Which Wii games should return on Switch?

  • Short question:

    Which Wii games should get a sequel on Switch?

    I'm not just asking because the Joy Con offer the option of similar controls,
    but also because over 10 years is a long enough time to even forget about the best games.
    And beneath all the shovel ware, the Wii had great games in my opinion.

    What I want to see return:

    Zack & Wiki
    Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
    Trauma Center
    Mad World

  • I'd love to see Okami make it to the Switch however unlikely that is. I'd also love to have the Galaxy games on the Switch.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles HD

  • Does Project M count?
    Also, I know this is an impossible request, but I would love a Skyward Sword port with traditional controls. I really liked what I played, but I guess I just had a lot of weird interference shit in my house because I could never get the controls to work. Had to recalibrate every few minutes.

  • @naltmank I don't think Skyward Sword is impossible. If you can give a game with traditional controls, motion controls, then surely you can do the opposite. It might be a bit harder but I know it's been done. And I'm sure that early in development of Skyward Sword the dev team had to use traditional controls to test the game, so I'm sure the settings for traditional controls are in there somewhere. If push comes to shove and Nintendo can't make motion controls work (or don't want to), they could always use the joy cons. One as the Wiimote and the other as the nunchuck.

  • Lol, yeah, Okami. It wouldn't even look that different from Breath of the Wild since Nintendo has abandoned realistic graphics in all of its series. We need someone to make a core 3D Zelda game since that genre's been neglected for, what, six years now?

    I think Muramasa would be good, 13 Sentinels would be better to play on a hybrid device. That, the Dragons Crown remaster, and Muramasa: Rebirth would be great to not have to own a Vita to play.

    Tales of Symphonia, we know that team is working on something for Switch and after this long without an explicit announcement it's probably a brand new game.

    Honestly just a Trauma Center HD collection with right Joy-Con support would be great, I don't think many people have played all of them.

    And I guess I just want to see what The Tomorrow Corporation is working on, hopefully it's not as dull-looking as their latest.

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    @michemagius I honestly don't think it would be that difficult. There are only 8 directions the sword can be swung. Could easily map that to an analog.

  • Constant re-centering the wiimote is normal for Skyward Sword. However, it possibly wouldn't be for a Switch remaster given that the sensor bar and wiimote motion tracker are all included in the right Joy-Con — there is a reason these things cost $80 a pair after all.

    I don't know why we're talking about remaking it with traditional controls. That'd be like Breath of the Wild without grass or Super Mario Galaxy without space. There's no reason to play Skyward Sword if you're not interested in a motion-controlling Zelda. Motion is baked into every little minigame and action in that game, removing all of that would be more work than it's worth and result in an even less interesting Zelda game.

    I'd want Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker, and ideally the 64 Zeldas on Switch before Skyward Sword though. Maybe they could actually release a TP remake that wasn't farmed out and phoned in the second time.

  • The Last Story, it's my elusive white whale that I've always wanted to play but never had the chance. Either a HD remake or maybe just a sequel.

  • @michemagius said in Which Wii games should return on Switch?:

    I'd love to see Okami make it to the Switch however unlikely that is. I'd also love to have the Galaxy games on the Switch.

    Well considering Okami is getting a current-gen remaster it wouldn't be too far-fetched for Capcom to bring it to the Switch sometime after that. Doubt performance would be an issue as well, considering the PS3 version is, according to Digital Foundry, rendered at 4k. (then downscaled to 1080)

    Anyway, I'd like to see a sequel to Deadly Creatures. You know, that Wii action game where you controlled a spider and a scorpion? (please tell me I'm not the only one here who played and enjoyed it)

  • I'd like to see Xenoblade Chronicles get an HD remaster for sure, having played it on the Wii and on a Wii emulator with upscaled graphics the difference is staggering.

    A proper working of it on switch could look quite good.

    Otherwise there's nothing really on Wii I needed, I mean sure a reprint of Fire Emblem radiant dawn would be nice for the people who didn't get it, but I could hook up my Wii and just play it. So no difference to me either way.

    Oh, and wouldn't mind a proper rework for LoZ:Skyward Sword either I suppose, the motion controls function a great deal better on the joycons than the old Wiimotes even if I don't like the controllers themselves, it'd serve the game pretty well and perhaps I'd enjoy it a 2nd time around.

  • I never got around to playing the first rune factory on Wii but was always enamored by it and would love to play it. Also wouldn't mind playing skyward sword with some gamepad controls

  • @JamboHyland95 I haven't heard particularly great things about the console Rune Factory games.

  • @Minamik Really? I bought one of them on ps3 when it was on sale (I can't remember the name of it but it was the one where you ride giant golems in the ocean) and I loved it, think I put 80 hours into it before I fell off it. Maybe I'm just a sucker for that game loop.

  • I have a small list of games id like to see between Wii/WiiU/3DS id like to see get remade for Switch
    Super Mario Galaxy Collection (Could easily be ported to Switch control wise, although the pointer function would need to be reworked)
    Xenoblade Chronicles and Chronicles X, either as a collection or as two separate games
    No More Heroes Collection (nuff said)
    Viewtiful Joe Collection (Ok gamecube game, but id kill for Joe HD)
    Zelda HD Trilogy (Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword) as stated above sword only swings in 8 directions so making a new control scheme shouldn't be too hard
    Professor Layton collection (might be a bit hard, but come one or two collections of the Layton games, and all the cutscenes in uncompressed HD cant say that wouldnt have you buying it)
    Zack and Wiki
    Tatsunoko vs Capcom (probably never happening, but id like it)
    Captain Rainbow

  • A Metal Gear-style 3D Zelda collection with all 5 previous games would be awesome. Nintendo should probably wait until they take a bigger graphical leap to remaster Ocarina and Majora's Mask again, but I'd sure love to see a faithful HD remake unlike Grezzo's anime plastic surgery.

    Really, those remasters just all need an 'original game mode,' all of the Zelda remasters have implemented such unnecessary or unsubstantial changes.

  • A remaster of Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

    Fatal Frame 2 Wiimake and Fatal Frame 4 remastered with traditional controls. PAL got 2, but NA got screwed over. And we're both missing the 4th game. Port 5 while you're at it, and remaster 1 and 3....

    Pandora's Tower: I loved what I played of it, but hit a game breaking glitch towards the end that prevented me from progressing any further.

  • I can't believe I forgot Super Paper Mario! Being able to take that game with me on the go is just like a dream of mine. The clearest memories of that game are me playing it with my cousin when he was visiting and us switching off the controller between chapters. To be able to take it with me to where he lives when I visit next time and to have us play together again when that game basically defined my childhood would just be such an amazing experience. I've played the game since so I know it holds up, but to play it again with the person who really opened me up to games in the first place would just be surreal. Also I was just looking up the top selling Wii games to see what other games I might have missed and I can't believe SPM sold better than Skyward Sword. I was lead to believe that SPM didn't sell well but it actually did really good and honestly I'm surprised.

    The other game I want on Switch is Kirby's Epic Yarn. I never got to play it and I've always wanted to. I love Kirby and I love aesthetics so that game seems like a dream come true.

  • The funny thing with people asking for Paper Mario remasters is that those games would literally look the same. Like not even like The Wind Waker HD where everything looks mostly the same, I mean the exact same. There are barely even textures in those games.

    If they remastered Paper Mario games, I would want them to bundle 64, TTYD, and Super — the RPG PMs — together like the Metroid Prime Trilogy. But more than that, I would want difficulty options or optional bosses like Prince Mush added. Tattling and card collecting for enemy lists are such great features that most games would add upon a remaster, but TTYD, Super, and (I think) 64 already have them. If not, they could add one to 64. I feel like work could be done on 64's translation unless the source Japanese writing was that way too. And of course Vivian's dialogue would need to be un-censored so she could be a trans character like in the Japanese version, but unfortunately Nintendo of America would never do that with their image policing and the sanding away of 'rough edges' that Nintendo as a whole has been doing since 2009 or so.

    Maybe that's why they're hesitant to remake TTYD — fear of scandal when they inevitably don't fix Vivian's dialogue.