Favorites new Videogames characters of 2017

  • I know a lot of games are still coming out but i wanted to shared my personal list of my favorites characters of 2017 in not particular order feel free to share yours as well !! :p

    Eizen (Tales of Berseria)
    Futaba Sakura (Persona 5)
    Jack Baker (RE7)
    2B (NieR Automata)
    Makoto Nijima (Persona 5)
    Prince Sidon( BOTW)
    Aloy (Horizon)
    Magilou ( Tales of Berseria)
    Rabbid Peach (Mario+rabbids)
    Masters of Masters (KH movie)

  • <<< So definitely Makoto, she's great. Her social link was controversial, but only to people who didn't understand what her character was about, I think. She was part of so many of Persona 5's best moments.

    I think it's hard to pick out any individual character from Stardew Valley, but that game is just so charming. I like all of the anime hair characters >:D

    And it's just episode 1 so far, but Rachel Amber in the Life is Strange prequel is really cool for reasons that are kinda spoilery. A little bit of a manic pixie dream girl so far if I'm honest, but, man, those scenes are excellent.

    I've honestly had kind of a lopsided year since the only AAA games I've been able to complete so far have been Breath of the Wild and Persona 5, so there were a lot of memorable characters from one game and like no one that got any screen time in the other one sooo...

    Maybe more to come when find time to play Nier and Horizon.

  • @Haru17 Stardew Valley is 2016 :p

    Also, Hail to the Queen!

  • @bard91 It released on a new system days ago, I don't much care when the early access version came out.

  • Personally, the only game to come out this year that I played which had a new character that I found interesting is Aloy. Most of the other characters have either been long established or they weren't appealing to begin with.

  • @Haru17 I agree with you I don’t think people understood her social link. Also her Persona Awakening is the best of the game

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    I haven't really played enough of this years games. However, Aloy from Horizon: zero dawn really stands out! She feels so real and human

  • I think my favorite overall characters this year have to be from Persona 5. I love pretty much all of the main cast and all of the social links. I had an actual crisis of faith when trying to figure out who I should date. Day 1 I was like Makoto all the way. And then I did Kawakami's social link, and I literally said out loud "I have to date her", but I held back, because I was committed to Makoto. But then I did Hifumi's social link, and I thought to myself "I have to date her", but once more I held back because Makoto has been my #1 from the beginning and I had to date her at least on my first play through. But lo and behold, I get to Makoto's social link and my social stats aren't high enough. I was devastated. I haven't beat P5 but based on loose ramblings I've heard from other players I think I only have like 1 dungeon left, and there's not enough time to raise my stats and finish Makoto's social link. I'm going to have wasted my entire first play through, and not have dated anyone. I know that there's more to Persona 5 than social links, I know. I love the story, I love the combat. Even if I don't max any of my social links I'll still regard P5 as one of the best JRPG's I've ever played. But I really wanted to max a social link on my first run and I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't make it happen.

    Outside of P5 I adore all the characters in A Hat In Time. It's got this strange thing going on with the cast where even if a character is a boss and you have to fight them, even if they straight up tell you that their going to murder you and cover it up, you still end up being friends with them. It's very strange, but left me very endeared to all of the characters, especially the villains.

  • @michemagius P5 was the first persona game in which I maxed out all the confidants link. They were so well done

  • Tough call between Ryuji and Yusuke in Persona 5 for #1.

    After them it's easily Heavy Gunner from Sonic Mania. The other Hard Boiled Heavies are cool too but his boss fight is just A+ stuff and I love how he freaks out when he's about to get hit.

  • Rost from Horizon is my favourite new video game character of 2017

  • I consider Persona 5 characters from 2016 so ignoring those.

    It's Morgana.

    Breath of the Wild (Riju)
    Hollow Knight (everyone)
    Snake Pass (Noodle)
    ARMS (Twintelle)
    Slime Rancher (Fire Slime)
    Splatoon 2 (Pearl)
    Lawbreakers (just kidding)
    Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Beep-0)
    Layton's Mystery Journey (Katrielle Layton)
    Cuphead (Mugman)
    A Hat in Time (The Snatcher)
    Super Mario Odyssey (Cappy)
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Finch, Tora, Hotaru)

  • @Mbun Yes! Snatcher is awesome! I prefer the Conductor, but Snatcher is a close second.

  • @juliamcardinals I know! That's what's so upsetting about not getting to Max most of them. The only character who's Social Link I have maxed is Kawakami. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but if it came down to it I would rather have maxed out Makoto, Ryuji, Hifumi, or Iwai. I just don't know how I managed to this horrible mismanage my time. I thought I was doing a good job with my confidants but I think my mistake was spreading myself too thin. I started all of them and tried to divide my time up amongst them all. The trouble with that I think is that I was spending more time on low level confidant links and not upping my social stats so that when I got to the high levels I couldn't progress. So I freaked out and started working only on my social stats, but I would pour myself in to only one. In this case knowledge so I could start Makoto's link. But I would later find that I also needed charm to complete her link so I started working on that, but I worried about the fact that I hadn't started Futaba's that required kindness and some other social stats I needed to be raised so I spent time working on all of them. So now I find myself in what I think has to be the final month of the game with a bunch of half raised social stats and half full confidant links and nothing to do. It's honestly quite frustrating.

  • lol I felt bad because i mismanaged my time and only was able to max out 15 confidants on my first blind playthrough.

    (including the automatic ones)

  • @michemagius said:

    I prefer the Conductor

    Man, he's like my second favorite. Good taste. Actual SPOILERS for people who haven't beaten World 2 completely below.

    I rigged that world so Conductor would win by intentionally getting a score of just 8 in the second DJ Groove level, but when I saw the bossfight of the world I felt like I had screwed up and accidentally made Conductor the bad guy, which I imagine wouldn't have happened if the other guy won instead. They just flip roles depending who wins right?

  • @Mbun

    Yeah, whoever wins the Bird Movie Award is who you fight in the final act. Had I known that I would have let DJ Grooves win.

  • Makato, the Doctor and the Reporter from Persona 5

    Kiyru and Majima from Yakuza 0 and Kiwami

  • I really liked Aloy from Horizon and Futaba from Persona 5. Also Yakuza 0 Majima is best Majima! :P

  • 2B, 9S and A2 (NieR Automata)
    Kat and Raven (Gravity Rush 2)
    Futaba, Ryuji and Makoto (Persona 5)
    Senna (Hellblade)
    Chloe and Nadine (Uncharted 4 Lost Legacy)