Streaming Services: Which Ones are Worth the Price?

  • Hello allies! I have a question for you all.

    What streaming services do you use? What do you use them for? Are they worth the price in your eyes?

    I was tallying up my monthly expenses and honestly I think I'm spending a bit too much on streaming services, when I really don't use them that often. Part of the reason I have as many subscriptions as I do is because I pay for all the streaming services my family uses.

    These are all the Streaming Services I'm Currently Subscribed To:


    • Shared with my family. I use it about once a month.
    • 38 shows on my watchlist.
      *My mom watches The Amazing Race every day after work for hours until she falls asleep. At this point she just rewatches seasons back to back. Her dedication to the show is why I pay for Hulu.


    • Shared with my family. I use it about once a year.
    • 22 shows in my watchlist.
    • If my sister didn't insist on watching High School Musical and other made for TV movies every waking minute of every day I wouldn't be paying for this.

    YouTube Red

    • Only I use it, and I use it every day.
    • Subscribed to so many channels it would be silly for me to attempt to count them all.
    • I don't mind ads that much so I'm not sure if I'll keep it, but I like being able to listen to videos while I do other stuff on my phone.


    • Only I use it, and I use it about 4 times per week.
    • Recently replaced my crunchyroll, funimation, and rooster teeth subscriptions and gave me access to VRV exclusives like Harmon Quest and My Brother, My Brother, and Me.
    • 35 shows in watchlist.
    • Probably my most worthwhile subscription. I would shrivel up and die without regular access to anime.

  • If I had to pick, and I have subs to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Crunchyroll, I would go Netflix. It has the broadest range of things I watch on the regular.

    From there, it's Hulu for the seasonal shows (mostly Fox shows) I watch, and then Amazon, Crunchyroll and HBO last.

    I can binge HBO shows after release, but CR makes catching up, and keeping up on Anime super easy, and Amazon's OC is pretty solid.

    So there's my ranking. Hope it helps!

    EDIT: I don't bother with VRV of YTR because of the lack of exclusive content the wife and I watch on either.

  • I would get rid off of YouTube red specially if you don’t care about ads. But everything comes down to what you want to watch and how often you use your services

  • @Sazime Yeah, VRV doesn't have a ton of original content it's just a little cheaper than paying for both Crunchyroll and Funimation.

  • I only pay for Crunchyroll (my parents pay Netflix) and I'm pretty glad with it, but I cant help but feel bad seeing all the things missing from the latinamerican version, otgwr than that I dont feel I need other stuff, specially youtube red, which isnt even available to me, still doesnt seem worth it

  • I pay for HBO during GOT season. I generally don't during the offseason because $16 a month is pretty steep for what you get.

    I just started paying for Netflix, and aside from their insanely bass-ackwards account security I think it offers the most out of anything I've tried. They produce so much content that I think the price is quite fair. My first account got "hacked" and people from all over the world were using my Netflix account every day to watch various stuff, changing my default language to Spanish, then Russian, etc. I was in chat with a tech for like 2 weeks before they decided to cancel that account and start over fresh because they couldn't boot unauthorized users off my account until they logged out, which they never did.

  • The WWE Network is all you need baybayyyyyy!!!