I need a place to dump my thoughts about this week.

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    I was going to write a long message about this whole PBS drama but @michemagius already expressed most of my thoughts.

    I'll reiterate some of the points I agree with and add a couple others:

    • EZA is a brand and they should always have the final say in what content they produce.
    • Communities get more diverse as they grow larger, and there will always be splinter groups that feel at odds with others. Best to ignore those you don't relate to. Just remember that the overall community should still stand for the values you first joined it for and don't let the outliers push you away. @ZyloWolfBane I'm not familiar with the neogaf/discord/youtube parts of the community so I have no idea what goes on there, but as far as these forums are concerned, I feel like most of us try to make it as friendly and welcoming as possible, so I also hope you stick around!
    • In case of public arguments such as this one, there will inevitably be extreme voices on each side. Those will always be the ones picked up by one side to demonstrate that the opposite side is unreasonable/wrong. People will then find they are misinterpreted and misrepresented and get even more angry. And things will escalate from there. It's what happens every single day on every single topic on every single online platform, and it's the reason we see so much divide and "us vs them" mentalities these days, everywhere we look. It's easier said than done, but try to ignore the extremes, see where the other side comes from, and don't take part in the flame wars. Always try to be the voice of reason, towards the "opposite" camp and within your own.
    • I feel bad for Ben and the Allies as a whole who are getting so much flak for this. When you take a step back, it's such a small and silly thing to get angry about, especially when you consider all the awesome content and fun EZA has brought us over the years. I don't know if any of them will read this, but I'd just like to say that they shouldn't be disheartened over this, I'm pretty sure a large majority of their viewers are absolutely fine with their decision (or probably not even aware of the whole thing). They've explained their decision, maybe they didn't handle it perfectly, but come on, we all mess up sometimes, nobody's perfect. Let's all just move on.

    I didn't want to turn this whole thing into a big deal, it's just been a big buildup over the past year since getting involved with the community and I had to say something.

    Wasn't even gonna respond to anything on here but yeah I wanna clarify a couple things.

    Totally aware they're gonna protect the brand, that's definitely common sense, I had a vague idea that PBS had no chance of ever being streamed, I just wasn't totally aware of just HOW bad it actually would've been which makes the situation even more obvious.

    But like I said, my involvement comes purely from how it was handled on a community/patron level. I have a bad habit of sticking my nose into things that I view as unfair even if it doesn't involve me. I totally could've ignored this but I would've always had that nagging feeling in my head that things that were said yesterday and the way it unfolded subtextually would color my opinion of the allies, and I didn't want that.

    The issues with the community were probably going to happen anyway regardless, the internet is full of hostile people, that's no secret...I'm no saint either. But the way things were worded by Jones made it seem like the sanctimonious crowd was right and that meant their labels of everyone else were fair, and as quite a few people said even while Ben was talking to us in discord that the treatment we received was our fault for supporting PBS in the first place! YES! While he was trying to diffuse this!

    And THAT type of thing is what I wanted cleared up somehow, or just at least make the allies aware of it going on. It'd be a hell of a thing to get blindsided by if things ever got worse and someone got hurt in any way. It affects the brand in it's own way too with how the community looks to outsiders.

    That's all I wanted, a brain dump and awareness post. If nothing came of it...well whatever, but it seems like it helped in it's own way, along with posts from other people elsewhere on the net.

    It's over with now, I'm glad things could be settled. Peace on earth and all that...or at least in our own little corner of the net.

  • Easy Ally

    Here's a post regarding all of this: https://www.patreon.com/posts/14827083

  • @IanHinck said in I need a place to dump my thoughts about this week.:

    Here's a post regarding all of this: https://www.patreon.com/posts/14827083

    Yep, already sent my appreciation along about it. I really do love you guys for being so proactive today. I expected nothing. And I hate feeling like I needed an explanation...I really do.

    But simple things can really put a mind at ease.

  • @ZyloWolfBane Just to be clear, my message wasn't meant to disagree with you or the fact you created this thread. I actually also felt like talking about all this and was glad to see you addressed it.

    I was talking in general terms and my "Let's all move on" was addressed to everyone, not directly to you :)

    I just read Brandon's letter and I hope this will put the matter to rest.

  • @Axel said in I need a place to dump my thoughts about this week.:

    @ZyloWolfBane Just to be clear, my message wasn't meant to disagree with you or the fact you created this thread. I actually also felt like talking about all this and was glad to see you addressed it.

    I was talking in general terms and my "Let's all move on" was addressed to everyone, not directly to you :)

    I just read Brandon's letter and I hope this will put the matter to rest.

    No I know, (About your context) was also replying to miche indirectly too.

    You're good man. And yeah brandon put it perfectly, I'm happy =)

    I know we can't all get along always, I just seem to be at the center of problems so perhaps it's confirmation bias on my part when it comes to this whole thing, most likely my fault like I was saying earlier lol. And I'm stressed out more than I would like on a daily basis so I didn't want to feel like I was losing a place that felt like home when my home sucks.

  • I'm not sure how my post was received but I hope I didn't sound too harsh. To be honest, like I said at the start of my post I'm not 100% sure what you were trying to say. My post wasn't just about what you had to say but also what I had been hearing from other members of the community. I don't want to condemn people who like PBS, and I don't like that people have been. I like fan service as much as the next weeb. But the bottom line for me is that EZA is a brand and they have to protect their image. The amount of fuss (for lack of a better word) around the whole veto situation, and the insinuation by some that EZA was stealing money from patrons really rubs me the wrong way.

  • At first, I didn't think I would respond to this thread as everyone here, plus Mr. Jones's letter has touched on pretty much everything. However, now that I've reached the bottom, I can't help but respond

    First: @ZyloWolfBane Excellent post and I'm sorry you've negative feelings toward being a member of the community. I've experienced that elsewhere and as a result, I'm not really active in the community I was a part of, primarily for toxic people. Not just toxic people, but A LOT of toxic people, and not wanting to even be tempted into getting into pointless flame wars with said individuals.

    Second: @michemagius I absolutely loved your response as well and I want to compliment you on articulating your stance that makes so much sense from the brand perspective. I believe you hit the nail on the head as it were. Also, I want to touch upon your point about community interaction...

    Third: As far as being a member of the community, it can be difficult when coming across someone, not who I disagree with or being disagreed with, but to the intensity of which the disagreement occurs. I only leave comments directly to the Allies on Patreon if the format calls for it (Cup of Jones/Love and Respect Question submission), submitting a Frame Trap question, and browse these forums for an interesting topic to read/contribute to.

    That's it. The full scope of my interaction with anyone and anything involved with Easy Allies that is not their content directly.

    And while my presence is minuscule, I have absolutely loved it here. Yes, I have come across some here who I have disagreed with. And only one instance comes to mind (though there could be a couple more, but I don't think so), where the disagreement escalated to an unsavory point. However, much to your point @michemagius, eventually, I moved on.

    Despite trying to de-escalate the situation, I learned a valuable lesson in how to identify issues and handling them. Sure, there are I believe five, maybe, forum members who, through reading their stances, opinions, and other views located through the forums, I know I'm going to fundamentally disagree with.

    And that's more than fine.

    To not only those who have posted here, but to EVERYONE who may happen to read this:

    You're welcomed. You're valued. Period.

    If you don't believe that from across the spectrum, be it Twitch, Discord, NeoGaf, or where ever else, know that AT LEAST ONE member of the community, a resident of this forum, values you and your input.

    Raises hand

    Are we going to disagree? More than most likely. But the fact remains it doesn't make your stances, views or opinions less warranted. Do I like/care for/am interested in/want to see SKPBS? No. Not even the tiniest bit. Yet, if you do, and you want to share, then one person accepts you.

    Again, 99% of my entire time here, this place is AWESOME. But I am FULLY aware that my exposure is limited to JUST HERE. Not Twitch. Not Twitter. Not YouTube comments (I never look at those on any video for anything ever anyway). Does that skew my perspective? Most. Definitely. However, it doesn't change the fact we are all here for at least some common interest.

    Honestly, I'm not a fan of the world for the most part what with all of the real world negativity that is inescapable, but in the face of all that, Love and Respect is a brand, a belief, a choice, a lifestyle, an unapologetic, steadfast, "This is how I'm going to live my life" mentality I embrace.

    Being positive and nice yields and has yielded only positive returns for me. Which is one of many reasons why I'm happy Easy Allies exists, and why this forum exists.

    I am very sorry for the long post. I kind of take these sorts of discussions to heart, even when I'm not originally involved. As someone who has the hardest time making any friendships of any kind, the welcoming I had back when this place launched ease some anxiety. Which is why I will go out of my way to make these kinds of posts to people who have expressed frustration about being accepted.

    I know the feeling of fear that comes from not knowing whether or not a place is welcoming. So I'm going to try and pay it forward.

    Thank you for reading. Love and Respect. And where ever you are in the world, good morning/evening/night.

  • Haven't read everyones post but it's genuinely really nice to see people talk about this in a respectful manner to one another.

  • I feel this controversy has been blown out of proportion. While I understand some People might be dissapointed with the Allies decisions I believe they made the right call. That’s being said I feel the Allies should be communicated better their reasons behind the veto. Regardless, the Allies has never let us down, if you are one of the people who didn’t agree with their decision you can respectfully show your reasoning to them without being rude. Hopefully we will learn about this experience to avoid a situation like this in the future

  • I would like to add something to this. This is not really regarding the topic of PBS or what ever is going on there because I do not follow NeoGAF and really don't care but I am a part of the discord EZA.

    Yesterday a person was kind enought to post in discord general that the SNES mini was in stock on gamestop and use the feature @everyone which gives everyone that is a part the server a notification.

    I am shocked to say that outcry of complaints about a gesture that is ment to inform people out of pure kindness was received by many people with rude comments and other things. making the person say he would not do it again.

    This is actually how the community is and I have seen it more times. When light are turned on everyone is saying L&R but a lot are not doing L&R. This is one of the reason why I limit myself to post every little and keep to myself. It is sad to say that with all the talk that so few walk the talk :(