EZA removed my question on the L&R post because it was a hard hitting question about their former employer.

  • @Ootori_Kyouya while I think that's a question they would never bother with and shouldn't have too, I don't think it should get removed the comments. But you should double check and even email them to confirm for sure this was the case about your comment. Don't react to quickly. Go back and look through the comments again.

  • I don't know why it was removed, but I definitely wouldn't expect them to talk about it. They only really talked about PewdiePie because the the attention that it got from Mainstream media.

    It is a podcast about videogames and a sexual abuse allegation has absolutely nothing to do with videogames.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't appreciate the callous attitude in this thread. The Allies should be able to answer serious questions just as they did with the PewDiePie racism/antisemitism thing. Defy Media is in fact closer to them than PewDiePie ever was, so I don't see why we're being dismissive.

  • @Haru17 Because that still has no place in a podcast about videogames.

    There's also no one being callous here.

  • @Hazz3r The podcast isn't about video games themselves, it's about game news. In fact they very rarely talk about the content of a game if it isn't relevant to the industry at large. Pretty shaky basis for the absolute you're asserting there.

  • @Mbun It's possible, but I saw my question on the post all night yesterday. In fact, someone even liked it. Today, it just disappeared. I don't know if creators have the option to remove comments, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance to respond. I looked at my comments archive. It is gone as if it never existed.

  • @Haru17 Game news still does not encompass sexual abuse allegations. Are you just being argumentative for fun or what? I don't understand what point you're trying to make.

  • @Hazz3r I don't mind if they don't answer my question on the podcast. That is completely fine. I just want to know what happened to it. I do believe the question is appropriate because they have a relationship with Defy Media. It may seem uncomfortable and awkward. However, I am investing in them with my money. Jones calls Patreons as investors. As an investor, I should have the right to raise any concerns about their perspective and ethics to certain issues.

  • @Haru17 your right, they could if they wanted too. But why should they have too. Especially if you ask, how well do they know him? Maybe not very well and if they are close maybe they want to keep their thoughts to themselves out of respect. Maybe they know very little about the situation. It's incredibly irresponsible to discuss things like this when you know nothing of the circumstances. Maybe their not in a place to discuss it.

    If your closest friend did something similar would you want to open up to me about it? Or what good would it do to talk about some employee from years back that you barely knew did something. What is it that you could possibly say that adds to the conversation. On top of that what are you looking for? Maybe the question and the answer should be wider in scope. Maybe a discussion around sexual harassment in games is more appropriate. I dont know. Just dont see why they would touch this and talk about one person that they kinda sorta maybe know. And if they do know him closesly why would they want to share details.

    With Pewdiepie it's completed outside of their circle. Less personal and It's a situation that has proven to be a continues issue over and over. It's a little different.

    Anyways this was what o was getting at in as in my first comment. Don't see them answering it and I get why they probably wouldn't want to, and they shouldn't have too. However his question should never have been deleted.

  • @Ootori_Kyouya Yeah. Like I find it weird that it got deleted. Maybe make a thread about it in the forum. Then pepole can at least talk about it from the context of them being associated at one point.

  • @Ootori_Kyouya The ones I've noticed disappear before were also up for quite awhile before magically poofing. They were really innocent things too, so pretty sure it was just little Patreon server hiccups. If possible, I'd simply try reposting your comment back in there with a word or two changed to prevent cache shenanigans and seeing what happens.

  • Speaking as someone whose had Community Comments up and disappear, I posed the question in Cup of Jones and Mr. Jones answered that he may have missed it, but I have two theories:

    1.) Mr. Moore collected the comments to send to Mr. Jones for the video, so I may have violated a rule, stated or otherwise and it was withheld.

    HOWEVER, I feel my second theory is more accurate:

    2.) Patreon is buggy. I've had comments seem to be erased from existence, despite there being a stated "X out of X comments" and not being able to view them all. I really feel that there are some issues in the comment infrastructure ESPECIALLY when I notice a grammatical error or I forgot a point and I go back to edit it.

    In conclusion, I believe your fine. Mr. Bosman is the sole keeper of Love & Respect questions, so it is entirely up to his judgment what he shares with the panel, and in reference to PDP, he himself stated something along the lines of not wanting to talk about it, but the overwhelming amount of L&R comments clearly indicated it was a talking point among those who listen/watch, so he couldn't simply ignore it.

  • @Brannox That's fair. Always good to hear from another perspective from someone who have gone through a similar experience. Thanks for your insight, Brannox.

  • Ya I think you might have jumped to conclusions a little early here, next time it might be worth waiting until you get a response. It's more than likely just Patreon acting up. I'm sure Jones or someone will get back to you on it.

    Edit: Moving to Comments & Feedback

  • @Ootori_Kyouya You're welcome.

  • I'm gonna say it's probably patreon that ate it, any time I make a long post or edit it more than once it'll vanish from patreon. And even if I copy the post before that happens and try to repost it the site still won't post it.

    It's basically why I rarely submit anything for L&R, patreon needs to fix quite a few things.

    I doubt they would ever outright delete a post unless there was a good reason, but I doubt they would otherwise discuss their former employers for obvious reasons. It was probably going to be ignored, unless they felt it a big enough issue to discuss but since it involves a previous place of employment it looks bad on them in the business world.

    In the off chance EZA is no longer a thing they probably shouldn't have any burnt bridges out there, that's why you never bad mouth a previous boss on social media.

    Unless it happened at GT they don't have much to say about it, and if it DID then it becomes a legal issue. So either way...