When idea became a real game?

  • After I started to love a Dragon Quest series and classic Wizardry style games, I keep thinking about very detailed idea about my own game. I can't find any game like this, so I wish to make it on my hands kind of situation. Problem is, I only know how to write and make a music. No drawing experience, and has a little interest to programming.

    When I wanna wrote fiction, I just do it. When I wanna make some tune, I can do it with right equipment. I can open a sketchbook and scribble random thing I want to draw. I have a confidence in me. But I don't think I can do that with game.

    But I see many games that only made by a three or two, even from a one people. How is that happening? It's so curious and amazing to me.

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    Haha game development is like magic, you run around in confusion, shouting some mysterious words and all of a sudden you have a game!

    No but I think when people think about "making games" they immediately think of AAA-games from game studios with 100s of employees in different roles. The truth is that if you have an idea for a game.. simply do it. See what skills you have (writing and music judgeing from your post) and see how far you can get on that. Making games doesnt have to be super hard, it is however a time consumin task that will take longer than you expect. Lucky enough there are a lot of free software out there you can use to get started. Also don't be scared of doing some programming. At first I never thought I would be able to do any programming or that I was smart enough. Now I have created 2 VR games as well as a couple of other "fun" games.

    It's a matter of sitting down, have a look at perhaps Unity 3D or Unreal engine and play around. There are pleanty of tutorials and documents out there to help you. Games doesnt have to be perfect and be epic from the very start, just dip in your toes and see where it takes you. Who knows you might love it and before you know it you might be in the industry.

    So "how is that happening?" A lot of hard work, test different things, ask for help, but most of all, dont give up!

    Another option is to actually ask around for someone willing to help you with bits you find hard.

  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! Start as basic as you can get and by basic I mean literally something like "I'm going to get a square object moving on the screen". If you keep giving yourself these smaller more manageable tasks before you know it you'll have lots of little demos of many things which can then be added together to make the game of your dreams!