I just beat Final Fantasy IX

  • I just beat FFIX and I loved it. Easily my second favorite after FF7. It makes me wish square could make a AAA turn based FF game again :-( .

    The characters are amazing specially Vivi, Freya and Garnet I really felt connected to their entire character. They felt like real person. They easily ranked into my top 19 of favorite characters of the series. I also love that the main villains isn’t your stereotypical FF villains and you understand why acts that way.

    My only criticisms about the game is it didn’t add anything new to the FF formula, which is okay since this game was suppose to be an homage to the classic games. The battles were too slow fortunately the high speed mode addressed this issue.

    Overall FFIX is a great game and deserves to be in EZA Hall of greats.

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    I totally agree! For me its my favourite FF game of them all. I love how they dare to go so dark with the story towards the end and how the characters develop through the journey.

    It brings up so a lot of subjects which easily gets missed out in other games.

    I would also say that the music is beyond beautiful! I still listen to it now and then. Also chocobo hot n cold are addiciting

    Yes it does belong in EZA Hall of Greats.

  • Vivi is the best FF character.

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    It too is my second favorite FF game, though after VI

    I went into it not knowing what to expect, it kind of looks rather juvenile and childish from the outside/not serious, but when you play it, holy hell, some deep and dark issues the characters have to deal with!

  • It's not my absolute fav (i prefer VI, VII and VIII) but it's definitely better than everything that came after it. Great send off for the PS1 gen of Final Fantasy games!

  • It's still there, in my back catalogue to finish, along with many other FF games. Because of its release date, it's the one I played the least of, but like every other I own the release copy and guide! One day... I'll get to it.

    Super stoked to see so many people enjoying the older FF games. They're great!

  • @Sazime yep i played FFVII a couple of years ago and I loved it. Those games hold up really well