Ally-Made Art

  • @michemagius Thanks :) hope to do some game fan art soon! What games do you think I should do?

  • @AndreCharles I guess whichever ones your in to! The best fan art comes out of stuff you enjoy I think. I think your style would mesh well with games like Okami or Stacking though.

  • Ok. I had some unexpected free time today since all of my classes got cancelled, so I was able to make a quick sketch. I didn't do any shading or anything, I might later. But for now I like the flat colors. Sorry for the size, I put it under a spoiler so hopefully that helps. I tried to shrink the image, but a lot of detail was lost just converting the image to a jpeg, and I didn't want to make it look even worse.


  • If any of you ever get tired of having steady hands, let me know, and I'll take them so I can paint my Gundams without constantly having to go back and do touch-ups. :p

  • I would post my "art" but all I have are character creations in video games. lol

    I've always had a lot of respect for people who could create with their hands. I have never been able to do so.

  • This is probably an insult to art, but it made me laugh while making it, haha.

    alt text

  • I thought I'd revive this thread. Finally did the finishing touches on my first piece of environment concept art. I actually don't draw landscapes very often, and I've never made one on my own before. In the past I've just made pieces based on a photograph or something so this was a bit of a challenge. I think my lack of experience shows, and I'm pretty unsatisfied with the shading, but I think for a first attempt it turned out well.

    0_1514226509811_water world3.jpg

  • This probably isn't the right page for this, since this isn't my art, but I just found this super sick tumblr/deviantart page that I think you all would appreciate. Check out his Monster Hunter and Pokemon redesigns (as well as his original work). Really great linework and I love his coloring.

  • Another attempt to revive the thread :) Here’s a girl I drew awhile ago, I always experiment with different techniques and here I went with very defined lines and also with white strands of hair to get an interesting back/side lighting

    alt text

  • alt text
    alt text

  • Just bumping - a sudden storm came out of nowhere on Sunday, but the aftermath was a nice purple sunset and a cool evening breeze.

    I took a stroll around town and snapped some pictures of Ubisoft Toronto (the building with the big water tower on the roof). Glad to hear they are cleaning up shop and making major changes. I live nearby and intend of snapping a few different pictures of their photogenic studio with time. It's a really beautiful building.