production guy, so the sound quality and samples/soundfonts are pretty basic. I also probably have a pretty archaic and needlessly difficult workflow. When I compose original music, I basically sit at a keyboard and if it sounds good I jot it down and transcribe it to midi one note at a time in an old copy of cakewalk pro audio. For transcription work, I just listen and write. Arrangements are somewhere in between. I export the midi through a soundfont program that is...not great lol. Again, the samples and my application of them is pretty terrible, so apologies if anything is grating.

    Here are a few original pieces I wrote a million years ago when I thought I might try writing video game music. There are three pieces in this one video. The first and the last are slower, the middle one is my attempt at a battle theme:

    Youtube Video

    And now for some arrangements/transcriptions. First, a couple of Kenshin OVA themes:

    In Memories:

    Sound of Snow Falling:

    And lastly, for fun, Ken's Theme for Brass Quintet:

    Youtube Video

    I have written a ton of music over the years...little ideas here and there that I've never fleshed out and completed. In the last 3-5 years I haven't done much mostly because of my job and personal life, but I hope to get back into it more in the near future. I'd love to study up on music production techniques so I can really get the music in my head out for others to hear the way I imagine it.

  • @Gaming_Groove love the first song, the slow pieces are beautiful, very emotional, great work!
    I’m an amateur guitarist myself, love making music, it’s therapeutic, fuel for your soul :)

  • Quick 10 minute sketch of Lara Croft made just now in a try to improve my speed, I usually have problem knowing when to stop and spend way too much time on every drawing.
    alt text

  • @Gaming_Groove Those toons are sick Groove! Especially that battle theme in the middle of the first vid. Just awesome.

    Who are some of your favorite gaming composers? Being the old school fella I am I of course gotta give props to Yuzo Koshiro (streets of rage/actraiser). Lately though, it's all Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight), Ari Pulkinnen (Trine series/Nex Machina), and Danny Baronowski(Meat Boy/Isaac). It'd be great to hear who some of your influences are man. You've definitely got an ear for it.

  • @ZombieProof Thanks! Definitely love Yuzo Koshiro. Pulkinnen and Baronowski have done great work as well. Haven't listed to or played Hollow Knight yet, so I'll have to check it out.

    Uematsu of course is a huge influence. His use of leitmotif, basically treating RPG music like writing an opera is something I've always wanted to be able to do.

    I actually learned how to use Cakewalk in the mid 90's at about 12 years old when I was trying to make my own versions of some Link's Awakening tunes, so Kozue Ishikawa and Minako Hamano (her work in particular on Super Metroid as well).

    I'm also a huge fan of the Panzer Dragoon series, so the composers that have contributed to that series are also big influences. A lot of the modal and folk music I've written probably draws from those games.

    As for non-gaming influences, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, and Michael Kamen are definitely up there. I think I get my love of compound meter from Kamen especially.

    @jaggafredde Thanks! The first theme in that first video is probably my favorite that I've ever written. It has a very personal significance to me, so I'm glad if any of that came through.

    I noodle around on classical guitar a bit myself, though I love pretty much all styles. You should post some of your guitar music some time, I'd love to hear it.