Evil Within 1

  • I just picked up the Evil Within 1. Do you guys have any tips I should know before I start ?

  • Not really tips but the beginning of the game is arguably the least enjoyable. So once you've made it past the first few chapters you're all set.

    Like with any game really, make sure to explore. You'll want to get that goo to upgrade your skills.

    If you plan on using a match to burn a body, try and kill multiple 'zombies' close to eachother, just so 1 match can burn a few bodies.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  • You can miss weapons in this game if you aren't paying attention, so make sure to explore!

  • I really hated the first level in the kinda open space. It had some really bad trail and error forced stealth sections. But within the same level, they turned it around with some absolutely creepy chainsaw guy chained into a shed followed by a tense boss battle.

    It plays like the poor man's The Last of Us, but it's really in a league of it's own in terms of creepy atmosphere and very tense survival horror gameplay.

    My only tips would be to face your fears and go into those dark and creepy areas because you'll be rewarded with upgrade materials. I'd also suggest playing on Hard mode. I started on Hard then on second play I switched to Normal and it felt too easy imo. Lastly, the end game is very very long including some (minor spoiler) enemy waves in a cheesy bossroom type location. Don't be afraid to save the game and play the end in a few sittings because it's somewhat frustrating.