Which Wii games should return on Switch?

  • I'd like to see Xenoblade Chronicles get an HD remaster for sure, having played it on the Wii and on a Wii emulator with upscaled graphics the difference is staggering.

    A proper working of it on switch could look quite good.

    Otherwise there's nothing really on Wii I needed, I mean sure a reprint of Fire Emblem radiant dawn would be nice for the people who didn't get it, but I could hook up my Wii and just play it. So no difference to me either way.

    Oh, and wouldn't mind a proper rework for LoZ:Skyward Sword either I suppose, the motion controls function a great deal better on the joycons than the old Wiimotes even if I don't like the controllers themselves, it'd serve the game pretty well and perhaps I'd enjoy it a 2nd time around.

  • I never got around to playing the first rune factory on Wii but was always enamored by it and would love to play it. Also wouldn't mind playing skyward sword with some gamepad controls

  • @JamboHyland95 I haven't heard particularly great things about the console Rune Factory games.

  • @Minamik Really? I bought one of them on ps3 when it was on sale (I can't remember the name of it but it was the one where you ride giant golems in the ocean) and I loved it, think I put 80 hours into it before I fell off it. Maybe I'm just a sucker for that game loop.

  • I have a small list of games id like to see between Wii/WiiU/3DS id like to see get remade for Switch
    Super Mario Galaxy Collection (Could easily be ported to Switch control wise, although the pointer function would need to be reworked)
    Xenoblade Chronicles and Chronicles X, either as a collection or as two separate games
    No More Heroes Collection (nuff said)
    Viewtiful Joe Collection (Ok gamecube game, but id kill for Joe HD)
    Zelda HD Trilogy (Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword) as stated above sword only swings in 8 directions so making a new control scheme shouldn't be too hard
    Professor Layton collection (might be a bit hard, but come one or two collections of the Layton games, and all the cutscenes in uncompressed HD cant say that wouldnt have you buying it)
    Zack and Wiki
    Tatsunoko vs Capcom (probably never happening, but id like it)
    Captain Rainbow

  • A Metal Gear-style 3D Zelda collection with all 5 previous games would be awesome. Nintendo should probably wait until they take a bigger graphical leap to remaster Ocarina and Majora's Mask again, but I'd sure love to see a faithful HD remake unlike Grezzo's anime plastic surgery.

    Really, those remasters just all need an 'original game mode,' all of the Zelda remasters have implemented such unnecessary or unsubstantial changes.

  • A remaster of Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

    Fatal Frame 2 Wiimake and Fatal Frame 4 remastered with traditional controls. PAL got 2, but NA got screwed over. And we're both missing the 4th game. Port 5 while you're at it, and remaster 1 and 3....

    Pandora's Tower: I loved what I played of it, but hit a game breaking glitch towards the end that prevented me from progressing any further.

  • I can't believe I forgot Super Paper Mario! Being able to take that game with me on the go is just like a dream of mine. The clearest memories of that game are me playing it with my cousin when he was visiting and us switching off the controller between chapters. To be able to take it with me to where he lives when I visit next time and to have us play together again when that game basically defined my childhood would just be such an amazing experience. I've played the game since so I know it holds up, but to play it again with the person who really opened me up to games in the first place would just be surreal. Also I was just looking up the top selling Wii games to see what other games I might have missed and I can't believe SPM sold better than Skyward Sword. I was lead to believe that SPM didn't sell well but it actually did really good and honestly I'm surprised.

    The other game I want on Switch is Kirby's Epic Yarn. I never got to play it and I've always wanted to. I love Kirby and I love aesthetics so that game seems like a dream come true.

  • The funny thing with people asking for Paper Mario remasters is that those games would literally look the same. Like not even like The Wind Waker HD where everything looks mostly the same, I mean the exact same. There are barely even textures in those games.

    If they remastered Paper Mario games, I would want them to bundle 64, TTYD, and Super — the RPG PMs — together like the Metroid Prime Trilogy. But more than that, I would want difficulty options or optional bosses like Prince Mush added. Tattling and card collecting for enemy lists are such great features that most games would add upon a remaster, but TTYD, Super, and (I think) 64 already have them. If not, they could add one to 64. I feel like work could be done on 64's translation unless the source Japanese writing was that way too. And of course Vivian's dialogue would need to be un-censored so she could be a trans character like in the Japanese version, but unfortunately Nintendo of America would never do that with their image policing and the sanding away of 'rough edges' that Nintendo as a whole has been doing since 2009 or so.

    Maybe that's why they're hesitant to remake TTYD — fear of scandal when they inevitably don't fix Vivian's dialogue.

  • A Xenoblade HD Collection would be pretty swell - those games are the kind that would really benefit from a remaster, since their technical shortcomings are noticeable due to the art style.

    An Okami version isn't necessary, but hey, I'll buy it. I've bought and played that game every time it comes out, I won't stop now.

    In terms of sequels, Zack & Wiki would be great! That game was really underrated, and it could make great use of some joycon gimmicks in the puzzles. Maybe use HD rumble to "pick a lock" or something?

  • @Haru17 The appeal to me of a Paper Mario Game on Switch isn't the visual upgrade, but the portability. I spend a lot of time away from home, and when I am home it's hard to get time with the TV so having Paper Mario on a portable console would be awesome.

  • @Haru17 I agree the visual change wouldn't be significant, but comparing TTYD to Color Splash, there most certainly are upgrades they could make visually. Color Splash looks way more crisp and vibrant. They'd actually have to be careful not to overdo it and only spruce up the parts of the game where that visually would suit the setting. Rogueport absolutely should look grimy as it does now.

  • first I want to clarify that all the games on the list should come to the switch and all of the motion controlles should be taken out or be optional. the games would be playeble with normal switch pro controllers

    Metroid Prime collection
    Metroid Other M
    Zack & Wiki
    Red Steel 1 and 2
    No more Heroes

  • I think Metroid Prime 3 wouldn't work without the motion controls because that game wants you to aim specifically and well. Taking out the motion controls and going back to dual analogue stick aiming could make it the hardest game in the series by a mile.

  • I keep being amazed at my ability to forget great games. I guess it's just been a long time since I used my Wii. I of course want my favorite * cough * the best * cough * Zelda game on switch, Twilight Princess! It hasn't been long since I played through TP HD on Wii U but I would certainly play it again on the Switch. It'd be nice to finally play a 3D Zelda on the go that isn't from N64. Don't get me wrong I think both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are excellent games (even if one is a bit overrated due to nostalgia and the other is vastly underrated), but they show their age. I know TP shows it's age too, it certainly looks like a Game Cube game, but I think the HD update actually did a lot for the game. I know it's en vogue to complain that TP looks better on Dolphin and that the HD re-release isn't that impressive, but like, have you even played HD? The videos out there don't do justice to how much better TP looks in HD. The new textures are beautiful and much more detailed and the environment models are smoother which makes aiming and looking at far away objects easier. There are tons of game play improvements that make TP even more enjoyable than it was originally like the reduced number of light orbs, bigger wallets, faster swimming and climbing, the addition of the ghost lantern, the ability to instantly transform between a human and a wolf with a tap of the screen, and the addition of Hero mode. Dolphin can't do any of that, unless the game is modded. And besides that, not everyone is comfortable emulating a game. My general policy is to always buy a game and play it myself when possible, I basically only ever emulate if the game isn't available in my language and I already own a copy and know I will buy an official copy if it is ever released in my country. For me the only game that fits in to that mold is Mother 3.

  • @michemagius I'd love to mess around with Twilight Princess on Switch. HD was not the remake I wanted though. It took away the original character of the textures and didn't upgrade them all that much in return. There are better changes to be made to that game. For instance, instead of the Cave of Shadows some puzzles that can only be done as Wolf Link in the overworld would be neat. Of course they would feel just as tacked on, but if we're tacking things on...

    And I don't think Majora's Mask is underrated at all in the gaming crowd. The broader audience? Well, they're fickle to begin with. I don't think Ocarina is nostalgia at the core either, it has some great moments and holds up apart from the whole historical importance argument. Twilight Princess is very much a 2.0 Ocarina of Time (or 3.0 if you want to count A Link to the Past) in that it improves on the original in almost every way, but thanks to Ocarina's story, puzzles, and dungeons it's still worth going back. I never really picked up on Twilight Princess' allusions to OoT when I first played it, but stuff like the four poe flames forming the ultimate objective in the Arbiter's Grounds is too cool.

  • @Haru17 if there was true duel analog implemented like in modern games the game would have no problem. you are talking about the analog C stick setup which I agree is horrible

  • @fettouhi I am talking about dual analogue stick aiming like I said I was. Metroid Prime 3 would be alright to play like that, but it would make substantially more difficult and I'm not sure if Nintendo wants that. I'm not sure if I want that with how much better wiimote aiming is than anything else for FPS.

  • @Haru17 I'd like to see The Prime Trilogy on Switch myself. I bought them all on virtual console and tried to play them but each time I booted up the game it would only take me like 5 minutes to start feeling nauseous. The Prime Trilogy are pretty much the first and only games to make me feel straight up barfy while playing which is a shame because I've always wanted to get in to Metroid but have never had the system/been old enough to play them (at least when they where coming out, Prime 3 came out when I was 10 and my parents vetoed it). I'm going to pick up Samus Returns soon but people keep telling me that it isn't the right game to jump in on, IDK. In any case I wonder if having dual analog controls would make me feel less sick while playing it, It will be difficult to control I'm sure, but I have trouble with shooters/first person games normally. I suppose if push comes to shove they could try and use the joy cons for motion controls.

  • @michemagius Why did the Prime games make you feel sick? Were you sitting too close for the FOV or something?