what is your single best/fav franchise of all time?

  • so my friends, which single franchise you consider the greatest of all time?

    to me its without a doubt Deus Ex

    Each game in franchise (except IW lol) has been highlight of respected era. Deus Ex 1 is still greatest game of all time and highlight of early 00s. Deus Ex Human revolution was by far best game of last generation and highlight of last gen too. Mankind divided will be undoubtly highlight of this era and generation.

    this franchise has been kicking both in gameplay, story and level design since its inception as its one of only few series that combine FPS, RPG and Stealth genre into one and deliver it perfectly.

    so what one franchise you consider a greatest of all time?


  • Truthfully, I have quite a few, which is why I don't really like singling the one out. If I'm forced to choose though, I think you know I'm going to plump for Final Fantasy :)

    The series has had its misses as you would expect, but the hits have left such a mark on me that I will never forget.

  • I'm totally a broken record on this, but the Half-Life series is my favourite franchise of all time. All it took was for me to play Half-Life 2 and I was instantly hooked.

    I just love the feeling og going on an adventure, and the way that the story is woven into the gameplay is still impressive to this day.

  • @ThatMartime said in what is your single best/fav franchise of all time?:

    I'm totally a broken record on this, but the Half-Life series is my favourite franchise of all time. All it took was for me to play Half-Life 2 and I was instantly hooked.

    I just love the feeling og going on an adventure, and the way that the story is woven into the gameplay is still impressive to this day.

    I would also say Half life but it doesnot exist anymore as we all know Half life 3 is never ever coming out.

  • @Black-Cell
    Mark my words: E3 2017.. 2018 and 2019!

  • Have to go with Mass Effect. I cannot discount the incredible universe and the unforgettable cast of characters despite the disappointing ending. Those games and those characters will stick with me forever.

    The Elder Scrolls series is not far behind Mass Effect for me but I tend to think of those games as individual entities instead of a cohesive set of games. They're all pretty different from one another. Metal Gear Solid would have been pretty high on my list as well but MGSV was not what I wanted out of a Metal Gear Solid game at all.

  • Banned

    Treasure's Heroes games. Guardian Heroes is my favorite game OF ALL TIME and Gunstar is one of the best side scrolling shooters in existence. Chaser+Lightning=Love

  • Metal Gear Solid series. MGS1 changed my perspective on gaming as a whole.

    I couldn't have been more hyped for MGS2 with that E3 trailer. Going from that to the forest in MGS3, the 'CULMINATION' in MGS4 and then more of Big Boss in Peace Walker and MGSV.

    I know people are a bit sour on the series now which is fair with Konami and how V was unfinished however I still love every entry in the series with 3 being my overall favourite game in it.

    I've completed each of the games (bar Phantom Pain) multiple times on PS2, PS3 and Vita. Talking about this now makes me realise it's been some time since beating MGS1, so I might actually replay that on Vita soon :D

  • I don't have one really. I love a lot of games from various franchises but they always end up disappointing me with another release somewhere along the way and I even find that I dislike some entries that others enjoy. I wish it was Sonic given how much I love the Megadrive games and several of the GBA/DS releases but we all know how much rubbish there is in that franchise.

    Then it could have been Mass Effect... but the plot went to hell in the 3rd game.

    Maybe for consistency of quality Streets of Rage...?

  • Ooh that's tough. Sentimentally It has to be Pokemon. Those games have done a lot for me, and continue to. In terms of enjoyment, it has to be Persona. I'm a sucker for story driven games, and their stories are truly something special. 3 and 4 can deliver a narritive like no other games can by making use of the day system. A lot of people dislike slow starts in games but I think in Persona they serve a purpose. The insane stuff happening in each game feels insane because you started from such a mundane place and are rooted in a more realistic daily life. As for 1 and the 2 duology, they're just amazing JRPG's, 2 especially. 2 is just so unlike anything ese. The rumor and food systems are both things I'd like to see make a return in the series. And the characters are so unique and likable.

  • Warcraft 3, The Frozen Throne, and previous Warcraft games.

    WoW does not count.

  • Final Fantasy for no other reason than it has at least ONE entry, mainline or spinoff, that appeals to everyone. With so many titles, unless you really don't like RPGs, then there is something for you. Personally I love or like multiple games, but I've covered that in another post.

  • Metal Gear Solid

    Much better stealth game than Deus Ex. More more pure in stealth. Level design is more complex. Much better hero than Jensen. My friend.

  • Hhhmmm, it's tough because there's a lot of good franchises but Id say a couple of my favorites are Uncharted and Street Fighter. I say Uncharted because I really enjoyed every game in the series (though I didn't play the card game) not because they played so much better then other games of the genre, but because I just loved being in that world. I savored just interacting with these characters I quickly grew to love and exploring these glorious environments. The games just give me that good times vibe.

    Street Fighter has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. I'm not good at fighting games at all but I've always been drawn to them and mostly to Street Fighter. I really just love the characters, Guile was my favorite as a kid (I don't think I was the only one with a Flat Top cuz of him) and now I'm Ken Masters all the way. I'm not a competitive player but I really dig the fighting game community, one of the main channels I watch on Youtube is Maximilian Dood. Really recommend his channel if your new to fighting games but are interesting in learning more.

  • I couldn't choose just one, but there's a good chance that it would be Mother or Final Fantasy.

  • Used to be Resident Evil and Ace Attorney, but over the last couple years I played through every Metal Gear game and that series wins my heart by a mile now. More than anything, I appreciate the completely gonzo story and the fact that it's taken almost 30 years to be told.

  • For years it was Final Fantasy but, after years between releases and the newest games being average its gone down a peg. however in squares absence the souls games are now my got to games with each one being a event the first play through

  • @Black-Cell I would have never guessed..... (I'm being facetious, I love the level of hype. It's reminding me of why I'm so excited).

    I could just go one about a number of series I THINK I love, but then I look at all the hours of Civilization games I have played, or more accurately, SID MEIER IS MY GOD.

    X-Com, Civ, Ace Patrol, alllll of it. 2nd place only belongs to TES.

  • I have two answers to this question.
    My favourite franchise is easily Mass Effect. I have played the games so many times, and I have never loved a group of characters more then those. They lived with me long past playing the games.

    But... I wouldn't say it's the greatest of all time. I love the series, but it's only three games and it has problems, that I fully recognize.

    The franchise I would say without a doubt is the greatest though is Mario. It's iconic, culturally important, and there are tons of games in the series, so yeah everyone likes at least one.

  • Favorite: Prince of Persia
    Best: Dark souls (plus Bloodborne)