A hub for the EZA Game Makers!!

  • i've created music for a few never-finished games and would love the opportunity to do so again. i've been a musician for two decades and am well versed in acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and drums. i'm learning keyboards.

    if you would like a theme song or some menu music or a full soundtrack, feel free to message me on here or, the better way, would be to dm me on twitter (https://twitter.com/matt__b).

    you can hear stuff i've recorded (mostly video game covers, as well as some songs from the aforementioned never-completed games) at my bandcamp page: http://matt-b.bandcamp.com.

    looking forward to being creative with fellow allies.

  • @matt_b That's awesome Matt. I'll definitely have a listen.

  • Me and my friends are working on a few game ideas. My passion project is an RPG ive been trying to make since RPGmaker 2000. Some authors say they want to make the great American novel, for me I want to make the great Japanese role playing game.
    I do all sorts of artistic work ranging from drawing to painting Warhammer 40k models. Coming up with my own world and how it works is easy for me. Coding, music and good dialog are the real hard parts for me, id love to create some music at some point.
    Id love to help anyone out with whatever I have to offer. I write down new game ideas all the time often creating another new world to figure out.

  • @GeoFlame thats really cool man! If you have some sketches for games you've thought of or whatever please do share!

  • Great thread!

    I'm using SFML as a rendering engine for my 2D-game for three reasons:

    1. It's completely free with no strings attached.
    2. There are lots of docs and tutorials and even some libraries around it.
    3. It's relatively close to the metal, so you can make it quite fast.

    Be warned that you'll need to write a lot of code and you'll need some understanding of PC hardware. But if you interested in learning this stuff, it's a great pick.

  • @ffff0 That's cool man I'd love to mess around with it but college wouldn't allow for it! What kinda game are you currently making??

  • @JamboHyland95 Strategy/Simulation. Since I work in computer networking I want to make a game about building ISP network in a city. I don't know if it will be fun or educational enough but at least it will be something uncommon.

  • @ffff0 oooh that's cool! Keep us posted here on it! I'd love to play it especially because I've a very basic knowledge of networks 😂

  • @JamboHyland95 Sorry it will not be soon (if I hit next year, I'll be happy). But I'll surely will need testers near the end, so I'll keep this in mind.

  • I've been wanting to make a game for a long time. I'm willing to smash my head against the wall to learn all the coding, scripting, etc. I can make the music. I know how to handle the voice acting if it's necessary. I've come up with a few interesting concepts and could probably write a serviceable plot.

    My two biggest roadblocks are art and animations. I can't draw particularly well. I just don't have an eye for the big picture when it comes to drawing art. Animations, I feel like I could learn on a long enough timeline... but they are so... so much work. Especially if you want them done well.

    It's hard to know where to go to get the talent necessary to make a great looking game. Where would one commission art specifically for video games? Even then, it would feel so wrong to just "commission" such an integral part of your game. A place where the passion for the project should shine through the most...

    Maybe I just need to make friends with a talented artist that also wants to make a game. Anyone want to be my friend?

  • @Light I can be your programmer friend if need be, but I also need an artist friend 👍

  • @JamboHyland95 Maybe we should start a website called "ArtistFriendsdotcom" so we can gather all the artists in the world in one convenient location under the guise of finding them work. In reality, the real purpose of the site will be for us to make friends with all of them for our video game endeavors!

  • @Light I'm banking on an artist in shining armor riding into this thread on horseback to offer their wonderful services to us!

  • Community Showcase post might be a good place to look for artists.

  • @ffff0 are we allowed to post about our personal projects not related to EZA in any way? Just something we're working on? It can easily get to promo-y I guess.

  • @bennysce Maybe it's better to ask Jones.

  • @ffff0 truth :)

  • For the programmers in this thread looking for artists I would recommend looking up artists on an art websites like DeviantArt or conceptart. There are lots of great artists on there who would love an opportunity to practice. When nanowrimo rolls around there are lots of artists (including myself) who volunteer to sketch characters and do cover art for writers. My advice is to not be too picky. The more professional and experienced an artist is, the more expensive their art is going to be, so keep that in mind. There are a lot of eager amateur artists who are very talented and want to try and draw new characters/environments, especially ones they didn't make up themselves, and are willing to work for free or cheap.

    Keep in mind that if you are going to ask an artist to do work for you, even if it's just concept sketches, in any kind of professional capacity where you plan to make money or promote yourself with the project, you should pay and credit them. Don't commission anything from an artist without their consent to use it in your game as well, some artists only intend for their art to be enjoyed privately.

    I of course am always willing to help with concept art or character portraits/icons and I work for free (to an extent). I'm busy with school though so I can only realistically complete 3 full character sheets/4 portraits/around 7 icons per week, depending on the level of detail you require. Less shading/detail work means I can create more and vice versa. And I like all other artists have guidelines for what I will and won't draw so run your ideas by me if you're interested and I'll see if I can fulfill your request.

  • @michemagius thank you for the guidelines, it's nice to here someone from that side on how they work. I think I'm waaaaay away from commissioning art but it's definitely something I've thought about if I do put actual time, money and effort into a project. I think for now I'd love to just collaborate with people on little game jams and stuff like that!

  • www.artstation.com

    Most if not all AAA game artists use it. Ranges from beginner to pro levels of art (classical styles to 3D modeling). This is a good site for networking artists.