About live reaction streams and spoilers

  • I love the live reaction streams, and never miss them.
    I try to watch them from start to finish and only look and the original feeds afterwards.

    However, there is one little thing that I am no big fan of:
    The Allies looking up leaks right before the show.

    We had that happen several times with people who set up the demo stands before the show floor opens posting pictures on 4chan.

    The biggest spoiler this E3 was when before the Sony press conference, Damiani apparently saw a leak on 4chan about the Shadow of the Colossus remake.

    The consequence was, that in literally the first second of the trailer during the conference, Damiani shouted that it's Shadow of the Colossus.

    Now, most of those announcement trailers are designed so the audience doesn't immediately can confirm what game it is, but rather has to figure it out, as the trailer gives more and more hints, before finally confirming it at the end.

    Like when the Allies watched the "The Last of Us: Part II" announcement, and were guessing what game it is, only to go insane when they saw the firefly symbol on a street sign.
    For me, this was pure gold, and is the reason why I watch all the EZA reaction live streams instead of the official streams.

    But looking up last-minute leaks right before the streams kinda robs us of those "realization" moments.

    So my plead to the allies would be to make a pact to not look up any leaks on the day of a press conference.

    Maybe you feel like it's a kind of journalistic duty to read that, but if I may make an assumption, your viewers are watching those streams for the group feeling and to see your innocent reactions and emotions, not as the #1 news ticker.
    So in this regard, I think it's rather counter productive.

    Now I can only speak for myself, but that's the vibe that I'm getting.
    I see looking up those last-minute show floor leaks before the press conferences as very counter productive.

    I don't want to put particular blame on Damiani - it could have been everybody.
    But just look at this and tell me that the last minute leaks didn't ruin the whole reaction of "confusion - guessing - realizing - flipping out":

    Youtube Video

    (about 22 seconds in)

  • @Snowcone_Guy Final Fantasy VII Remake was leaked on neogaf and people didn't believe, didn't stop them from freaking out in 2015. Shadow of the Colossus remake isn't that big of a deal because it was on ps3. TLOU part ii is a new game.

  • A few counter points:

    • Shadow of the Collosus on PS3 was just a remaster/rerelease, but this is a brand new, ground-up remake

    • if something is a big deal is debatable

    • if you look at some 4chan or Reddit forum for E3 leaks, you can't chose if the leaks that you will see are "big deals" or not, and if there is one, it can't be unseen.

    • rumors or leaks long before the press conferences aren't what I'm talking about, I mean on the day of the press conference, hard evidence photographs of demo stations or other behind-the-scenes leaks, minutes before the conference starts

    • Before the Nintendo Switch event, they already knew about ARMS, MILK, and other things

    There is a difference between "Omg, the rumors that we were hearing are true!!" and "Yep, there is supposed surprise announcement that we saw the pictures of 90 minutes ago. 4Chan was right."
    What's the point of hyping and speculating for months if you then ruin the surprise 60 minutes before you would receive it?

  • @Snowcone_Guy Marvel Vs Capcom infinite was leaked and they were hyped. The trailer was bad for Shadow of the Colossus.

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    I get your point Snowcone_Guy.

    I do think looking on your phone at Gaf or wherever right as the stream is starting, last min can spoil the surprise of things. Things have accidentally leaked on say, the PSN store as was the case with Hitman which can't be helped, if I was streaming I'd be reluctant to pass that info on.

    Things like God of War which had art leaked months in advance, I'm ok with as the longer out the rumor is it can build some excitement for what will be shown.

    It's definitely something to think about with regards to the reaction streams.

  • Yeah, I agree. I don't look up show leaks the day of, the Allies really shouldn't either if they want their reaction streams to be exciting. If chat shouts it, fine, but we don't always need to be in a situation of perfect information. I don't remember GT discussing anything but the months old Horizon concept art before Sony's 2015 E3.

    That being said, when Monster Hunter: World gets trademarked the Thursday before E3, with a rumor to the same effect hanging around for about a month, I want them to talk about it. Just doing leak research the day before if at all, I think, would make for the best balance of entertaining and informative reactions.

  • I'm definitely on the "it's their journalistic duty" side. They do not run a Reaction channel or something like that but a Gaming News outlet, i expect them to report on leaks!

  • @Exist-2-Inspire said in About live reaction streams and spoilers:

    They do not run a Reaction channel

    Yet their videos entitled "Such and such Conference Reactions" are easily the most popular type of video on the channel.

    but a Gaming News outlet

    Wouldn't say that's an accurate description. They're nine people that make videos about video games and the surrounding industry. They might talk about news but they don't actively report it. They don't receive press releases for them to then post on a blog or website. Oftentimes a piece of news won't be discussed on the channel until a week later, or even at all. Neither of these are characteristic of a Gaming News outlet.

    Ultimately, this is a thing for the Allies to decide. All we can do is give feedback. I agree with OP that I think it spoils the video, and I think if an Allie knows about the leak, for the sake of an entertaining video they should probably keep it to themselves.

    But that's for each individual person to decide, or perhaps for them to decide collectively as a group. Not for us to dictate what they can and cannot do.

    I think this conversation and topic is good to have though, especially with PSX being around the corner.

  • The Allies don't 'report' on much of anything outside of the podcasts or late night E3 streams, which are after the conferences. At shows like this companies do most of the reporting themselves in the manner they prefer and journalists write articles off of the press releases later — EZA doesn't even do that. I don't see what's wrong with them waiting a whole <24 hours to look at leaks and rumors.

  • I think it's honestly a really difficult one. Per the example given, SotC was in some trademarks that was posted on neogaf a few hours earlier. Now in that case, you would have been looking for it so I can see why people might say it'd be better if they held out for a day.

    However if some major leak drops the night before and it's all over twitter, that's kinda unavoidable really and can be something worth talking about in the pre conference show.

    So I personally don't think it's as easy as just to avoid all news for 24 hours before an event but I understand where you guys are coming from.

  • The allies where excited that is was SotC so I don't see the problem. Also, only Damiani and Kyle knew.
    EDIT: Mario Odyssey was leaked and people were excited, if you want to be media blackout that's on you, they need to look because of the preshow and final bets.

  • I'm definitely with Snowcone Guy on this one. The Allies will be the first to tell you that they're not journalists, but entertainers. They also have spoken at length about how leaks are, at best, a greasy situation for everyone. And the third thing they would tell you is that trailers are important. Reveals are important. That's why terms like "media blackout" exist in this community.

    So if you don't think that it's a big deal, that's cool, people care about different things. But you could definitely at least acknowledge the reality that leaks will affect the eventual reveal, and that effect will never be a good one.

  • @ib0show said in About live reaction streams and spoilers:

    Mario Odyssey was leaked and people were excited

    That comparison doesn't make any sense. Odyssey wasn't leaked, the word 'Odyssey' was leaked. Gameplay for the new Switch 3D Mario game was shown in the Switch trailer in October well before we ever got a title for it.

  • @Haru17 My point was they new the game existed and saw how it looked before the reaction everyone loved.
    @Inflorescence Entertainers research on the topic on hand, they don't go in blind. If entertainers go in blind it would end up like Joel Mchale at the vga's

  • @ib0show If Joel McHale knew who won GOTY at the VGAs, and then said in his opening monologue, "I couldn't make out the details, but I overheard an inside source saying it was something sounding like Shmeth of the Shmild," people would be understandably upset.

  • @Inflorescence The allies were excited that it existed so I don't know what's wrong, not everything deserves a Shenmue moment

  • @Inflorescence

    That's not even remotely the same thing. It's their job to inform about the press conference and what will happen that's why there is a preshow. You cannot pretend that the outside world / news doesn't exist.

  • Shmeth of the Shmild is totally going to win though.